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  1. Sartorius

    Federer responds to Mats Wilander

    Fed yesterday was reminded he had a lot of breakpoints and also had a couple of DFs while closing out, and that Mats said as you get older pressure becomes harder to handle and it's tougher to close out matches. Fed gives a thoughtful answer. Go to 05:37.
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    Touch Tennis

    Double thread sorry lolz see here:
  3. Sartorius

    Touch Tennis

    Well I'll be damned. I didn't know this existed. Did you?
  4. Sartorius

    number three

    (the guy on the right)
  5. Sartorius

    A particularly awesome shot by Federer

    After the final I scrambled immediately to rewatch one specific shot - a FH half volley from Fed in the 3rd. To put it mildly, it's awesome. And deserves a gif or two. I made these @TheMaestro1990 's video here (click).
  6. Sartorius

    Borg vs Mcenroe - the movie

    (not sure if this is the correct forum for such a topic) As someone who has been following tennis for years something like this is cheesy at best, cringey at worst. Not sure if I can actually sit through it. Then again I don't like sports movies in general. They tend to overdramatize things...
  7. Sartorius

    Federer's racquet change, in hindsight

    Looks excellent now, doesn't it? People were rightly saying the change might have hurt his forehand so at the end it might have been a bad idea. You could say the FH in this AO was still not as beastly as it used to be. But I've heard Fed state in an interview couple days ago (before the final)...
  8. Sartorius

    Federer flashback, Paris 2011: pushing the button to win

    Nostalgia time for Fed fans. Yesterday I caught a recently uploaded highlight video (click here) of Federer's final against Tsonga in Paris, 2011. While a very satisfying victory for Fed (first in Paris Masters), those who watched it at the time may remember this was a so-so match where a...
  9. Sartorius

    The Guru reveals his intended student in WTF

    George BellshawVerified account‏@BellshawGeorge Monfils on Murray: 'I'm here for him. I really hope he wins this tournament.' #WorldTourFinals Let the lessons begin.
  10. Sartorius

    Monfils qualifies for World Tour Finals

    Finally, the Guru is where he belongs.
  11. Sartorius

    Wawrinka's thoughts about RG '15 Final, point by point

    This is taken from MTF, credit goes to a poster named "Kargo". Wawrinka gives a very detailed account of his final against Djokovic at Roland Garros - it's a great read, gives insight to his mindset...
  12. Sartorius

    Watts Zap USO 2016

    Watts usually delivers during majors, this one doesn't disappoint. Includes some fantastic renditions of the Guru's teachings.
  13. Sartorius

    Guru vs Fed - the first time

    I just found the highlights (apparently it's a newly uploaded vid) of Guru's first true lesson - what happened later that year is surely proof of his merits: Ok so jokes aside, I don't remember this match and what I noticed is how the 20 year-old Monfils you watch in that vid and the Monfils...
  14. Sartorius

    Severin Luthi interview about Federer's injury

    Swiss interview taken from MTF, translated by one of the members (Eden) link to original For many people it was shocking news that Roger Federer ends his season before Rio. How was it for you? As us in the team saw the process which lead into the decision and therefore we are already one...
  15. Sartorius

    Flashback - Fedrinka wins gold

    So, no Fed at the Olympics, or any other place for a while. I thought a little flashback would be nice: They were really good you know.
  16. Sartorius

    Stuff that puts the funny in tennis

    Share anything and everything out there that takes a light-hearted approach to tennis - be it YouTube, Twitter/Facebook accounts, parodies, etc. If there is already a thread like this out there I'm not aware of it. Here's what I know so far: --> posts comics, good...
  17. Sartorius

    Nadal serving position to the ad side

    Has anyone noticed Nadal has been standing farther left while he's serving to the ad side? I actually noticed it in Madrid, might have started doing it earlier. Same in today's match. I don't remember him serving from there before. Could it be he wants to get an easier spin to the right with...
  18. Sartorius

    Mortality and Roger Federer

    Just ran into this piece, throughly enjoyed it so thought I'd share. It's about's also not about Federer.
  19. Sartorius

    Brad Drewett appointed as the new CEO of ATP Former player with experience in ATP. Sounds like a decent choice.
  20. Sartorius

    The long autumn of Roger Federer Apparently too long to quote here, a beautiful account on Federer's career, particularly about what he has been going through for sometime.
  21. Sartorius

    Murray considers taking a break?,,12040_6710975,0.html "I'll see what I do from here, you know. I don't know, I might not play for a few months, I might feel like playing in a week's time. It depends - see how I feel." This is from his post match PC.. Yes he played poorly last year post-AO...
  22. Sartorius

    Nadal wins BBC Overseas Sports Personality of the Year award Good. IIRC Federer won this each year he won 3 slams.
  23. Sartorius

    Elena Dementieva retires

    What the..? After her match with Schiavone, Dementieva announced that Doha is her last tournament.. There is a presentation going on right now.. Damn.
  24. Sartorius

    Nadal: "if somebody says I am better than Roger..."

    "...I think this person don't know nothing about tennis" From his presser today: Q. I have a different question for you. Everyone in tennis loves Roger, respects Roger. He is said to be the best of all time. Yet two out of every three times you play him, you win. You've won six of the last...
  25. Sartorius

    Sampras, Agassi, Federer and Nadal to play Haiti benefit on March 12 Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, who combined have won 44 Grand Slam singles title, will compete in...
  26. Sartorius

    2009 ATP World Tour Awards Roger Federer was formally recognized for his triumphant return to the top spot in men’s tennis on Wednesday, as the 2009 ATP World Tour Awards were announced. The 28-year-old superstar collected Player of the Year, the...
  27. Sartorius

    Simon Reed Strikes Back: "Murray the best in the world" At least he's showing some consistency.
  28. Sartorius

    "You can't be taught to play like Federer"... Is it really so?

    This is actually a response to christos_liaskos' post in the "Your favourite pro shot" thread.. But seeing how my response is actually way off topic and can be made a new topic of discussion, I decided to go with a new thread... Now I'm no tennis coach, and you say you are one, I must ask...
  29. Sartorius

    Federer's Wimbledon and USO streaks ended on a high note

    Think about it. Federer's 5 in a row Wimbledon streak ended against his main rival Nadal, at the final, in a match for the ages. His 5 in a row at USO ended against a very talented youngster, again in the final, and again in an epic match. I think that's something. In both cases, he...
  30. Sartorius

    Safina: "People will remember you by number one, not by winning a grand slam"

    I think this deserves a thread. A new low. Sad days in women's tennis.