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    If Djokovic wins tomorrow he could have been co year end number 1

    if he wins the tour finals, he will be on 4820 points. That is exactly 2000 points short of tour leader Alcatraz’s 6820. If Wimbledon had given points this year, it would have given 2000 points, which would have put Djokovic on 6820 points Ie exactly matching alcaraz not certain he will win...
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    Will Djokovic qualify for the Season End Finals (World Tour Finals)?

    Its hard for Djovokic tennis wise. Couldn't complete in Australia, made the quarters of the FO, Won Wimbledon but there was no points, and won't be able to compete in the USO. So in Grand Slams, the only point giving Slam was a quarter final placing at the French Open. Question is, will he...
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    Does Lendl hold this accomplishment on his own?

    In 1989 Lendl had the distinction in every tournament he played of either winning the tournament or losing only to the eventual winner of the tournament. In other words, his only losses were to the form player in the tournament. Has anyone else ever had a calendar year like that?
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    Most enjoyable Male players to watch - for the skill, for the fight, for the intelligent play

    I wondered who people thought their favourites are to watch (when playing at their peak);- in no particular order :- nalbandian mecir McEnroe federer connors (for the fight in him) agassi (when having a peak day his seeing the ball early was extraordinary) borg - because he is borg leconte‘s...
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    Fun quiz (don’t look up the answer) - which head to head was more dominant? Nadal-Federer or Becker-Edberg?

    This is mainly for those who don’t know the answer And won’t look up the answer On the internet. Your guesses will be interesting
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    Will a player less than a career high ranking of #3 ever win the ATP finals?

    In the 52 finals that have been played no player has ever won it, who didn’t end their career with at least a career high of number 3 in the rankings. will a player ever win it who eventually end their career with a career high of less than 3?
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    Is 6ft 1" to 6ft 2" still the optimal height for a male tennis player?

    Sampras, Federer, Nadal are all 6ft 1" - with 54 Majors to their names combined. Djokovic is 6ft 2" with 20 slams. That's 74 majors for players 73 to 74 inches tall (185 to 188 cm). Players seem to be bigger in the last 15 years - with 6ft 6" not at all uncommon. However, those really tall...
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    Has Federer lost the backhand slice?

    Every training session I have seen - top spin backhand predominates - and the one match he has played on clay this year - the same. What happened to the backhand slice?
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    What if the big three finish on the same number of slams? What weight do we give their other achievements?

    Hello, let's talk about a more than theoretical possibility that the big three finish on the same number of slams. ***** Hence, slam wins wouldn't be a differentiating factor. What weight would we give to their other achievements to help us decide between them? Slam runner-ups? Year end final...
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    Am I right are only Tony Wilding and Jaroslav Drobny ahead of Nadal on singles Clay Court titles? Any other player ahead of Nadal's count?

    Hello, Nadal is currently on 60 Clay Court titles. Wilding had 77 Clay Court titles and Drobny on at least 93 Clay Court titles (possibly more). Was there any other man above 60 Singles Clay Court titles? Note: I am not comparing achievements, Nadal is clearly the greatest clay court player ever.
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    Which is the slower hard court the AO or USO?

    the AO has been regarded as the slow hard court major for many years (only sped up in 2017/2018 but then slowed down again). The USO in the late 70s and 1980s was regarded as a medium fast hard court. It’s been a slow hard court for most of the last decade. There was word that it is a bit faster...
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    Imagine Lendl Serve and Volleying almost every point on Clay against Muster!

    Well you don’t have to imagine. He does it and does it successfully. I can only imagine he did it for practice for the grass season
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    Making the last 4 at a slam - how many times?

    Hello - consistency certainly should be regarded as a measure of greatness. These are the counts of making the last 4 in slams Federer - 46 times Djokovic - 37 times Nadal - 33 times Connors - 31 times Lendl. - 28 times
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    Any one know Tony Wilding head to head on clay with Max Decugis?

    I know that Decugis won at least 2 matches on clay vs Wilding. I know that Wilding won 6 finals on clay against Decugis. But were there many matches on clay before the final round (and perhaps Davis Cup as well)? What was their overall Clay H2H?
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    Best male clay courter by decade?

    Here’s my go at it without doing too much research: 1900’s Wilding 1910’s Wilding 1920’s Kozeluh/Cochet/Lacoste ? 1930’s Nusslien 1940’s Drobny?? 1950’s Drobny?? 1960s Rosewall 1970’s Borg 1980’s Lendl 1990’s Courier/Muster/Brugera 2000’s Nadal 2010’s Nadal What do others think?
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    YE #1

    Am I right in assuming that Nadal is the YE #1? The most that Djokovic can add to his points over last year is 500 points and Nadal has nothing to defend from last year. Hence, Nadal is the YE#1. Am I right?
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    When was the last date that someone outside the big 4 was in the top 2?

    Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Murray. Who was last in the top 2, outside those four and when?
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    Federer fans - what was harder to take - Wimbledon final 2008, 2014 or 2019?

    I am a Federer fan myself. 2019 for me was really hard. I didn't take notice of anything tennis wise for weeks afterwards.
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    After all these years Nadal and Djokovic are only 700 points apart in accumulated points total

    For ease I have reduced the weighting points down by a factor of 1000 eg Slams are worth 2 instead of their ATP 2000. Using current atp points Scale is: (SV x 2) + (SEFNL x 1.5) + (SEFOL x 1.3) + (SEFRUNL x 1) + (SRU x 1.2) + (TOP9 x 1) + (TOP9RU x 0.60) + (SEFRUOL x 0.80) + (OSG x 0) + (SSF x...
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    What is the slowest hard court tournament - is it the US open or Miami or somewhere ekse

    Federer says that this year’s surface is playing similar to clay in speed. I was wondering, is the US open the slowest hard court tournament or is it still Miami or some other tournament?
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    What is the true number of weeks on ATP number 1 lists?

    Apparently during the 1970s the rankings weren't published every week by the ATP on the rankings they started in August 1973. Apparently by 1980 it was published weekly. Because of that, we know that Vilas would have had a number of weeks at number 1 (5 I think from 1975/1976). I believe Borg...
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    How can Federer beat Nadal in the 2019 French Open semi-finals

    I am a Federer fan, but even I would agree that the overwhelming favourite for the match is Nadal. If you look at the Rome tournament and Roland Garros - Nadal has won a awful lot of sets either 6-0 or 6-1 - so he is in top form. Federer has been playing well, but I don't think he is in his...
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    Masters 1000 equivalents and 500 equivalents combined - the medium to high strength events

    Hello - I know that Masters 1000's are considered 'Big events' now (only lower than the Slams and the Season end finals). The problem in the past is the pre-1990 period. It is ambigious as to what constitutes a Masters 1000 equivalent (and a 500 equivalent for that matter). If we regard that...
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    Multiple number 1's in one year - when will we next have a year like 1999 again?

    1999 saw five different players hold the No. 1 ranking (the most in any single year): Pete Sampras, Carlos Moya, Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Andre Agassi and Patrick Rafter. When do you think that might happen again? Obviously when Djokovic moves away from consistently in the the top spot. I'm...
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    Player with the best combined points at Indian Wells/Miami - how do they perform at Roland Garros?

    These two hard court events are slow hard court. Hence, much closer to clay than a fast surface - especially Miami. 1990 Agassi best performed at Sunshine double events- Finalist at Roland Garros 1991 Courier best performed at Sunshine double events - Winner at Roland Garros etc Haven't...
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    Who was the best men's player of the 1940's - Budge, Riggs or Kramer?

    Many think Riggs even though Budge and Kramer were more talented.
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    In measures of relative Greatness do you belong to the tie-break school or the overall achievement school?

    In measure of Greatness do you belong to the tie-break school or the overall achievement school? I have noticed people in both camps on these boards. Tie-Break school - Only slam count in measuring the greatness of one player vs another UNLESS they are equal in the slam count. In that case we...
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    Mike Bryan setting all time men’s doubles slam record

    He surpassed the record previous held by John Newcombe (17) when he won his 18th this year. That was a record held for over 40 years. Was there any fanfare at the time? I didn’t notice any (though I do t follow doubles)
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    Okay can we finally forever put to death the notion "ATP finals is a exhibition"

    TV Commentators, Zverev himself all saying that it is the biggest tournament he has won. Now I think most who say "its just an exho" don't actually think that, they just are trying to create a stir. But for those who think that, please reflect on the fact that none of the top players think that.
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    Semi-final or better - how do the big 3 compare?

    At how many times at Grand Slam tournaments did the big three make the semi-finals or better? Australian Open Federer - 14 times Djokovic - 6 times Nadal - 5 times French Open Nadal - 11 times Djokovic - 8 times Federer - 7 times Wimbledon Federer - 12 times Djokovic - 8 times Nadal - 6...