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    Court cost

    Does anyone know ballpark cost of a home claytech court? Has anyone played on one recently? I am contemplating installing one but haven’t seen much in the way of threads here in a while with the search function.
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    Trust Blade 98S

    I played pure drives (+) from 2002 until 2010 at which time I played a year or so of my best tennis with Pure Storm tour plus frames and then began playing a little less and went back to Pure Drives which I played with from 2012-2013. In 2013 I developed a horrible case of tennis elbow and...
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    Angell TC97 vs Babolat Pure strike (Project O7)

    I love my pure strikes and am having great results with them. I hit a big ball off both wings with lots of control and these frames are solid at net and great on serve. I found the TC100 sluggish and a little high on power. I'm thinking about getting a TC97 16x19 and was wondering if anyone...
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    Isospeed Baseline

    TW, Another thread had an anticipated in stock date of 7/31. Wanted to see if you have any updates. Thanks, DANMAN
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    Tennis in Sandestin 6/19-6/24

    Looking to hit while there on vacation. Any takers? Or can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks! DANMAN
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    Volkl C10 Pro vs. Yonex DR98

    TW, I was wondering whIch racket you find to be more powerful in a match setting. I have reviewed the power potential maps and both are listed as low medium. For reference I'm a 5.0 level player who used to play with a Pure Drive then changed over to the 2013 Blade 98S. I'm looking for...
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    Tennis in Birmingham, AL

    Moving to Birmingham in June. I am computer rated 4.5 from mixed bump down a few years ago with 5.0 computer rating before that. I was wondering if anyone had some insights as to how I can meet some high level players in Birmingham or what facility I should check out. I appreciate any help.
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    Wilson Grip Sizes--Blade 98S

    TW, I am interested in the new blades but see that the 98S as well as the PS97S aren't offered on the web site in 4 5/8 inch grips. Are there any plans to bring these in at some point? Or is wilson going the way of the smaller grips? Thanks, DANMAN
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    Tennis In Nashville

    I'm a 4.5-5.0 player who will be staying in Nashville for the month of May. I'd love to get out and hit and am wondering where I should try to find a spot to play. If anyone has any insight, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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    Wilson Steam 99S

    I noticed on the order page that there is no 4 5/8 option. Wilson's website doesn't show a 4 5/8 as an option either. Is it not available in that size or has Wilson just not distributed that size for some reason? Thanks.
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    Solinco Tour Bite Soft

    Does anyone know if the Tour Bite Soft was the playtest B string from the Summer? Or at least how they compare?
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    5.0 Player in NYC for the month of January

    I'm a 5.0 player and will be in NYC for the month of January. I'm considering bringing my sticks to try to get some exercise but am concerned about the weather and access to courts. I will be staying in the upper east side. If anyone has any court suggestions or wants to try to hit, please let...
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    Solinco Playtest Threads

    TW, I am wondering what happened to the sticky Solinco playtest threads. I absolutely love playtest B string. Thanks
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    You can say I told you so--gut hybrid

    I have been playing full poly for 10 years or so...initially with Big Banger ALU Power Ice at $13.75 a set, but as the price increased to $17, I started playing with Unique Big Hitter and other strings such as Pro Hurricane and BB Original etc. I tried Tonic in a full bed years ago and some BDE...
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    Unbranded Leather Grips

    TW, Since your 1.5mm leather grips are out of stock for the next 30 days, are any of the other leather grips that you stock unbranded (no name written on the leather) and 1.5 mm or more? Thanks for the help.
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    Unbranded Leather Grips

    Are any of the leather grips other than the TW brand lacking the company name on the grip. I know Babolat has its logo on its leather grip. Pacific does as well judging by the pictures on TW. I'm curious if the Volkl grips actually say volkl or the dunlop ones actually say dunlop on them. If...
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    Prince Michael Chang Titanium

    I don't know if most of you would consider this a classic, but I miss this 14x18 string pattern. If it were 27.5 inches and everything else would be equal, I think this may have been one of the best of all time. I had high hopes when Prince brought out a Warrior with a 14x18 pattern, but then...
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    Babolat Propulse 3

    I almost never visit this forum but read some reviews regarding the Propulse 3 and some users switching from the trusty Nike Breathe Frees to the Propulse shoes. I have been a loyal fan of the Breathe Free series for years, but now that they dropped the warranty, I run through them too quickly...
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    Babolat Pro Hurricane

    Hit with this strung in my new PD2012 17G at 55lbs. This is a great feeling string. It is soft and spin friendly and I'm kicking myself for using Luxilon for all these years especially given that hurricane was always at least $4-5 cheaper per set. With as expensive as Luxilon has gotten, I feel...
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    Demo Stringing Question

    TW, I have some Babolat demos currently and they are all string with Pro Hurricane Tour. What tension do you guys string the demos at? Thanks.
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    Pure Drive 2012 or Pure Drive Roddick 2012--the Dilemma

    I've been hitting with a Pure Drive Cortex Standard and really love it, but I just recently hit with the PDR 2012. I'm now torn with which one to switch to. I was a long time PD+ user, but I no longer want the extra length because I hit my two hander better with a standard length frame. I can...
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    Cheap Gut

    Last time I tried gut tonic was 23.50. I am curious about some of the cheaper guts...Mamba premium, Gaucho gut, etc. are any of these even still available? Anyone tried them lately, I.e. in the last 3 months or so?
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    Prince Warrior 100

    Hit with a fellow teaching pro's Warrior 100 today. I've been back and forth for the past few years between Babolat Pure Drive +'s (from the swirly to the cortex to the GT) and Babolat Pure Storm Tour +'s. I play better with the Pure Drives overall, but my singles game with the Storms is very...
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    Babolat Pure Drive 2012 Release Information

    TW, Do you guys have an estimated release date for the Pure Drive 2012? I'm holding off on buying more GTs for the new release. Thanks for your time.
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    Tennis near Sandestin

    I will be in Sandestin at Mainsail from the 22-25 of June and will be returning home on the 25th to play a tournament. I'd like to find someone to hit with sometime during my trip. I'm a legitimate computer rated 5.0. Thanks in advance, D
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    Got My New Bike

    I just picked up a Bianchi 2008 Via Nirone with 105 components. I was riding a 2006 Specialized Hardrock Sports for resistance and a Trek 7.3FX for longer bike path rides. This is my first road bike, and I am happy with the price I paid (less than retail). It's got a decent amount of carbon...
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    Babolat Pure Storm Tour +

    I just received my PST+ today and strung it up at 52lbs. with Timo 18. I have been playing the Pure Drive + for the last 7 or so years and have tried many other frames. I am now teaching part time (20+ hours/week), and playing at a consistently high level (5.0+) against similar opposition. I...
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    Prince O3 Tour Midsize (mid, ms)

    I recently revisited this frame and cannot say enough good things about it. The mass combined with the low swingweight and open 16 main pattern make hitting a heavy ball easy. The racket has some nice flex, leading to great feel for touch shots, including volleys and drop shots. I have not...
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    Quick Thoughts on the SP Black

    Hit a little bit with the Prince Speedport Black tonight after I popped strings in my PDC+. I have 5 of the PDC+s and am not looking to switch. The Speedport Black felt really light when swinging (port inserts) and as a result did not feel like it hit a heavy ball. I found it lacked stiffness...
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    2007 Year End Ratings

    Does anyone know when the ratings will be released? I cannot remember if it is usually the Monday before or the Monday after Thanksgiving.