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  1. lwto

    Anyone customize, paint/coat their racquets using Cerakote?

    I've been messing around with cerakote..Google it if you don't know what it is.. but in short its a ceramic coating you spray on, giving you a very tough and resilient coating/paint job. My question is, has anyone done it for tennis raquets and if you have, I'd like to know what your...
  2. lwto

    2 handed volleys

    Anyone do it? Whats the secret? feels really good in a dry swing but, uncordinated in real time.
  3. lwto

    BLX Blade - New Blades

    Loved the Blx blade, the black/Gold ones from what 2012 perhaps? Just curious if there's any of the newer blades that have the same feel?
  4. lwto

    Head tape for weight and protection

    Anyone ever do this? Use head tape, not only to protect your racquet head but surprisingly it adds quite a bit of weight. I use Gamma head tape, split it down the middle and tape each side of the beams separately thereby when I string, I don't have to take it off and it looks a lot better.
  5. lwto

    Spin potential

    I string both x's and Mains with poly, Mains 48 X;'s 52 I notice a lot of my shots missing the mark by about 5inches to a foot.. hitting long. I'd like to add more topsping, but thought perhaps, changing the tension on the crosses may help.. Any ideas? TIA
  6. lwto

    Best 18x20 Blade

    I really liked my old BLX 18x20 blade, not so much the rest of the iterations of blades.. I'd like to hear some thoughts on what you all think is the best 18x20 blade out now since then. Just time to get a new one I guess, it's been awhile, my grommets are crap and I can't find any soo..well...
  7. lwto

    The blood splatter

    Well.. thought it looked pretty good.. I don't know, what say you all?
  8. lwto

    Day 1/18 General AO talk

    Damn, Dimitrov's back hand is just so suspect and he's #3?
  9. lwto

    How to make a smaller grip.

    Say you have a 4 1/2 handle, such as the Wilson I have and want it to be 4 3/8. What do you do? I"ve tried to shave it down with a file but, the results have been less than steller.. I tried to be careful and accurate, I took measurements so far I even used a caliper to measure, but the end...
  10. lwto

    Any thoughts returning a hard sere wide to my back hand with a good net guy gaurding the line?

    Any.. other than a lob? sere? Damn.. Serve.. v sticks.
  11. lwto

    Non stop talking

    I"m more or less venting cause it just drives me up the wall. I live in a small community so the tennis options are very limited. One of the player is a very nice gal, but.. damn here incessant talking and yakking on the court is just driving me nuts. It's always. Damn, I should have had...
  12. lwto

    Photo host

    So, I always uploaded photos to Photobucket. I can see by all the hosting errors of others who have also. I guess it's time to say good bye and find a new one. Photobucket, was slow as molasses and filled with ads so it's no big loss. Just curious, whats a good site to host photos from now?
  13. lwto

    LeMans 24 hour from the cockpit

    Coolest thing you'll see all day.
  14. lwto

    Bremerton side of Puget Sound

    Anyone there.. hook me up
  15. lwto

    The meaning of swing speed and stroke style...

    I never thought of this until the other day, when I realized with my DR100, that in order for it to be effective I had to swing it pretty fast. In other words, I couldn't just non nonchalantly swing it and have a effective stroke that I noticed I could with my other racquet. The end result with...
  16. lwto

    I hate..

    When I get a new racquet, set it up to the right specs.. it's gorgeous, your excited and the dry swing feels perfect, then the first hit you take, you know immediately it's a dud.
  17. lwto

    Weighting in the handle.

    I weight my Wilson handles by using fishing weight that come in a coil and maybe 3/16 in diameter simply but shoving them up the foam padding and sometimes, hot glueing them in place. I have now other racquets that don't have foam and was at a loss of how to weight them. Anyone have ideas or...
  18. lwto

    Anyone play with the Volkl Super G V1 Pro

    I'd like to know what you all think about it.. what it compares to and more specifically how it compares to the Yonex DR100.. thanks.
  19. lwto


    Anyone ever try this to reduce racquet shock? I just purchased a sheet, I"m going to experiment never the less.
  20. lwto

    Racquet Stiffness

    Stated stiffness of 68 is fine, no issues, but 69.. kills my shoulders. Anyone have explanations to how they deem what stiffness is and whats the difference of 1 point of stiffness. By the above standard, a stiffness rating of 67 should be like jello.
  21. lwto

    Tensioning X's at different weights

    Not sure if this is the best forum for this but.. Just as an example you have your mains at 50 lobs and you tension your crosses at 50 as a base, example. What happens to your Tennis shot so to speak, if you say tension at 51, 52, 53, or higher? I guess it's rebound angle off the face of your...
  22. lwto

    Home brewed shots vs schooled shots

    Just curious what and how everyone started their tennis. I started during Jr. High and have played off and on since. Lately, I've been playing quite regularly and have improved my game since my early years. I used to hit hard, lots of top spin, developed my own top spin lobs using the Jack...
  23. lwto

    Does racquet color make a difference?

    Not sure if this is he right place to ask this, but it involves playing so.. here it is. I just switched to a new racquet. My previous racquet was a yellowish very visible racquet. My new racquet is a darker green, with black markings. I tend to as a player, see the racquet head when I strike...
  24. lwto

    Do you flip your racquet?

    You have a semi western fore hand.. Do you just flip your racquet to the other side for your back hand, or, do you physically change your grip? Assumed, you have a 1 handed backhand. If you flip your racquet, you hit your bh and FH with the same face, if you change your grip, you hit on both...
  25. lwto


    Been playing at a 4.5 level for quite awhile. One of the things I think that I can do to improve my game as well as others is reaction..reaction to the ball. I've noticed, not just me, but others, and seem more severe at the net. We just don't react to the ball fast enough. I really believe...
  26. lwto

    So how does all these sensors translate into real time?

    Just curious, tried the Babolat Sensor when it first came out.. but, what does it actually do? Do you for instance find your self on the court and say a sharply angled sliced drive to your back hand that moves you off the court comes at you, do you hit the ball with your best shot or do you...
  27. lwto

    Your hitting zone

    I tend to hit just above what I think would be the center of the sweet spot, I suppose the middle of the racquet head. You can see the red part I colored in. The grouping seems to be ok, but is there a trick or something that I can do to hit a little lower? I have tried but my shots go...
  28. lwto

    Poly bags the Pro uses

    I really think it's time that the pros do away with the plastic bags on their racquets. I'm not sure what the purpose of them is, don't they have big gear bags that are suppose to protect your racquets in the first place? It would set a fine example for the tennis community of being part of...
  29. lwto

    Theory, can hybrid be better for topspin or is fullbed poly hobbling your TS?

    I've always used a hybrid setup of poly on the mains and a multi on the crosses. With this setup I've gotten a tremendous amount of topspin. Recently, I switched to a all poly setup and now notice a dramatic reduction in topspin. I"m restringing my racquet back to a hybrid setup to test the...