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    Yopal (Colombia) August 14 - 26

    I know it's extremely improbable but hit me up if you happen to be there and wanna play. My level is around 4.0
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    How to improve my service?

    All in all I'm happy with my serve, sometimes my ball toss is a bit too low as you will see in the video below. But is there any part of my service motion that I should definitely work on? Thanks for any advice.
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    Spinfire Pro 2 - HCAL Error 1 - Remove Safety Bolt

    Hi everybody, after finishing a sequence of balls this morning I put my machine in sleep mode. When I wanted to reinitialize I received the above error message. I’ve been using the unit for one and a half months now, so this can‘t be related to any safety bolts. When I called my dealer he...
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    FH Problem - Elbow too high on non-dominant arm

    I had a ten year break from tennis and have lacked confidence in my forehand ever since coming back. Actually it has gotten way better thanks to some of the tips I received in another thread a while ago (special thanks to @Dragy). I had my first practice hit since February today and it wasn't...
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    Head QC sticker on handle

    Hey folks, I ordered 2 of the new 360+ Speed MPs and each came with a sticker on its handle which says “Q/C A” and “Q/C k” respectively. Any idea what to make out of this? Is “Q/C A” supposed to be better than “Q/C k”?
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    What’s wrong with my FH

    I’ve been struggling with my FH ever since I got back into tennis after a 10+ year break last June. I seldom feel confident hitting trough the ball and my FH generally lacks punch. I can keep the ball in play but better players will exploit this weakness time and time again. I took some lessons...