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  1. Federer and Del Potro

    Lets face it....Berdych and Almagro 25 years younger would have devoured this tour

    It would have been a blood bath. I mean, even now they hold zero of the five biggest titles on the tour....SMH Yes 12 year old Berdych would have been the youngest slam champ ever. Guaranteed. Ruud would have no answers.
  2. Federer and Del Potro

    A TTW Villain Origin Story

    No Tails. Green Text (lmao) 2012 Era TTW. This thread can be moved to Odds and Ends but since the audience is meant for GPPD poasters thought you might enjoy seeing a relic of the past. It's been (almost) 10 crazy years. Love all you crazy lads and ladies. If I'm still here in another ten...
  3. Federer and Del Potro

    I truly feel bad for Zverev and his fans

    Today's loss has a strange feel to it, like it's the beginning of some kind of end. It wasn't supposed to be this way but alas, the Humbert life is starting to cash them checks. I hope he is able to be healthy the rest of the way.
  4. Federer and Del Potro

    I truly feel bad for Struff and his fans

    Today's loss has a strange feel to it, like it's the beginning of some kind of end. It wasn't supposed to be this way but alas, the journeyman life is starting to cash them checks. I hope he is able to be healthy the rest of the way.
  5. Federer and Del Potro

    Medvedev vs Tsitsipas

    Which Next Gen player was better in defeat? Discuss or Disgust
  6. Federer and Del Potro

    2060 Federer vs 2006 Federer

    Who wins? Surely 54 more years of match play, practice, and learning makes the old man give the fresh poking youngster fits?
  7. Federer and Del Potro

    2021 NHL Playoffs

    I'm upset (but unsurprised) that the Dallas Stars have failed to qualify for the playoffs after last years devastating (to me) loss in the Stanley Cup finals. But the show must go on. Who is your team? Who is your pick to win it all? @Lleytonstation @Steve0904 - get in Lads. I admit, it's...
  8. Federer and Del Potro

    Should Thiem and Fritz join Federer?

    In retirement? Rublev too perhaps? Devastating losses in Doha that I don't see any way back from. They should all retire gracefully and stop playing just for the sake of their bank account. Surely none of them can even make a slam QF anymore after this. Discuss or Disgust
  9. Federer and Del Potro

    Congrats to PCB

    HUGE 5th slam doubles trophy secured. This could be the start of the new doubles dynasty.
  10. Federer and Del Potro

    Settle the real GOAT Debate

    Recently we have had a great crusade by two members - @Nole Slam and @Lleytonstation to post as many Spencer Hastings gifs as humanly possible. The great Professor Fedpo would like to settle the true, real GOAT debate.... Who is the most attractive female cast member of the hipster show...
  11. Federer and Del Potro

    Berdych records that will stand the test of time

    1. First player to beat Federer in a US Open night match 2. 2 wins against Djokovic on the Wimbledon Grass (Olympics not included, buzz off Mury) 3. Beat Djokovic and Federer back to back ON GRASS 4. Has been in more Blue Clay finals than Nadal and Djokovic combined 5. Only man to get bageled...
  12. Federer and Del Potro

    Electric Football

    Did any of you have an Electric Football field growing up? I recently unearthed my old Packers-Patriots Super Bowl field that I got as a Christmas gift in 1997 or 1998 (somewhere around then). Found out it's actually worth quite a bit of money with all the fixings and mine is in pristine out of...
  13. Federer and Del Potro

    I'm not really a fan of Dominic "Domi" Thiem

    I don't really have a problem with the guy. He seems like a decent enough bloke away from the court. But his on-court persona has always rubbed me up the wrong way. He comes across as predictable, untrustworthy, and brainless. In addition, the purported "Ballbasher" mode just puts him in a...
  14. Federer and Del Potro

    This dude definitely has a TTW account

    Which TTWER is this at 12 minutes: Warning: Some NSFW language
  15. Federer and Del Potro

    Fun Fact:

    If you type in "Germ Playing Tennis" onto Google to try to get a picture of our 2020 Sunshine Double, Clay season, and Grass season Champion... This pops up: It's written in the stars. And yes I know it means "German playing tennis" - but just like the Astrology on here is absolute, so is...
  16. Federer and Del Potro

    Made a new friend with all my free time

    Here's a home video of it: Hope you all out there are also making friends. Tony says TTW is the best. We will see you soon.
  17. Federer and Del Potro

    What is something nobody/few people know about you?

    In lockdown. I am bored. @Poisoned Slice and I had a great conversation just now and it would be cool to snowball that into a thread. What is something that nobody or very few people know about you - it can be some real life accomplishment, some personality trait, anything. It can be something...
  18. Federer and Del Potro

    Is StrongRule A Seer?

    He said Nadal would never win a slam again. How did @StrongRule know that was because there will never be one again?
  19. Federer and Del Potro

    The State of TTW - Colorized, 2020

    Being sequestered means memes. Lots of them. This is the official Meme Hub of self-isolation, quarantine, social distancing, whatever you want to call it. Let's start off with TTW and the Nuthouse Factory
  20. Federer and Del Potro

    How is your employer handling the outbreak?

    I'm employed by a couple of different companies/institutions. Our governor just basically ordered all non-essential services/businesses to be shut down for 2 weeks. Schools were first, now businesses are next on the chopping block. I work at the University in a small/part time capacity, that...
  21. Federer and Del Potro

    How are you passing the time?

    With the plague upon us, everything is being shut down. I never realized how much of my free time goes into sports until it's been completely taken away from us. With my work life already being digitized for the foreseeable future, I am finding myself increasingly more bored. How are you...
  22. Federer and Del Potro

    March Madness - No fans

    Coronavirus strikes again. No crowds for the NCAA basketball tournament.
  23. Federer and Del Potro

    Who is the moral winner of Indian Wells 2020

    RAFA- adds to already most moral victories in tennis history Djokovic - Gains lead on Rafa for number 1 Federer- shut it down knowing all tennis until Wimbledon would be cancelled Diamond Age- Does not have to embarrass itself again Berdych- Berdych Craig Tiley- paid by Federer to cancel FO and...
  24. Federer and Del Potro

    Final Fantasy VII Remake

    Given the age base of this forum, I'd be shocked if the lions share didn't grow up playing the original Final Fantasy VII - after over half a decade of waiting, we are only about a month out from the release of the remake. I've managed to get my friend to loan me his PS4 and have the game on...
  25. Federer and Del Potro

    I want Schwartzman vs Federer in Semis

    It would be the easier matchup. That’s it, that’s the poast.
  26. Federer and Del Potro

    This was the day when Roger really won the 2019 Wimbledon Final. The most tired version of Fed still got 13 break points and 3 Tiebreakers!

    And Fed was up a break in the fifth set and only lost it because Djokovic's used Dark Magic to make his shots fall right on the lines.... Mark this match down as the moment Fed really beat Djokovic at the 2019 Wimbledon Final. Fed didn't have his legs that day, but he proved he's BACK (And we...
  27. Federer and Del Potro

    To Anyone with a Yahoo Email

    Are any of you getting strange emails from Yahoo as of late? Emails that give you a verification code from different states that make it look like someone is trying to breach your account? I got it on two separate accounts I use and they look legitimate - but the weird thing is there is no...
  28. Federer and Del Potro

    I really hope Federer never plays this “tournament” again

    Surviving a loss to Tim, beating Djokovic in straight sets, wasting 300 break points against Tsitsipas to get beaten and all that was WASTED TIME AND ENERGY. There is only one tournament where such a pathetic scenario is possible. Just to think Djokovic could keep fighting after saving...