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  1. AmericanTemplar

    Bike tire

    These tires are virtually puncture proof and are cheap but they ride like ****. If you don' t care about ride quality, they're worth considering:
  2. AmericanTemplar

    Bike tire

    I recently patched two tires with Gorilla superglue and nothing more. Works like a charm! Their brand of superglue has rubber particles in it and is flexible and not brittle.
  3. AmericanTemplar

    Player Resemblances (pics)

    Jie Zheng and Li Na Can never tell those two apart. :razz:
  4. AmericanTemplar

    Which country are you from

    San Francisco
  5. AmericanTemplar

    Suspenders and Bow Ties

    Yeah, I'd say that suspenders & bowties are more acceptable for lawyers than businessmen. BTW, what does "MHS" stand for? P.S. - cool avatar! That's the Ride - Nowhere album cover, right?
  6. AmericanTemplar

    No Shave November. Who is ready?

    I have a custom of shaving my head down to a 1 & shaving my face along with it about every 2 weeks. I like the regular process of going from clean shaven to bearded.
  7. AmericanTemplar

    Do you think the Beatles are overrated?

    Personally, I'll take The Who over The Beatles or The Stones any day. The Beatles have some good tunes, no doubt & they were an important part of rock history, but I don't find most of their stuff to move me that much. Actually I like The Kinks more than The Beatles as well when it comes to...
  8. AmericanTemplar

    Why isn't badminton more popular?

    Damn, I hadn't realized how funny Mary Carillo is.
  9. AmericanTemplar

    How'd you meet your significant other?

    Glad to hear that OKC has worked out for you! I've been on there for a quite a while & I've been on quite a few dates, but so far nothing has gone beyond a second date. I have 2 friends that both met girls that they've been seeing for over a year in both cases, so I know that it works out well...
  10. AmericanTemplar

    Guitar Players

    If you want to do it on the cheap, I use a cable that plugs into your USB port like this: It works just fine for my needs.
  11. AmericanTemplar

    Coffee recommendations anyone... ?

    Yeah, I'm not sure about whether or not the burning thing is true of blade grinders, but the inconsistent grind is certainly true. I also like that my burr grinder can be set to dispense the same amount every time. My preferred set up with a conical burr grinder, an adjustable temperature...
  12. AmericanTemplar

    Coffee recommendations anyone... ?

    siata94 - I finally got to Sightglass the other day. Great cup & venue. I want to try to sell them some of my furniture. ;) Another good cheap method is the Swiss Gold single cup filter. Although it costs a little more than a generic cone, there is no need to buy filters. I was using that...
  13. AmericanTemplar

    Coffee recommendations anyone... ?

    OP: where do you live? There are several awesome roasters here in SF, & there should be something that's at least decent in most cities. As for brewing, I use the Aeropress & I like the cup that it produces more than any other brewing equipment/method that I've used. If you get a burr...
  14. AmericanTemplar

    Staggeringly dumb comments your GF/WIFE/other females have said to you...

    1. "So where do I put that?" 2. "Logic? I don't get it?" 3. "Does this gut make me look fat?"
  15. AmericanTemplar

    any Bikers out there?

    Normally around $200. :wink:
  16. AmericanTemplar

    Good translation of Cicero?

    I own the Penguin version, which seems good enough (I don't know Latin), but my favorite translations for all of the ancient texts are the Loeb versions with Latin & English side-by-side. It's good for picking up a Latin word here & there at the very least.
  17. AmericanTemplar

    I no longer get any enjoyment out of tennis

    Maybe take up another sport. I'm into cycling too & it's nice to have something else to do when I'm not up for one or the other & it helps me keep fit so that even when I take some time off I'm usually not too far from where I had left off skill-wise.
  18. AmericanTemplar

    any Bikers out there?

    For $800 I would go with a used higher end bike from the late 90's. I got a Serrotta with full Campy Record for that price on **** a few years back. This looks pretty badass for less than what you are looking to spend: Funky Tri-bars...
  19. AmericanTemplar

    any Bikers out there?

    Consider OrangeOne's point along with the fact that a tennis racquet isn't mechanical & therefore there's much less that can go wrong with it than a bicycle. I'm still guessing that as a tennis player you'd advise against getting a crap racquet that's full of BS technologies. If I were you...
  20. AmericanTemplar

    100+ mph TW club

    Does anyone have any idea how fast my first serve might be in the vid? I took the video on my cellphone, so I'm not sure whether or not there's any way to calculate the speed with it.
  21. AmericanTemplar

    any Bikers out there?

    "Eeets a Sledgehammer."
  22. AmericanTemplar

    any Bikers out there?

    Here's something for $200 new that the 8 reviewers all seemed to like. I would imagine that it would be fine for your purposes: If I were you though, I'd save up a little more & get a rigged forked SS 29er like one...
  23. AmericanTemplar

    Songs to Listen To

    This is a good box-set with ska/rocksteady/early reggae. You could check this out for cinematic old western sounding music...
  24. AmericanTemplar

    any Bikers out there?

    ^^Did you mean "cyclist," or do you both own Harley's as well? :)-
  25. AmericanTemplar

    any Bikers out there?

    I'd avoid suspension at what you're looking into spending, unless you want a "Sledgehammer" like Pedro's from Napoleon Dynamite. For $200 there's not really much you need to consider other than whether or not it is your size & it meets your price. Davis is totally flat, so you don't really...
  26. AmericanTemplar

    any Bikers out there?

    Alright, well I'm guessing that you'll need around a 15". Go to Craig's List, put your max price & look for something that is made by one of the more dependable brands. If you see anything that looks about right, feel free to post it up here & I may be able to give some input & I'm sure that...
  27. AmericanTemplar

    any Bikers out there?

    How tall are you again? Heed OrangeOne's advice & don't spend $200 at a big box store. The bike will weigh a ton, be super low quality, & worst of all be assembled without any grease, meaning that it will be virtually unridable & sound like a hamster wheel within a matter of months.
  28. AmericanTemplar

    Fixed Gear Bicycles

    I'm sure that these would be god for the price:
  29. AmericanTemplar

    Fixed Gear Bicycles

    No, that's how fast I've gotten on my road bike. Fixed I've only gotten up to about 40 or so, although I rarely use a computer on it so I'm only basing that on getting up to 38 one of the few times that I was using one & knowing that that couldn't have been the fastest that I've ever gotten...
  30. AmericanTemplar

    Fixed Gear Bicycles

    Yeah, I don't regularly hit speeds of 50+ (high 40's is more typical), but my point was just that I wouldn't want to slip off of flats while spinning at that speed when I do get going that fast. Also, I should mention that I'm not the kind of person to usually attack people's character over the...