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  1. drhopz


    Suxs. Anyway, I just moved into my dorm at ucla, have you guys started packing or moving yet? Long live federer...
  2. drhopz

    Which memory foam to buy?

    I live in at a dorm at ucla, and the beds are killing my back. As a tennis enthusiastic, i feel that this bed will ruin my posture and my ultra heavy nadal spinning top spin sharapova shrieking forehand. Any who, what kinda of memory foam or bed acessory will ease my back pain. Love, drhopz
  3. drhopz

    Not feeling it w/ Doubles

    I'm sure many people do not adequately get warmed up with doubles because i feel constrained to my half of the court.
  4. drhopz

    How to stop roommate from snoring

    W/o killing him.
  5. drhopz

    Finally saw my first professional Tennis player

    Serena made my day, i'm the one on the right :]
  6. drhopz

    Back in Tennis

    Yesterday, I came back from resting my elbow for about a month. I had TE/GE (one of those). It was the greatest feeling ever to play tennis for the first time in a month. For those who are suffering from TE/GE, rest it and you will be rewarded. Goodluck, and stay away from poly.
  7. drhopz

    What was your college major?

    What was your college major and what did you end up doing with it?
  8. drhopz

    Changing SW to eastern

    What adjustments do i need to make? Where would i strike the ball with the eastern and what kind of form would i use?
  9. drhopz

    What is softer?

    OG sheep micro or gamma asterisks. I'm returning to the game from tennis elbow, and want a more comfortable string.
  10. drhopz

    Are elbow sleeves effective?

    I was wondering if they really help for cases like tennis elbow and golfers elbow the sleeves, band, and brace?
  11. drhopz

    Golfer's Elbow symptoms

    I am currently recovering from GE or TE. When i iced my elbow today, i stretched it. After stretching my elbow, i can hear this stretchy noise from my tendons. Is it safe to stretch it and make that stretchy noise? Does it relieve stress or worsens the problem? 3days away from tennis...
  12. drhopz

    Continental serve

    When you use a continental grip, it tends to slice. What is the problem?
  13. drhopz

    what are good career choices

    Currenly, i am unsure of my major choice. I will be an incoming freshmen to ucla, in the major of biochem. Honestly, Im not fond of chemistry, but i dont hate it. What careers are in demand in today's world.
  14. drhopz

    I serve with semi-western?!?!?

    It's hard for me to use continental. I use semi western to serve, and instead of pronation, i rotate the other way. It creates an odd spin on the ball. My friend says i serve like a lefty, but i'm a righty. Is this normal?
  15. drhopz

    Officially in college!

    Right now, i'm in a summer program at UCLA for incoming freshmens. I've only saw a couple of the tennis courts, and they are beautiful. I'm busy with classes so far, so i havent been able to hit lately. How was your first day of college?
  16. drhopz

    Western Grip

    I've been using the western grip lately, and now my continental grip feels awkward. Anyone have this experience? If this helps, i hit alot of topspin with my nblade98
  17. drhopz

    Is a tennis racket considered a weapon?

    There's this rule when driving that you cant keep any dangerous objects in your car, but must put it in your trunk. Does this apply to tennis rackets too?
  18. drhopz

    Strung Nblade 98 w/ og sheep micro

    I strung my 18x20 pattern nblade with og sheep micro at 53lbs and it still feels tight. I havent tried playing with it, but the strings dont even budge. Normally i use stamina and 55lbs would be too loose. Does og sheep need to be strung lower?
  19. drhopz

    How high do you grip your racket?

    How much chunk of your palm(bottom) is left racket-less?
  20. drhopz

    How high do you grip your racket?

    double post. sorry
  21. drhopz

    TE pains when waking up.

    TE pains begins when i wake. I touch my elbow notice that it's pretty cold. Is this normal? I think it has to due with the circulation. In this scenario, icing would not be a good idea correct?
  22. drhopz

    Hybrid possiblity

    Prince Synthetic gut duraflex w/ goosen og sheep micro crosses? Has anyone tried this? It's very economical and the duraflex to last a while for me because my elbow cant deal with poly.
  23. drhopz

    Difference between Nylon and Synthetic gut?

    IS there any significant difference between these strings?
  24. drhopz

    TE:heals faster with heat?

    In the morning, my elbow usually feels weird due to the lack of circulation. When i wake up and put a heating pad over it and start to stretch it, it feels alot better. Is heat really the solution, even though others suggest ice?
  25. drhopz

    Estimation of shipping cost.

    Im wondering how much it would cost for shipping a reel of strings to california from tennis warehouse.
  26. drhopz

    2HBH to bend elbow or not?

    That is the question.
  27. drhopz

    How to bend properly for FH?

    Well i felt very weird bending on my forhand. I'm wondering how to place my right foot(im right handed), should he be pointing at the net or be parallel with the service line? What do i do with my left foot?(pointing the net or parallel to the baseline?) Thank you.
  28. drhopz

    Tennis Elbow Club

    Hi, my name is Kevin Phung and i have tennis elbow.
  29. drhopz

    Djokovic Immitations LOL look at that butt picking action.
  30. drhopz

    How to nurse a tennis elbow?

    Lately, i've been icing it and stretching trying to loosen my arm. Some ppl told to me apply heat on it, is that correct? I might want to use some chinese medicine as well.