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    Wilson Shift 300 16x20

    Wish it would be nice if they have 90 sq in with 16 x 20 like Fischer Vacuum Pro because it is a monster spin for serving and I know I did with Fischer, it served me well for those who against me is unreturnable serve.
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    They need to stop spending on pro players, that's why. Sadly people of the current and next generation have no clue about the past gen because the 70s, 80s and 90s were the most fearsome era before the time of emo players such as kgyrios, titspis, blah blah.... in the past, they were playing...
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    Nike Air Zoom Cage 4 Release Date ?

    Wish those shoes need to go back to Nike logo instead of written word "Rafa" and don't get me wrong...I am a Rafa/RF fan but when it come to design, just stick to original logo because it is the only way.
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    New Adidas Barricade 2023

    Goodness me! Thank God! Those large logo is long gone and hope to erase it from my memory!
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    Wilson Pro Staff V14.0

    Just damn make PS85/PS90 with PRADIGM BENDING technology!
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    2023 Yonex VCores

    I grew up watching through 80s and 90s.....and not much watching because S & V are dead and Stefan Edberg was my idol and second was Pete Sampras.
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    2023 Yonex VCores

    Now all racquets are getting fatter and wider!
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    2023 Yonex VCores

    Not at all. Good to know that you know me so well! :) I bought a pair of PS85
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    2023 Yonex VCores

    I know. Pitiful....
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    Wilson Pro Staff V14.0

    Now RF is gone. No one is using Pro Staff...Time to reset by reproducing PS90....
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    2023 Yonex VCores

    Shame they won't make vcore 89....
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    Best leather Grip

    It's not a silly question! I haven't played tennis for the time being. From memory, it depend on how you swing with your racquet where you feel the the handle (bevels). If you want to swing faster, go with retro due to light weight and softer feel and if you swing like plow through, go with...
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    What would Wilson do with the Pro Staff line after Federer retired?

    Remember the Sampras-Agassi rivalry. You get my drift. So it's not obselete. Hopefully the earth will uncover the raw talented tennis player in the future era.
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    What would Wilson do with the Pro Staff line after Federer retired?

    I can live with PS97 if they produced the thin beam of 17mm..... but prefer PS90 with original paintjob of PS85 because it's the simple elegance.
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    Any Wilson news leak?

    the leak would be Pro Staff 90 with 17mm and it will be original paint job of PS 85 because somebody need to take a mantle from RF….
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    New ProStaff line anywhere on the horizon?

    Can't understand why WIlson won't reproduce PS90 when there is PS85 that has been either reproduced or NOS????
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    heavy racquet = better slice?

    M: Babalot VS Gut 1.30mm at 48lbs C: Luxilon Big Banger Ace 18 at 48lbs --- personally prefer Timo 19 but they dont sell it anymore :( --- ALso, lead tape at 3 and is 13oz :) Nasty spin with those strings.
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    Pro Staff future?

    That's why Wilson sent more batches of PS85 to the world to unearth a talented tennis player we all long to see! Must continue the legacy of PS85
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    Barricade Stanniversary?

    OMG! Love those shoes....shame it's not sold anywhere???
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    TW: Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85

    Did you say that you will be getting PS90????? Anyone confirm this? Just saw the price from tennis only....not happy....nearly AUD400 for one racquet oh come on!
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    TW: Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85

    Will Tennis Only be getting them for Australian buyers?
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    Prince updates

    I second that.
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    Wilson Pro Staff Updates?

    I totally agreed with @Say Chi Sin Lo and produce more grommets for PS85 or PS90 with original iconic PS paintjob.
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    Wilson Pro Staff Updates?

    Hope they bring back PS85 or PS90
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    I am really enjoying my 16x20 racquet right now. What are some of your favorite 16x20 racquets going back say 15 years max?

    I love 16 x 20, don't know why it is not popular because it create alot of insane spin.
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    Prince Official - Racquets

    Are they going to update Prince Phantom 93? Hopefully with torsional bar?
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    Tennis Australia tells players that 2021 Australian Open will be February 8-21

    Dunno if anyone in Australia realise that February is not ideal because there is no school holidays!
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    next pure strike, new raquets for 2022?

    The rumour has it has Babalot is making Pure Control Pro 85 when Pete Sampras come back soon....
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    What are the rarest but greatest rackets ever?

    Never tried the Chicago model. St Vincent is very popular because of the solid feel.