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    foot pain

    I'm training to run a half marathon and two days ago after finishing a 5 mile run (I've been running that distance pretty regularly) I started feeling a really sharp pain on the outside edge of my left foot when I put weight on it. It felt completely fine during the run, it was only after I got...
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    Question about line calls

    I've always felt like it depends on if the mark-checking was made in good faith, I'm fine with it as long as it wasnt something they tried to make a play on and then they decide that they should go back to see if the ball was in or not.
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    which is a better weightlifting strategy?

    Would it be better to do four sets of four different excerises that all work on the same muscle group, or to do 6 different excercises of 3 sets each split between two different muscles groups (like biceps and triceps)?
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    Thoughts on Club Tennis

    thats a very poorly run club team and it sounds like the "captain" is just too lazy to want to deal with actually running a club. Your best option is to find as many other people as you can who feel the same way and form an actual club. It might be intimidating as a freshman but I'm sure there...
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    help! my stringer is too well lubricated

    I use a gamma drop weight stringer, and after a while it started getting really squaky so I used some wd-40 on the joint that it pivots on. My problem is that it rotates too easily now and the racquet always starts spinning when I'm trying to weave the crosses, what should I do to fix it?
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    Is intramural tennis different from club tennis?

    huge difference, at my school if you play intramural you get a few crappy matches and alot of no shows, while the club team has over 100 members, plays lots of tournaments and dual matches and is a ton of fun in general.
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    Athletic DNA on sale July 2nd

    lol, did anyone else think this topic was going to be about athletes selling sperm? I had never heard of the shoes before.
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    who takes the title for #1 crazytown?

    recently, its been really hard to figure out which country is more batshit crazy, North Korea or Iran. While it is a bit absurd that Ahmadinejad thinks he can get away with rigging an election and quite literally beating all of his opponents in to submission, I think Kim jong il takes the cake...
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    unless you just recently started playing tennis, your probably going to be severely disappointed by intramurals. I would recommend checking out your school's club tennis program instead.
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    NCAA Men's Draw

    we don't ever watch court 4 because its just painful to watch grigorov choke away every lead he gets
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    NCAA Men's Draw

    Just got back from the A&M-ole miss match, amazing match, and much closer than the 4-1 score implies, that by far the best match I've ever seen pollock play, he made the other guy just look silly. Did anyone else there see the ole miss fan try to pick a fight with the girl in a wheel chair...
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    Hitting partner in Frisco or North Dallas area?

    I'll be in town next weekend if you want to hit, I probably couldnt keep up in a match but if your just looking for a hitting partner we shoulde be fine (I win most of my matches at 4.0 and have had a few close ones with weaker 4.5 players)
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    Kids serve technique

    umm, does anyone else have some serious ethical problems with someone posting pictures with full names of little kids on the internet?
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    Stringing at the NCAA's

    How does one break into the stringing industry? Also, how much does it pay?
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    NCAA Men's Draw

    Hoover has really ended up becoming a huge asset at #6 too, they would probably be a top 5 team if the #2 and #3 doubles would win a match every now and then.
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    what do YOU do in this situation?

    I didnt make the call, I was just telling yall where I thought the ball landed.
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    Why do so many opponents call out when the ball strikes the line?

    Is this some kind of all-prostitute team?
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    what do YOU do in this situation?

    I was playing a doubles match the other day, and my partner hit a serve that I thought was out but just barely, my partner disagreed and asked the other team if they were sure. The receiver said he was positive he saw the ball out but the net man said that he really didnt know, and ended up...
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    Why do so many opponents call out when the ball strikes the line?

    Either you play tennis at a school for the blind or your the one who isnt seeing the lines correctly. over the last 6 years I've probably played 5 people or less who I thought were either blatantly cheating or consistently calling close shots that caught the line out.
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    Cheaters (heros) vs. Honest Players (villains)

    Part of the problem is your mindset too, if you go in thinking that anyone who catches a ball thats sailing long is a cheater then anything you do is going to be hostile and accusatory, thats probably the biggest reason you come off as a "villain" The thing is though, you can have your cake...
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    Cheaters (heros) vs. Honest Players (villains)

    I'm still intent on keeping it as civil as I can, but why the hell did you say keep it clean when you clearly only want to flame anyone who disagrees with you?
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    Cheaters (heros) vs. Honest Players (villains)

    OK, I'm going to give you as honest and calm an answer as I can, because I dont want to just have this be another argument. But anyway, are you familiar with the graphic novel Watchmen? If not, look it up and the character Rorschach. Thats how most people see the "to the letter rules follower...
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    Would you make this call in a match?

    Why do you think the only alternative to being a rules stickler is a blatant cheater? are you that far above anyone that anyone who doesnt live up to your stringent moral codes of tennis is just a scumbag?
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    Would you make this call in a match?

    what hes saying is that people do judge you for being a rules stickler, you become "that guy" and people generally assume it says something about your character (read: not a good thing).
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    Would you make this call in a match?

    Good lord your arrogance is overwhelming. Are you always sure to NEVER go a single mile over the speed limit? Do you condemn anyone who doesnt find a cross walk to cross the street? In Florida its illegal for an unmarried woman to parachute on Sunday, do you spend your sundays with a shotgun...
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    Would you make this call in a match?

    I guess my real question is, why are people so opposed to using common sense?
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    Would you make this call in a match?

    Thats a god-awful analogy. Clearly you have no idea what the phrase "spirit of the rules" means. Your just looking for nit picky ways to win points. And yes, people do think less of you for that. In your example your opponent was doing something that DID actually make a difference and was...
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    Would you make this call in a match?

    Well, I would never be insulted by someone doing it, but I do understand yall being annoyed by it if thats how you see it. Although i still stand by my claim that you should never take the point outright the first time they do it, just because the people who could care less FAR outnumber the...
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    Would you make this call in a match?

    I think that really is the most sensible solution though, because this thread has obviously shown that there are people who think they are morally justified taking a point like that, and clearly they arnt going to be changing their minds. So at the very least they can just let one go and let...