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  1. Collegetennisrules

    What is being done at the ITA to promote the sport before pickle ball takes over?

    Time is running out on the ITA getting their act together. Pickleball is taking over and on TV more than college tennis. It's time to wake up before it is too late. What is the ITA doing about this?
  2. Collegetennisrules

    College Tennis NCAA Future Site?

    It is time to grow the game and get NCAA's on TV with fans. But seems like it won't be happening for years.
  3. Collegetennisrules

    Day 2 of terrible coverage

    This is a joke. ITA and NCAA could care less. How can the game grow?
  4. Collegetennisrules

    Terrible Coverage

    What is going on with this coverage? The TennisOne App is average. No sound? Nice job by the host.
  5. Collegetennisrules

    "Big News" No live NCAA action for college tennis

    So what is the ITA doing to promote the sport?
  6. Collegetennisrules

    ITA rankings

    The Div 1 ITA rankings are the biggest mess I have ever seen. Almost laughable. What is the ITA CEO doing about this?