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  1. dak95_00

    I had a thought (about ATW and bulky starting knots).

    So a week or so back I did a new ATW method I saw on a Parnell video. It was on a v13 PS97 and I’d just watched the video so I went for it. I normally just go for the universal method but this one looked nice and clean so I went for it. No problem whatsoever. A day later I read someone say not...
  2. dak95_00

    How do you store your reels?

    I just bought two of these used on Facebook Marketplace for $40 total. One I put a cut up pool noodle on and used as a rack for racquets. The other I removed a rack bar from the top and bottom, cut a larger hole in my reels, and slid them on to use as a string reel holder. It’s really helped to...
  3. dak95_00

    My US Open observations after spending the last three days there..

    I got to see some great tennis and had some adventures. I was inside Arthur Ashe Stadium during Hurricane Ida and stayed just 1 mile up the road. Wow! That was a crazy event and we were lucky when the subways and buses were shutdown that Shwartzman/Anderson match went on to keep us there and...
  4. dak95_00

    US Open Diego Schwartzman

    What racquet and string is he using? It’s definitely not a radical because it’s small. I saw him up close on the practice court. I’m also curious about the string and tension because his ball makes a thud like he’s hitting with a board. @vsbabolat Do you know? I also found it strange he and...
  5. dak95_00

    Kevlar Mains & Synthetic Gut Crosses

    I’ve been stringing my Head Gravity S racquets with full beds of 17 gauge synthetic gut. I switch between Prince w/ Duraflex or Wilson Power. These setups last me approximately 2 hours of hitting and up to 4 hours of doubles match play before breaking. I usually break 2 to 3 mains when they go...
  6. dak95_00

    Just bought a used Playmate Ball Machine - Help!

    I took pictures and I emailed Playmate. I really don’t know what I have. The battery is dead but everything turns on for a handful of seconds while plugged in. I think this is the precursor to the Volley Machine.
  7. dak95_00

    Need Help with Grommet Replacement on Older Wilson 7.5

    @aseiguine My friend has a Wilson Pro Staff Classic 7.5 MP and needs new grommets. Wilson is of no help since it’s an older frame. By looking at the Tennis Menace site I can see there were two frames; the regular and Steffi Graph. This is the regular and a 95. The regular had three colors...
  8. dak95_00

    Klippermate Starting Pin Lost...

    My friend has a Klippermate and lost the starting pin. I thought I had an extra starting clamp which would’ve been superior. Would this work as a replacement starting pin? It’s just an old string where I’ve made the knot much larger.
  9. dak95_00

    I put lipstick on my Pig!!! (And I love it too!!!)

    So a handful of weeks ago you guys talked me out of buying a Neos 1500 for $900. That would be my ideal machine if it had gravity release base clamps. I already have a Wise TH. I prefer the 2 point over the 6 point mount. I currently have a Neos 1000 and a cheap, half broken 6 point Eagnas. The...
  10. dak95_00

    Lobster Ball Machine Feet

    For those of you who own ball machines and Lobster ball machines, you probably already know how weak these things are. They're annoyingly expensive, wear out, and flat out break. I finally wised up and made a modification that will last....I think! I bought larger and more durable speaker...
  11. dak95_00

    Tennis Sensors: Data?

    What do you do with the data? I’d like to compare my data with other players. What’s good data look like? For example, I hit around 62% of my shots in the sweet spot according to the app. Is that good? How does that compare with others? Is there a website where I can find this information? I...
  12. dak95_00

    Tretorn Micro X Tennis Ball review

    I received 144 Tretorn Micro X balls for a Xmas gift this year and have finally had time to give them a go. They feel and play similar to a freshly opened can of Penn Championship xtra-duty felt balls. The only noticeable difference is the sound. They make a louder pop. The feel and size are...
  13. dak95_00

    A Couple Questions for the experts.

    I got a few racquets today from some juniors. The local clubs are closing due to Covid-19 so they turned to me for stringing. 1) One of the racquets was a Head Graphene Touch Radical strung with RPM Blast 16 at 55lbs. Many of the side grommets were split. The racquet itself just had common...
  14. dak95_00

    Rules Question about returning serve

    I apologize in advance but I’m watching tennis. It’s the older men playing basically a doubles exhibition at the Australian Open. Ivanisevic was the partner of the returner and was standing in his partner’s service box to show Haas where his serve should land. Haas then served and hit Ivanisevic...
  15. dak95_00

    What tennis gifts did you receive?

    I received Tretorn Micro X tennis balls (144) to use with my ball machine. It was all I asked for when people asked me what I wanted. I’ll finally get to give a good review and I hope they live up to the hype. I received a t-shirt that says, “I may be a grandpa but I’ll still kick your butt at...
  16. dak95_00

    I found what could be a unicorn.

    I’ve been around. I’ve played every version of POG; Prince Graphite. This evening my fellow thrifting friend gave me a racquet that just looked like an old Pro Kennex except.... It said Prince Graphite. It is a midsize racquet with a 16x19 pattern. There’s no bumper. There’s no stability bar...
  17. dak95_00

    Charleston, SC 12/26-29

    Should I bring my racquets? Anyone want to hit? I tried to search for possible members. Here’s my attempt to tag some.
  18. dak95_00

    Video of Golfers Elbow & Tennis Elbow Therapy Exercises

    I couldn’t find one on the Internet so I made one of the exercises I do. I hope this helps someone. Rather than bash or shame my work, make your own if you can do it better.
  19. dak95_00

    Hilton Head from 8/12-19

    Anyone want to hit? I play 4.0 USTA. My mistake. July 12-19
  20. dak95_00

    What’s happening with PayPal?

    I’ve been using PayPal for many, many years. It’s been a good and bad experience. I opened my account and over time due to tying it to my wife’s credit/debit card it somehow switched to her name unbeknownst to me. That happened many years ago and it’s only been an issue if I had a buyer or...
  21. dak95_00

    Former Player's Racquet Users: When did you know it was time to switch to a tweener?

    I'm struggling to play with my heavy racquets with low power. Call it age. Call it being tired. Call it being slow. Call it what you want..... I need something easier to get around without sacrificing power and control. I need a game improvement stick that I can easily swing night after...
  22. dak95_00

    Head racquet pallet removal... HOW TO DO IT!

    I’ve seen many videos and tried using a hair dryer and heat gun. It’s very difficult and frustrating to use those methods. It takes a bit of patience.... The EASY METHOD is to boil water and then pour the water into a water thermos or jug. I use the same half gallon one I take to the courts...
  23. dak95_00

    Help me decide...

    I currently use a Neos 1000. It’s actually one of the first created per JC. It works great. Every once in awhile, I get an itch for something new or different. I have an opportunity to buy a Gamma 6004 sc 2pt that’s used but in excellent condition for $700. Talk me out of the purchase! I...
  24. dak95_00

    Does nylon go dead?

    My normal setup is nylon mains 16 at 60lbs and Isospeed Baseline Spin & Speed crosses 17 at 60lbs. I’ve never noticed them going dead but the last two times out I’ve struggled to get my normal power and control. I know it’s a super cheap setup but I play great with it. The string either went...
  25. dak95_00

    Stringing recommendation for TE

    I couldn’t decide where to put this thread so I decided here since I trust stringers the most and I’ll be stringing my racquets. I’ve been experiencing TE in my off arm and it must be due to my 2hbh. I might’ve actually aggravated my elbow lifting weights months ago but tennis has been making...
  26. dak95_00

    APR on credit cards in UK???

    I’m in the US and do not have cable tv. I end up watching tv via the Internet and saw some credit card commercials on a UK ESPN station. They were advertising 40% and another was 65-90%. Is this normal? In the US anything above 20% is considered robbery. What’s it like in other places?
  27. dak95_00

    Starting Clamps; differences with pictures

    This is a topic that comes up from time to time and it seems I have an unusual experience when it comes to them. I own five; one Alpha, two older Babolat, and two unbranded. If I had to guess, I’d wager that at least one is a Gamma. My observations: * Four of them are the same size but the...
  28. dak95_00

    How do I disassemble a Prince NEOS 1000 clamp?

    I promise I searched the Internet first. Has anyone done this? I have some that I picked up second hand that are filthy. I’m certain that a THOROUGH cleaning and lubing would have these things restored. I just need some assistance before I begin this endeavor. I don’t want to break anything...
  29. dak95_00

    Starting Clamp Replacement Spring

    Has anyone replaced theirs? I come across all sorts of things in my thrifting and swapping adventures. One of the latest has brought me an old Babolat starting clamp that’s missing a spring. I’ve seen replacements on the auction site from China. Is there anyone with experience in this matter?
  30. dak95_00

    I finally mastered the ATW one piece

    I had thought about it and done some before but I never felt it was fast, better, etc. This time was different. These were four racquets that all had mains ending at the throat and I wanted to do 1 piece string jobs. Three were older 18x20 Head Radicals and one was a 16x18 Wilson HPS 6.1 They...