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  1. catskillthunder

    Federer Rolex Commercial

    Sorry if this has been posted before, but I saw the Fed Rolex commercial today and it was masterfully done. Not a fan of the guy by any means, but really enjoyed the way the commercial was done. It made me realize its close to the end for him, which sucks because tennis is a much better game...
  2. catskillthunder

    Any Cologne/Perfume collectors?

    Other then sports, one of my obsessions is collecting, wearing fragrance, I have amassed well over 100 bottles. Let's hear what some of the TW faithful like to spray on the daily or for that special night out.
  3. catskillthunder

    2021 US Open Tickets: Advice on buying

    Haven't been down to the USO in awhile and I am wanting to get there this year as I have never seen Nadal play live. Is it just luck of the draw when guys like Nadal will play their first round matches? I've been there twice on opening day and Nadal played I believe once on Tuesday and once on...
  4. catskillthunder

    Legit Question for Federer Fans

    Let's say Roger hangs up the racquet soon. Who do the Federer fans start to cheer for? I highly doubt it'll be either Nadal or Djokovic for many of you. I ask myself the same question as I see Rafa getting closer and closer to the end. I was personally hoping for an American savior by the...
  5. catskillthunder

    Wimbledon seeds announced

    1. Murray 2. Djokovic 3. Federer 4. Nadal Discuss
  6. catskillthunder

    To Novak Djokovic fans

    I very rarely create threads, but I would just like to take the time to congratulate all of the Djokovic fans today. He is clearly the best player in the world right now and deserves all of the credit he's getting. I am a ********* as most of you guys like to call us and sure as the sun will...
  7. catskillthunder

    US Open Question

    Im taking my family down to our 1st US Open this year. My questions is, how do we know whom plays on which day? For example, my son and I want to see Rafa play and my wife wants to see Roddick. Is there a method of which players on which day? Like does the #1 seed play on the first day, or...
  8. catskillthunder

    Recommended String?

    Playing with a semi-western grip, I'm pretty much a big topspin hitter. Im looking for a string or hybrid that will give decent feel, spin and that is forgiving on the elbow. I tried BB ALU and its just horrid on my elbow, I had to cut it out and not play for a few days. Im leaning towards...
  9. catskillthunder

    Player Schedule Question

    Is there a way to find a players tournament schedule? Not the ATP schedule, but each individual players tentative schedule. I know their schedules change sometimes due to injuries or fatigue. Im just looking for something that basically says, Nadal is scheduled to play: Queens, Wimbledon...
  10. catskillthunder

    LF Old School String

    Back in the early 90's I used a string called RED PRO PLUS. It was the best string I ever hit with when I was in Jr's and heading into college. I've recently started playing again after 17 years away and was wondering if anyone has heard of this string and if its still available. I do not...
  11. catskillthunder

    Best Racquet for spin?

    Long time lurker and once in a great blue moon poster. Im just curious to know what racquet these days is best for spin without considering the string? I havnt played in a few years, but was using the Head LM Radical. For my style of play, I do not think that is a very spin friendly...
  12. catskillthunder

    Help with 2 Racquet Specs

    Hello everyone, Im interested in getting the specs for two racquets that I used to use awhile back. Ive looked all over Google for anything reguarding specs, but have come up with nothing. I was thinking that someone hear would know these off hand or maybe know where I could find the specs...
  13. catskillthunder

    Another Elbow Post, But Please Read

    Im returning to the game after a 13 year layoff. Back when I was younger I played 5 days a week for 8-10 hours a day. I never had one single problem with my elbow at all. I used to use a Wimbledon HM-88 then switched to a Wimbledon Eclipse (widebody) for extra power. Still even with the...
  14. catskillthunder

    Downloadable Tennis Matches?

    Does anyone know where I can d/l some tennis matches. Im specifically looking for any AA matches vs whoever. Thx in advance
  15. catskillthunder

    Help a player returning after a long layoff...

    Sweet, I finally found an active message board to post my questions. . I've just started playing tennis again after a 13 year absence. Im 30 years old now, but I still feel like a kid, thanks to my 7yr old son. Anyhow, I used to be a very strong 4.5 or possibly 5.0 player. Back then I used...