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  1. PerilousPear

    OE top 10 at the AO?

    1) Baghdathis 2) Gonzalez 3) Keifer 4) Toby Haas 5) Hyeon Chung 6) Federer 7) Istomin 8) Djokovic 9) Safin 10) Wawrinka
  2. PerilousPear

    Why is Alcaraz looked at as a the next Roger and not Rafa or Novak

    If he moonballed endlessly I'd see a similarity with the Nadal. Other than that, the only common thing they have is that they're both spanish.
  3. PerilousPear

    Coria 2005 Rome vs Djokovic 2022 Madrid

    All 5 of Fed's 40-15s combined don't hold a candle to a choking masterclass that Coria managed to brew up in 2004. 10-0 for Djokovic easy. End of discussion.
  4. PerilousPear

    Medvedev is scared to play the GOAT

    Green clay, you mean? From QF onwards the grass is non-existent. Rafa fans wonder what would happen if he had 2 clay slams a year, and now that it's happening, he can't even win it because he doesn't know how to conserve his energy properly during the actual dirt season. :sneaky:
  5. PerilousPear

    Medvedev is scared to play the GOAT

    Wrong. Nadal benefited from the weak clay era, whereas Borg played in an era against actual specialists, and then dominated Wimbledon to boot. Borg easily in straights.
  6. PerilousPear

    Slamless number 1

    Reaching #1 is far harder. Winning a slam means you did something at least 1 and at most 3 other people did that year.
  7. PerilousPear

    "1.3 billion people watch it, yet we can't have more than 400 people living from this sport"

    I'm a tennis fan and haven't seen a single second of Break Point, aside from the trailer on YT.
  8. PerilousPear

    Nadal revealed he suffered a very big tear in the muscle

    The fact that he keeps whining about being injured every year and then goes on to win RG (sometimes without dropping a set) 90% of the time? I was sticking to it. But surely he can numb the pain in his foot or wherever it is this time and win the final dropping 6 games. Such a warrior and...
  9. PerilousPear

    Pete and Andre's 22 slams worth more than the Big 3's 64 slams?

    I'd say PETE's Wimbledons are more impressive that Big 3 ones, but that's about it. Didn't Andre beat Todd Martin, Schuttler and Clement for his HC slam wins? Drawing parallels with prime/peak Big 3 is just LOL. Also Hrbaty/Medvedev at RG.
  10. PerilousPear

    Nadal revealed he suffered a very big tear in the muscle

    The tour has been dancing to Rafa's same old song every year heading into dirt season. Surely they can come to their senses by now?
  11. PerilousPear

    US Open: 2007 QF Roddick vs. 2014 SF Cilic

    They both played the same player. One beat him in straights while the other lost to him in straights. Hmm... :unsure:
  12. PerilousPear

    He goes because I'm still going and it's the other way around also - Djokovic

    Q: Are you glad that Novak exists? A: No... I like a challenge but I'm not stupid.
  13. PerilousPear

    Perfect finals record or more finals?

    Reaching the final would be a decent indication that you're playing well, and that could mean the same for your opponent, and that's what the question was about. It didn't say anything whether you prefer to lose in the QF or the SF or the F. And if the number of titles is the same, I'd still...
  14. PerilousPear

    Perfect finals record or more finals?

    A perfect record at finals gives a better reflection of your performance at the event. No matter what they threw at you, you pulled through. An few extra (lost) finals means you could be challenged. With the spotless record, you're nearly invincible.
  15. PerilousPear

    RG 08 really was ridiculous.

    They're the same person. Edge to 2015 because of 7 extra years of experience though.
  16. PerilousPear

    Another amazing battle from 2008

    I mean, what's the argument they wouldn't? He played a 5 setter in 4/8 slams in 07 and 08. And it wasn't against any great players. 3/4 of those came in the 4th round or earlier.
  17. PerilousPear

    Another amazing battle from 2008

    07-08 Djokovic would retire from exhaustion the first time he's forced to play a 5 setter in humid conditions.
  18. PerilousPear

    Nadal doesn't get injured on clay (2021 was the long term foot issue, now solved/numbed), so he'll still be winning Roland Garros in 2025+

    He's not the master of Hamburg/Madrid. Tied with Murray h2h at 2-2 and Fed leads him in titles 6-5.
  19. PerilousPear

    A slam poll

    Either Wimbledon, AO or USO (faster court). The tournaments that take actual skill to win.
  20. PerilousPear

    2010 US Open Nadal vs 2023 Djokovic

    Blake was washed by 2010, Fish was mediocre, Monfils never really gave him trouble, and then Fed who played sub par by his standards and should've won the match. Fed was Djokovic's first top 10 win of the season, and Djokovic would finish it with 3 wins against top 10, after winning 2 RRs in...
  21. PerilousPear

    2010 US Open Nadal vs 2023 Djokovic

    "Right before" doesn't mean anything. Nadal's 2012 RG is one of his most dominant runs ever, which is only weeks before Wimbledon 2012 where he got crushed by Rosol in the second round. An "extremely strong" Djokovic doesn't almost lose to Troicki in the first round lol. Let's be realistic here.
  22. PerilousPear

    Big3 on 3 surfaces

    Fed: HC: #2 Grass GOAT Clay: top 10 Novak: HC GOAT Grass #3 Clay: around top 5 The Nadal: HC: Around top 10 Grass: Around top 15 Clay: #2 Mury HC: #3 Grass: #2 Olympics GOAT Clay GOAT
  23. PerilousPear

    Baby Novak - Nadal is beatable on clay

    And now he has more wins over Rafa at clay than Rafa does over him at HC. Epic stuff and a mentality of a champ.
  24. PerilousPear

    2022 Djokovic vs 2009 Roddick at Wimbledon

    On grass: Fed 4 - 0 Roddick Nadal 2 - 0 Roddick Djokovic 1 - 0 Roddick
  25. PerilousPear

    Rank the level of Novak Djokovic's SF/F opponents in slam wins since 2020

    His lone top 10 win until November and his lone Big title final of the season. No masters finals at all lol. Definitely the sign Djokovic was peak. He lost in his pet tournament too. And while Nadal lost to 2015 Djokovic who had one of the greatest seasons ever, Djokovic lost the AO to Tsonga.