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  1. tennis_balla

    Greatest Tennis Lesson of All Time

    It’s been a few years since this gem of a lesson was posted on here. Therefore I will once again repost it so a younger generation of members can witness it in all its glory. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you the GOAT….
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    Most Tennis Lessons Are Useless (video)

    Here’s a video a friend of mine sent me today. As a coach myself who’s been coaching over 17 years, played competitively etc, I have to completely agree with this topic, especially coach beside different coaches on two continents, several different countries, it’s all the same. Like it was...
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    Easy to Implement Instructions

    I was going to post this in my I’m Back thread but since it was deleted for whatever reason, I’ll start a new one and post it here. I know there are lots of people here asking for tips, simple tips. I’m not a big fan of Patrick Mouratoglou, however his Instagram page is packed full of short...
  4. tennis_balla

    New Online Coaching Course Just found this the other day, if any coach here is interested in a new course to further their education. It’s also conducted by our own Ash Smith, as well as other good coaches.
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    Prince Graphic (1st generation)

    From the research I’ve done online, I have a 1st generation Prince Graphite from 1978. It has no grommets, no logo on the side of the throat, and single green line. There’s a sticker on one side of the throat stating patents, grip size and Made in USA. Just to make sure, these did not have...
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    Match Analysis App

    Here asking what app for the iPhone the parents of junior players or coaches use to track matches? Stats analysis and so on.
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    Question regarding injecting silicone in Yonex handles

    I'm thinking of going back to Yonex on a sponsor deal. The two rackets I have in mind are the VCore 95 and the VCore Tour 97. Not sure if I should go for the Tour 97 in 330 or 310gram version. The VCore 95's are too light stock but perfect to customize. I've always liked the feel of silicone in...
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    Yonex grip

    What grip comes standard on all Yonex players rackets when new? Is it their Synthetic Leather Tour grip?
  9. tennis_balla

    Self Study and Learning To Let Go As A Coach

    I am still in the process of writing another article that's quite out there but I can't seem to finish it, not sure if I'll even post it. In the mean time I'd like to post this and get a good discussion going again. Hope you guys enjoy it. --------------------------------------------------------...
  10. tennis_balla

    Fundamentals in Tennis

    I know I talk a lot here about fundamentals, but what are they exactly? I'm going to break down what I consider to be some of the core fundamentals in tennis, something that all good players possess and why they are so important. I will not really mention technique, grips, how to take back your...
  11. tennis_balla

    Priorities in Training

    Recently people such as Craig O'Shannessy who runs Brain Game Tennis have come out with some really good stats about how short tennis points really are. In his findings, he states that on average a tennis point will last about 4 shots. Serve, return and 2 shots. Craig also states, and something...
  12. tennis_balla

    Online Coaching

    Would like to ask the people here how interested they would be in an online coaching service that did one on one consulting for their tennis game, video chat either through Skype or Messenger, WhatsApp etc. You can send in your video beforehand, have the coach go through it with you on video...
  13. tennis_balla

    Thoughts on Laver Cup from someone who saw it live

    I live in Prague, been here since 2011. I was very skeptical about this whole circus. It seemed like a circus. I didn't care that much about it and didn't plan on going. They had player presentations here at the Old Town Square, lots of people came out, I didn't though, and the whole event...
  14. tennis_balla

    ITF World Junior Tennis Finals August 7-12

    Giving you guys a heads up. Starting from August 7-12 we will be live streaming the ITF World Junior Tennis Finals in Prostejov, Czech Republic. Here is a brief history of the event: The ITF World Junior Tennis competition was started by the ITF in 1991. In the inaugural year, 12 nations were...
  15. tennis_balla

    Wimbledon 2017 - Federer vs Berdych Match Analysis

    Hey guys, sharing with you a match analysis we did for the semifinal match between Roger Federer and Tomas Berdych. We were involved with one of the sports tv channels here in Czech Republic which has exclusive rights to broadcast Wimbledon and they wanted analysis done for certain matches along...
  16. tennis_balla

    Match Analysis Wimbledon 2017 - Federer vs Berdych

    Hey guys, sharing with you a match analysis we did for the semifinal match between Roger Federer and Tomas Berdych. We were involved with one of the sports tv channels here in Czech Republic which has exclusive rights to broadcast Wimbledon and they wanted analysis done for certain matches along...
  17. tennis_balla

    Grade 4 ITF Junior Tournament Live Stream

    If you guys want to check out a live stream of a Grade 4 ITF tournament here in Prague, Czech Republic at TK Sparta Praha. The play a WTA tournament here as well just before Roland Garros. Go to and click on "Stream" at the top. We have 4 cameras on 4 courts running and...
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    New Live Stream (Czech U12 nationals)

    Just want to give an early heads up. Starting on Tuesday, July 4th and ending on Sunday, July 9th we will be live streaming the boys and girls Czech U12 national tournaments from the cities of Most and Liberec in the Czech Republic. Boys play in Liberec, girls at Most. The live stream links...
  19. tennis_balla

    Junior Tennis Live Stream

    As I mentioned before I've started working with a new company, well two actually, which do live streaming of tennis matches and match analysis called VistaSport CZ and Break2Win. We're at a couple tournament sites right now, one for boys U12 and the other girls U12. I'm at the girls U12 site...
  20. tennis_balla

    Wimbledon on fire

    Wimbledon fire: Firefighters tackle blaze on practice courts weeks before Championships The London Fire Brigade confirmed four engines were dispatched to tackle the blaze
  21. tennis_balla

    For Taiss: How would you improve this serve?

    This is a thread directed at @Taiss . Since there has been a lot of fuss about your claims and people have been up in arms about them, I have found someones serving video on Youtube that you can analyze and show us how you would improve his serve. You have a lot of doubters on this forum, you...
  22. tennis_balla

    Over 50 Spanish Training Drills

    A huge list of videos compiled of various drills for groundies, volleys, serve, etc. Enjoy
  23. tennis_balla

    Wilander Video

    Someone posted a video of Wilander a while ago, talking at a conference (it was filmed on a smartphone I believe) where Mats talks about developing players and how academies, federations etc don't make champions. It has to come from within. Anyone know where I could find it please?
  24. tennis_balla

    Challenge Thread: Coaching

    There was a thread a while back about posting your playing video so members can find out who they are getting tips and instruction from. Let's have some fun with this. How about taking it a step further and posting a coaching video. Would be great to see individual coaching styles, and get to...
  25. tennis_balla

    Serving video from Czech Indoor 2015

    As promised, critique away....
  26. tennis_balla

    Yonex Vibration Stopper 3

    I'm trying to track some of these down, colour doesn't really matter. I've look at the Bay and posted an ad here and other places. Anyone got any hints where I could find some? Yonex hasn't been making them for about 5 years now but I'm sure there are lots around still.
  27. tennis_balla

    Something Different: MTM Serve. Does it even exist?

    I gotta say, its getting quite ridiculous seeing only MTM forehand talk in here. Been going on for over 5 years now. That horse was beaten to death a long time ago. Now its just the same stuff being repeated over and over again. So lets start a new topic since there are so many MTM fans and...
  28. tennis_balla

    Advice for young coaches Great read and I just about ****ed myself laughing at #9. 9. Keep it simple, not science. Your athletes don’t come to you for a lesson on physics and angles. Also, #1 should be changed from 25 years to 20,000 posts on TTW haha.
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    Two Forehands

    Roger Federer would have a freaking heart attack.
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    How to Stay on Your Game Plan During a Match

    This is Andy Murray's list (cheat sheet) from a recent match. Simple and direct points of what he wants to accomplish against his opponent, which he can read during changeovers. This is perfectly legal and used by many pros. I used to do this all the time and still do in my matches when I play...