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  1. smboogie

    Shoe Outsole Warranty Replacement Process needs work

    I'm trying to get my son's shoes replaced by Head under their outsole guarantee process. While getting it started was just an email (or call) to show proof of purchase and pics of the shoes noting the wear was easy, the return process is not. Head wants me to send my son's shoes in to be...
  2. smboogie

    Interesting that Wilson Website Footwear Section: Coming Soon??

    Just happened to be on Wilson website and their footwear section just says: Coming Soon: We are just getting laced up... Wondering if this is supply chain related, business decision - I was hoping to pick up a pair of their new models as some buddies really like them.
  3. smboogie

    Challenge with getting Tennis Balls

    I'm still awed by the challenge of getting a case of tennis balls - even the Costco by my house is out, which is crazy! Before anyone says Costco Penns aren't good, I know but with a family of young boys who are loving tennis, having the case of Costco Penns for them to take when playing with...
  4. smboogie

    Tennis Shoe pricing keeps soaring! Is there a limit?

    Looking at some of the prices is shocking: FF2 $170 / Zoom Vapor Cage 4 $150 / GelRes8 $140 (MSRP)the list goes on and on. I know they eventually go on sale & there is marketing etc, but these prices seem to have no upper limit in sight, is the $200 shoe on the horizon? This high pricing is...
  5. smboogie

    Taking the Gut plunge..any advice?

    I currently play with poly/multi hybrids in my PS Gen3 16x19, tension at 51/53. Currently I am using HyperG and Wilson Sensation Comfort and am really liking it for the feel, power and spin (have also used NXT and Vanquish as multis). Unfortunately I recently hit with a buddies PS strung with...
  6. smboogie

    Is TW going to expand apparel sizing??

    Wondering if TW has ever discussed expanded sizing for Tall people? I know Nike offers Tall sizing but currently not offered on TW.
  7. smboogie

    Adidas Tour Tennis 12 Bag - Quick Review

    Got this bag for Christmas (thank you Santa) and I have to say after a few trips to the courts I really really like it (yes that's 2 really's). So some quick, initial observations on it: 1. Works great as a stand up/locker style bag on court & pockets shine in this mode. 2. Great storage: When...
  8. smboogie

    Tier1 Firewire Boost Hybrid Quick Review

    Just had a PS Gen3 strung at 54lbs with this and I have to admit it hits very very well. I was not sure I would like a poly/Copoly hybrid but after some rally hitting for just over an hour it was very nice and controlled with plenty of spin potential. I would describe it as a slightly muted...
  9. smboogie

    Nike Zoom Zero's replaced - did I miss something?

    Just realized the Tubo's replace the Zoom Zero's - did I miss an email or commercial? I really like the Zoom Zero's and am glad I stocked up on them but anyone who have played both can give an honest comparison/review? Thanks.
  10. smboogie

    New TW Bags looking nice!!

    Not sure if anyone noticed the new TW bags that recently came out. The duffle bag looks great and it can hold it all and be organized, and honestly, THANK GOD, the new logo is so much better looking. What I'm really wondering about is the quality as I had a TW backpack and it lasted a couple...
  11. smboogie

    Tennis Bag Recs

    I still have an old Wilson 15 pk that holds all my gear and I'm thinking it's time for something newer & easier to carry around. The newer/smaller packs are great with space and organization so I'm looking for recs from those that have switched from the larger packs. What I usually carry in my...
  12. smboogie

    Long shot but if Reebok could bring back the Chang Pumps, I would be very happy!

    Though I'm a huge Nike fan, I still remember how good they fit and the cushion they provided. They were a mid top shoe with great ankle support and they were not very heavy. Having narrow feet the pump system really filled in well making the shoe feel connected but not over laced.
  13. smboogie

    Socks for Men with BIG FEET please!

    Any chance you will actually stock XL size socks? I wear a size 14 shoe and using L or One Size socks feels cramped and usually they fall apart fast. You sell shoes past 14, why not the socks to go with it? I'd be happy to play test any as well because I know there are guys with the same issues.
  14. smboogie

    Is it bad I want to switch to Wilson to customize?

    I want to start demo'ing Wilson rackets as I love the idea of customizing one, especially a Blade. Man it would be so fun to have a couple in different colors.
  15. smboogie

    Can Reebok bring back the Chang Pumps please?

    While I like the Nike lines out now, I really remember these shoes be very comfy and fit well if you have a narrow foot. Maybe modernize it? Seems that Reebok is not really in the tennis game anymore but I remember really loving these and the Nike ATC (of which I have a pair of retro's to wear)
  16. smboogie

    Playing with Hybrid Setup: Tecnifibre Black Code 17/Gamma TNT2 Tour 17

    Been looking at new string setups and saw these on sale a little while back so I bought a few packs each to see how they would perform as a hybrid and so far I'm really liking it. Previously I had RPM/Addiction and I liked it but it seemed to get loose quickly and re-stringing was not cheap. I...
  17. smboogie

    If you have HBO watch: 7 Days in Hell. Great Tennis Spoof movie

    It's funny and entertaining. Quick warning it is HBO so don't sit with the kiddies it's got some adult stuff as well for our 'mature' members.
  18. smboogie

    Love Nike Vapor 9.5 but tried on a pair of Asics GR6..

    Just wanted to see if my thoughts were valid for the Asics..very good flex and soft feel like the Vapors out of the box. For sizing I find I size down for Vapors to a 13, should I expect the same for the Asics? I tried on a pair of 13's and they felt good. Thanks
  19. smboogie

    Tennis at Kaanapali Alii

    If you are staying here take advantage of their Classic Clay courts they are fun to hit on and the pro there, Dan, is great at giving advice or lessons. It took me a while to learn to slide and I started to get the hang of it. Def a fun surface to play on. The day I arrived I went out to...
  20. smboogie

    Any advice on finding a team for 18+?

    The team I played combo with only has a 40+ USTA team and being 38 I'm not eligible. In NorCal, San Mateo, area and wondering if there are any websites where I might be able to find a team to play on for the season? Thanks Matt 38/3.5-4.0 player/
  21. smboogie

    After much demoing..

    I landed on my next racket purchase, the Babolat AeroPro Drive. What did I hit with? I felt like almost everything from the ones I remember - Wilson PS95, PS97 Steam99, Blade98 & 104 (2014), Prince 100T ESP, Head Graphene XT Speed Pro, Babolat Pure Strike. My favorites were the Babolat...
  22. smboogie

    Wilson ProStaff97 seems harder to get than an iPhone

    I have been trying to get my hands on a demo of the PS97 for over a month with no luck. TW has the stick sold out until at least 11/30/14 and I hear that date is not firm. It seems like I'd have a better chance of getting an iPhone6. I'm currently a 3.5/4.0 player and have been demo'ing...
  23. smboogie

    Vapor Courts peeling issues?

    Wondering if anyone with the vapor courts are having they trims/nike swoosh peeling off? I've had mine for about a month or two playing 3-5hrs a week and the trim colors are peeling off. Any thoughts on glue to use to stick them back down? My vapor 9.5's so far have not had this issue...
  24. smboogie

    Getting back into tennis and upgrading racquets

    I'm getting back into tennis playing 2-3 times a week and joining some NorCal USTA leagues. Currently I play with a Prince Tour Diablo MidPlus wondering if anyone has some good recs out there for a similar feeling racquet? Currently demo'ing ProStaff 95s (the Spin one) and a Babolat PureStrike...