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  1. jorel

    ok tee dub

    bought a used racquet and u put a brand new leather grip on ok bros
  2. jorel

    Lahlany and us open women’s final

    Why do I think that if mo was in the chair at the us open women’s final things might have ended better
  3. jorel

    Johnny Mac is top five alltime

    if you count total Grand Slam titles Sampras andNovak wouldn’t even make the list
  4. jorel

    Head Comp Tour

    Man these grommets r terrible for being 30 yrs old... breaking everywhere
  5. jorel

    Wilson customization

    Will you guys be offering this customization?
  6. jorel

    C'MON CICI!!!! Rafa/Uncle
  7. jorel

    Only took 8 years...
  8. jorel

    Animus tshirts

    Who is the artist Vincent van goh?
  9. jorel

    Asics Resolution colorway camo

    if u guys ever do another dark camo version for this...could I suggest a blue and black scheme and forget the camo or just all black it would look sic,, theres a Prada shoe that has that scheme.. a blue black version with an overextended toe guard like in the GR
  10. jorel

    barricade wall number 4

    is there release date yet? also i dont know if you can tellus but will it be the great WALL of china?
  11. jorel

    polyfiber tcs

    why no more mention of this string,..this was the holy grail for TW playteseters at one time
  12. jorel

    ps 97 vs ps 6.0 95

    Can someone give a comparison?? is it the second coming so to speak..? with a TW leather on the ps 97 to match spec and weight or maybe closer to the hps 6.0 95
  13. jorel

    Say something...

    im giving up on you... Wilson on reissuing the 6.0 95
  14. jorel

    Say something....

    Im giving up on you... Federer with another grand slam
  15. jorel

    Say something....

    Im giving up on you... on TWs east coast site
  16. jorel

    Its tru that when someone leaves…

    Its tru that when someone leaves…a little part of me leaves with them…the unique attributes they brought out in me also leave when they leave.
  17. jorel

    Just curious

    if we stop by TW warehouse....can we get a chance to hit with ur rf97?
  18. jorel

    Settle a discussion for us?

    the "new" Prince Response 97 is a reissue of the old Prince Precision Response 660? (also wondering why they didnt reissue the precision response ti instead since that seemed to be a more popular racquet)
  19. jorel

    So seriosuly ....who watched the US open final

    if noone responds...i understand
  20. jorel

    am i crazy?

    but once a racquet is strung with a never has to be strung again??? polys are suppose to be dead so wats wrong with leaving a dead poly in a frame forever...given that u dont break a string
  21. jorel

    Maybe u guys can help me with this

    Im looking for a racquet under 300 swing weight For less than 50 bucks???i tried the racquet finder but couldnt get the price thing to work
  22. jorel

    Sooooo Jordan RF shoe????

    do we have an eta?
  23. jorel

    Fed’s RF97

    I wonder if Fed’s racquet has Basalt fibers )rolling eyes)
  24. jorel

    Estusa PBP rerelease

    any update on this,..i know there were discussion a while back (and issues with the owner of the molds (BB) i was watching an old TW webinar and it made me nostalgic
  25. jorel

    Happy Hour????

    TW, What is this ....and are the drinks half off???
  26. jorel

    Like a g6...

    whats going on with volkl racquet names? gone are the clasic c10 ... c9...c7
  27. jorel

    Just curious...

    :)how many cars does chris actually own and how much is TW paying him????
  28. jorel

    TOP Gear uk

    Who watches and thinks its arguably the greatest TV series ever? (not just car series) but GREATEST TV series ever
  29. jorel

    Hps 6.0 95

    wouldnt it be funny if the new RF 97 was just a paintjob of this racquet...???:) the more things change the more things stay the same