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  1. ScentOfDefeat

    Bold prediction: Djokovic won't win 2023AO

    Much more likely to win Wimbledon than the AO at this point.
  2. ScentOfDefeat

    2022 ATP Finals RR: Tsitsipas v Rublev

    Yep, Tsitsipas to win the whole thing again. This has become a young man's tournament.
  3. ScentOfDefeat

    Paris Masters Final: Novak Djokovic vs. Holger Vitus Nødskov Rune

    Think Djokovic might have underestimated Rune. Even the best can be prone to hubris.
  4. ScentOfDefeat

    Who is Rune?

    Backwards cap means he will also be a transitional champion. There are no backwards cap ATGs. ;)
  5. ScentOfDefeat

    Alcz will cement #1 going into next season...

    ... or not. The great thing about predictions like these is you always have a 50% chance of being accurate.
  6. ScentOfDefeat

    Rolex Paris Masters 1000: Oct 2022

    The crowd just did to him what his game does to his opponents. I found it rather amusing.
  7. ScentOfDefeat

    Rolex Paris Masters 1000: Oct 2022

    If Murray can't beat a retiring Simon, perhaps it's time to do something else in life.
  8. ScentOfDefeat

    Sabelenka WOOF WOOF

    Yeah, fair enough, I forgot Safarova and Wozniacki were there as well. I'm just saying that people in the bottom that year would probably be at the top in 2022.
  9. ScentOfDefeat

    Sabelenka WOOF WOOF

    Nothing will ever beat Ivanovic, Sharapova and Bouchard in the same photo. And that year Serena was still somewhat pleasant to the eye, and there was Radwanska as well, and Halep was kind of cute. I don't think we'll ever be close to that average again. Oh, and Wozniacki. Heck, even Safarova was...
  10. ScentOfDefeat

    Sabelenka WOOF WOOF

    The patrician choice is obviously Kasatkina's cuteness.
  11. ScentOfDefeat

    Serena Williams: "I am not retired"

    Tiresome. So very tiresome.
  12. ScentOfDefeat

    WTA week of 10/3; Ostrava 500 & Monastir 250

    Krejcikova is not a one-hit wonder, the girl can play.
  13. ScentOfDefeat

    2022 Astana Open final :- Djokovic vs Tsitsipas

    I think the main concern for Djokovic fans would be repeating the disastrous Olympics-US Open combo, where winning either of them would have been historical, but because he opted to play both he was too tired/nervous to win either. But of course there's considerably less pressure for this...
  14. ScentOfDefeat

    2022 Astana Open final :- Djokovic vs Tsitsipas

    I'm actually impressed he can still win back-to-back 250s. Best of three is dangerous ground for ageing top players, anything can happen.
  15. ScentOfDefeat

    2022 Astana Open final :- Djokovic vs Tsitsipas

    Surely they'll choose the most famous Kazakh to hand in the trophy?
  16. ScentOfDefeat

    Does Djokovic Avoiding?

    Let's fighting love.
  17. ScentOfDefeat

    What are some notable age gaps, over the span of a career?

    Ferreira was also one of Sampras' "bêtes noires". He barely had a positive record against the South-African (7-6), including a stretch from 1995 to 1998 where he lost 4 matches in a row.
  18. ScentOfDefeat

    WTA week of 9/26; Parma & Tallinn 250s

    Ostapenko is a disaster.
  19. ScentOfDefeat

    Do Slams measure greatness? Poll

    The question should be about the relative value of Slams. That they do, in some way, measure greatness is pretty much inarguable.
  20. ScentOfDefeat

    What measure greatness? Slams? Absolutely not

    Hate to rain on OP's parade, but even elegance and beauty come in various different forms. I happen to think Djokovic's backhand is extremely elegant, and even within Federer's type of elegance there are better looking backhands (I find Edberg's and Gasquet's more aesthetic), forehands...
  21. ScentOfDefeat

    The most emotional moment I have ever seen in sporting history.

    Ugh, no, it's a little bit too much. But I suppose saccharine tolerance is even higher in 2022 than it was two decades ago. This one had the right amount of corniness and there were still tears for those who enjoy that sort of thing:
  22. ScentOfDefeat

    WTA week of 9/19; Tokyo 500 & Seoul 250

    I don't see how Ostapenko can win another title at this point. She always seems to be one small lapse in concentration away from totally collapsing. Another Slam is out of question, but I'm now wondering if she can even string 5 wins in a row for the rest of her career. Her game hasn't matured...
  23. ScentOfDefeat

    Laver Cup 2022

    Maybe, but the bandana probably absorbs a lot more sweat than a cap. I don't know, I just never liked it. I'm old-fashioned I guess.
  24. ScentOfDefeat

    Laver Cup 2022

    Sure, you can find people that like just about anything, doesn't mean it makes sense.
  25. ScentOfDefeat

    Laver Cup 2022

    Is there a reason at all to wear a cap indoors?
  26. ScentOfDefeat

    Laver Cup 2022

    Backwards cap playing indoors... Berrettini makes it impossible to be a fan of his.
  27. ScentOfDefeat

    WTA week of 9/19; Tokyo 500 & Seoul 250

    Does anyone know who the Asian (presumably Korean?) gentleman sitting next to Ostapenko's mum yesterday is?
  28. ScentOfDefeat

    Is the need for a fairy tale happy ending an American thing?

    The whole thing is an American thing. We just don't notice it because we are, ourselves, even non-Americans, profoundly Americanised.
  29. ScentOfDefeat

    Laver Cup 2022

    Enough with the emotional porn already.