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    Who still uses a 10 year or older racket

    Switched back to Yonex RD Power 10 Long 95.
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    Serena crashes local tennis court wished all pros would do that....
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    Crank and Pull parts - Czech string machine

    try contacting
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    How inferior are tennis players as athletes to basketball players?

    Agreed! Each sports has its own strength and can take years to hone to elevate to the pro level. No all top players in college baseball, basketball, American football can make it in the pros. So why would someone thing one pro player of a sport is better than another sport. It's APPLES and...
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    Is Roberta Vinci the luckiest US Open semifinalist in history?

    Slice, half volley and all court play outplayed the ball bashers. Vinci made Serena play side to side then forward and back causing her to hit more balls which eventually losing control of her shots. 300 to 1 odds against Vinci, made this victory pretty sweet !
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    why do players with OH backhand ussualy like racquets with smaller head?

    You can easily swing and it has raw feeling when hitting with small head size. One thing I noticed that I exerted more effort by swinging faster to generate poser vs a 98 head size. Bigger head size offers better surface and stability. It does takes a few outing to get used to it but when...
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    *********yonex v-core 95d club*********

    I've moved on to BLX 95 for almost a year now. I took out the RDS 002 Tour (orange frame - 48 lbs tour bite) last week from the closet. I'm not too comfortable playing with a 98 frame. With the new string set up I was surprised I enjoyed playing it. With that in mind, time to resurrect...
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    Andy Had it right about Nick Kyrgios

    Seen this kid play in AO and was already impressed. Going deep in Wimbly is no surprised. Kyrgios - young Aussie ( Greek/ Malaysian parents) very athletic 6'4" lean 19 year old phenom. Showed poised even down 2 sets. Offers lots of upside compared to Tomic. Big serve, booming fh, great bh...
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    Solinco Tour Bite Users - Hybrid or Not?

    STB 17 guage I've strung my son's Babolat Storm Tour with Hybrid - STB on M and Prince Synthetic (X) both at 52lbs. We played yesterday and he noticed the pace on his serve has increased and offers more power and spin on his stroke. I got STB full set on mine RQIS Tour 1 and XL 95 at 52 (M)...
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    Solinco tour bite standard/soft reels

    just make sure to take the end and stick 'em on one of the holes from the plastic casing. Problem solve.
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    How to get out when get boxed in the corner

    Great input guys!!! I am 3.5, with consistent 1hbh stroke. The guys I play against like to run around and hit to the BH side every chance they get. One is a strong battle tested counter puncher 3.5 (won almost all of his USTA singles matches by grinding his opponent down) and 4.0 players...
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    How to get out when get boxed in the corner

    Text book strategy hitting X court as much as possible especially on long rally. How can I counter if I am playing against inside out forehand coming to my bh side? I have a 1hbh, I was able to return the shots but not able to finished the guy off was I was continuously on the defense...
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    String pattern 16x18 vs 18x20

    There is no quick easy formula when it comes to string set up, it boils down to personal preferences. Other factors comes into play aside from string pattern, you have to consider the frame stiffness, swing weight, tension of the string and also the how you feel and technique of your game...
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    Post Pictures of you Stringers

    I got the same unit, have been using it for over 4 years now. i got mine used, previous owner used it to string the local college varsity team so it had a lot of mileage on it before I got it. The clamp will need a little tweaking every now and then to hold the string in place; having a Gamma...
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    *********yonex v-core 95d club*********

    I just got a second copy of the 95D, I'm playing with the full set of Solinco TB 17g and settled at 50(M) 52(X) lbs.. After hitting for a few more hours, the string started to loosen up a bit which made it easier on the arm, although it is still stiff but not jarring at any means. The only...
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    Yonex 110% Loyalty Tour

    HAHA! guessed who bought one copy from you at the e store? I already got enough plus the 5 RQIS frames and the other Yonexes I collected. hope you find a good home for the 2 95D. Great condition on the frame I got from you. CHEERS!
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    Yonex 110% Loyalty Tour

    95D awesome frame! A tad stiffer than the Rqis 1 Tour and the XL. Sensitive to string tension, you will need to experiment a bit. Nice control and power is there when needed. No issue with stability specially when hitting against heavy hitter. The stiffness of the frame is there to act as...
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    Tossing with arm parallel to the baseline not working for me

    One thing I noticed when serving: I either not to bounce the ball, or if I did, I would pause for a second to keep my body and arm still before I toss the ball. The slight pause to calm your body and mind thus eliminating unnecessary movement of the arm. Give it a try!
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    Serve ball suspension stand?

    1000 % Agreed. Work on the TOSS - the rest will follow.
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    Serena can't take this FO Final as a shoe-in

    How can Maria be dangerous if she double fault her serves ? Granted that if she takes the speed off her 2nd serve, Serena will eat her alive. I favor Serena granted that Maria definitely will notbe going to just give in to her without a fight.
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    *********yonex v-core 95d club*********

    Man, Strung the 95D with full set of Solinco TB 17g at x 52# m 50#. Played for 2 days (dubs and singles) - noticed power is lacking compared to the RQIS and ball contact felt stiff as well. Should I go with a hybrid set up or even drop the tension to 48#?
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    How to return low serves

    Two other options aside employing a short compact swing: - Chip or slice return (similar to a volley) ; try slicing the ball short to the open court if possible. - Lob (strategy is to lob the ball back to the open court instead of lobbing it back to the side of the server) Returning...
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    Serena to finally capitalize on weak clay era this year?

    Weaker era or not! Title is out for the taking. Survival of the fittest. If so called others better or stronger players than Serena are out there, it's an OPEN era. Stop the blabbing and start playing. Serena is smarter, picking the right timing to bag the purse! HAHA! Should we say the...
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    Approach Shot. Stance.

    Closed is idea as it offered better stability and control while in motion. Also, allowing better footwork transition to the net. Open cannot be ruled out especially for 2hbh approach. Serena is the know to hit with open stance on her bh. My wife struggled with her 2hbh on short balls...
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    How to return low serves

    When server tosses the ball, you move with a subtle split step and continue to stay low to the ground instead of sitting up to return. This will help you get to the low skidding serve. Short compact swing to block the ball back (don't over swing otherwise ball will sail off the court), or...
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    *********yonex v-core 95d club*********

    95D is really hard to get a copy... either the popular grips (L2 to L4) are gone or you have to pay top $. Luckily, I scored one L2. Cannot wait to take delivery so I can play test it against the RQIS Tour 95 and the XL.
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    How to beat a better (more stable and consistent) player?

    1. Attack his second serve if at all possible. 2. Find out which side is weaker side - FH or BH. Then try attacking the weaker side. 3. Know your weakness(es) and develop strategists on how to over come them. Your opponent had your game figured out and that's where they go to beat you. 4...
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    How many raquets do you use?

    3 - Yonex RQiS 1 Tour 95 2 - Yonex RQiS 1 Tour 95 XL I would rotate playing other racquet from time to time but not during USTA matches. Other spare - Technifibre 305 XL - RDS001 Mid 90 - BB London Tour 93
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    Best use of pre-warm up time before Match?

    What works for me on Pre-Game warm up. - Stretching, very important to loosen up joints and muscles - Light jogging - 5 mins of Serving just to loosen up the shoulder muscles I wanted to reserve my strength just in case the match goes the distance.
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    Who's better Henin or Serena

    Henin is one of my fav WTA player. To compare the 2, my vote goes to Serena hands down. Serena longevity can be attribute to her physical conditioning (recovering from injuries), re-energized her passion for tennis and reinventing her game speaks loudly to her success. Serena is a very...