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    Is it Inevitable that Men's Slams Will Eventually Switch to Bo3?

    Sports are a reflection of the societies that play them. Look around you, what do you think?
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    The last true great teenage tennis prodigy

    Rafa was/ is a freak of nature. Once in a lifetime talent.
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    Best match…….

    trolling used to mean something.
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    Reuters: Djokovic played Australian Open with 3cm tear in hamstring, says Tiley

    ********, I've tore my hamstring and the pain is excruciating, can't even put weight on it. You simply can not play a sport such as tennis with a hamstring tear, no matter how minimal it is, it's laughable and absurd that they run this narrative, why? no idea really.
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    Let's settle this, what do you think of Novak's current physical condition

    This is all people really need to know. Whatever Djokovic's ailment is he's multiplying it x1000 and playing mind games with the opposition. What blows my mind is that his fans turn around and accuse Rafa of what Djokovic is clearly doing maliciously.
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    Disappointment for McDonald

    The guy is just your average journeyman that got a big head after defeating an injured out of form legend.
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    Netflix crew all out

    Dude's scrapping by winning back to back 5 setters. At the risk of sounding like an old fart, this new gen of human beings is beyond pathetic in all metrics.
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    Nadal's injuries - why so rarely on clay?

    There’s intensity levels to every physical activity my guy, andgo ahead and tell me how all the guys you just mentioned play the same style of tennis.
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    Nadal's injuries - why so rarely on clay?

    It’s the reaction time and suddenly stops/ changes in direction that causes the muscle injuries, not prolonged sustained intensity.
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    Nadal News 2.0

    Do you recall if it was a grade 1 or 2 strain? there is a significant difference between the two.
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    Nadal's injuries - why so rarely on clay?

    This is the type of question/thread that only someone who's never played the sport or even put any meaningful thought watching tennis besides following the ball bounce from one side of the net to the other. In short, clay gives you much more time to set up and strike the ball than any other...
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    Nadal News 2.0

    Whatever happens going forward is all gravy. Rafa owns no one but himself the chance to continue fighting for the things he wants to achieve in the sport. I say this with confidence, there's no one as mentally strong in all of sport as Rafa, his dips in confidence are not a sign of mental...
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    2023 Australian Open R64: [1] Rafa vs. Mac

    No confidence at all from Rafa right now. His timing is completely off. But never beat against the Spanish bull. Vamos!
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    The Australian Garros is on folks!

    Never thought I'd ran across a fanbase worse than the Messi fanboys...boy was I wrong...
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    Nadal News 2.0

    He's greasing those gears, little by little, vamos!
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    Kyrgios talks his bromance with Djokovic

    Kyrgios is the definition of a beta male, he had a hard on for Nadal because he beat him at W 2014 until Nadal started tapping his ass back to back to back, then he started talking up Nadal like the GOAT and what not, same happened with Djokovic, talking smack cause he beat him like twice or...
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    Prediction: Nadal Will Lose R1

    Underestimating Nadal has to be some litmus test for low IQ.
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    Break Point - NETFLIX

    A documentary about the snowflake gen complaining about "mUh PrEsSuRe!!"? That's gonna be a hard pass for me.
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    Do we finally get a showdown Djokodal showdown outside of RG at this AO 2023

    The OP watches Nadal’s current form and is salivating at the thought of a encounter with his disjointed marionette of an idol. How convenient.
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    Most beautiful 2hb

    What’s a more subjective topic than beauty? By definition this entire thread is a futile exercise. But, if we analyze Nadal’s backhand objectively his stroke and body mechanics are perfect, it’s like a second forehand, short/compact, full swing finishing behind the back, both arms fully...
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    Want Rafa's jacket? :}

    Freedom of speech. As a huge Rafa fan myself, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
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    Want Rafa's jacket? :}

    This guy should be a case study for some psychology class. That's dedication to hating lol.
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    So what does Djokovic have over Nadal?

    And yet I’d rather watch paint dry.
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    Greatest forehand of all time! Not greatest ground game or greatest baseliner.

    That's a generic passing shot bud, I can find anyone hitting that shot today. Take your Sampras fanboy glasses off will ya. In the meantime I'll leave you with this beauty, enjoy. 8:41
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    Let's say.....

    There is no other choice really. The GOAT match played at the peak of the GOATs powers in the most prestigious of all ancient arenas. Poetic.
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    A Solution to Limit Sandbagging in USTA

    I think in my personal case may be the difference in regional levels, I played in the Las Vegas area for 1.5 years and moved from 3.5 to 4.0 then here in South Florida a 3.5 is a strong 4.0 in Las Vegas, so that may be the case, however I find the difference in levels pretty stark.