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  1. Roddick85

    5 Most Beautiful Serve Motions

    When I think of beautiful serving motions, I think the 2 most important elements are overall fluidity and simplicity of the moment. This is entirely subjective on my part, but I tend to see serves that use a platform stance as generally more fluid than pinpoint. 1) Federer. It doesn't matter...
  2. Roddick85

    Fed fans - do you have a one handed backhand?

    I do, thanks to Pistol Pete as he was my favorite player growing up so naturally I had to emulate him. Even though my 1HBH is now a respectable shot, the road to get there wasn't an easy one and I'm sure that's the case for a lot of amateurs who opted for that shot. I will admit that in some...
  3. Roddick85

    Nike Air Tech Challenge - 2020 Agassi

    I have the same question as well. I don't want to do a blind buy and have the wrong size.
  4. Roddick85

    Nike Air Tech Challenge - 2020 Agassi

    I'm on the fence about ordering these, I really enjoy the look but have no way of trying them first as no shops offer them locally. How does the comfort compare to the Vapors?
  5. Roddick85

    Should these players retire?

    I think Stan still has a chance to win if the stars align. He's probably even more inconsistent then he was prior to knee surgery but then again he's always been a streaky type of player, so you never know. He had some solid showings at the FO & USO last year so I'm not sure you can totally rule...
  6. Roddick85

    Fed has been just EPIC against 3 of his trickiest matchups since the racquet change!

    When you look at Federer's style, it's much more suited to the 90 than the larger/powerful frames. Federer is about control, insane angles, touch, shot making and precison. Sure he had more firepower when he was younger, but I never considered him a "power base liner" among the likes of Tsonga...
  7. Roddick85

    Fed has been just EPIC against 3 of his trickiest matchups since the racquet change!

    Ironically, Federer had better "numbers" against Djokovic with the 90 than he did with the RF97A.... :unsure: The racquet change may have decreased the amount of mishits and compensated for the decline in firepower, it also made his backhand slice less effective and his forehand isn't what it...
  8. Roddick85

    Why Federer is almost certain to lose at W 2020

    It's funny, for the last 6-7 years, the same thing is said year after's Fed last chance to win Wimbledon because of age, decline or [insert whatever reason]. Even if his window of opportunity is closing in every year, he still makes consistent deep runs at Wimbledon, making the SF or...
  9. Roddick85

    Anyone get the impression celebrations in the past were more "muted"?

    I would simply say it's a generation thing, different times, upbringing and ways to deal with emotions.
  10. Roddick85

    Poor Dimitrov... got destroyed again LOL!

    It's sad to see that 2020 is basically a continuation of the long term decline that started all the way back in 2018 for Dimitrov. I understand he's had some shoulder injuries on/off in the last couple of years, but regardless he just can't turn things around and find any kind of consistency...
  11. Roddick85

    Single most beautiful shot in history?

    After all these years I'm still amazed at how beautiful and smooth Federer's inside-out forehand is, so many great slow-mo of it available on YT. A close 2nd would be the Federer serve which is in my opinion the most fluid and aesthetic serving motion I've ever seen.
  12. Roddick85

    2020 Australian open final :- [5] Dominic Thiem v/s [2] Novak Djokovic

    Anything other than a Djokovic win will be a surprise for me. I'm gonna go with a straight sets victory here. Djokovic has such a great record at the Australian Open, it's been his turf for over a decade now, he's in form and serving better than ever, so it's hard to bet against him there...
  13. Roddick85

    Who can stop novak Djokovic at 2020 Wimbledon ? ( serious )

    As much as fans want to believe in Federer, it's hard to ignore that he hasn't beaten Djokovic in a slam in the last 8 years, Wimbledon 2012 being the last time he did so I question how much a factor he really is, especially in this day and age with his best days clearly behind him. Even when...
  14. Roddick85

    2020 Australian Open SF: Novak Djokovic [2] vs Roger Federer [3]

    I don't think it's a big deal that Federer skips practice, he's had plenty of court time so far so it's probably wiser to try and maximize his recovery as much as possible. Now if he's healthy enough to play or not is a great question. If he has any belief he can win and make it competitive in...
  15. Roddick85

    WTA to allow coaxhing

    This isn't a team sport or a boxing match. Singles tennis = 1 vs 1.
  16. Roddick85

    8 Players remaining - Who you gonna root for?

    Federer is usually who I root for, but I just don't see how he can win this. He spent a lot of energy during the 1st week, conditions definitely don't favor him, so even the prospect of a SF match with Djokovic is scary. Should he pull it off by some miracle, there's a good chance Nadal will...
  17. Roddick85

    2020 Australian Open QF :- [7] Alexander Zverev vs [15] Stanislas Wawrinka

    Interesting match. Zverev leads the H2H 2-0 but they've never met in a slam which is where Stan plays his best tennis. Stan's my guy and I'd love to see a Wawrinka/Djokovic final so I'm picking Stan in 4 sets here.
  18. Roddick85

    Del Potro 2020 - Comeback or Retirement?

    As much as I would love to see him back on tour, I think he should consider retiring. I was reading the news of his imminent surgery a few minutes ago, if he can't walk and do simple things pain free at 31 years of age, I think it'd be wise for him to look at his long term health rather than...
  19. Roddick85

    Agassi vs. Blake. Incredible!

    I really don't understand what the organizers were thinking on this one. The roof was definitely a necessity and I think all outdoor tournaments should have one as a backup plan when the weather doesn't cooperate. With that being said, I think the roof was poorly implemented on Ashe. For...
  20. Roddick85

    Agassi vs. Blake. Incredible!

    As Robbie Koenig would say, it was a shot making master class. I watch the highlights from that match on occasion, such an entertaining match, easily one of my favorite at the USO. For me the Agassi-Federer rivalry is very underrated. While Agassi may have been near the end of his career and not...
  21. Roddick85

    If you compare Djokovic as a player today contra his 2011 version..

    When you look at his overall game, I'd say he's better today than he was in 2011 as I feel he's become more "complete", the serve is better and he has some nice touch at times at the net or on drop shot. I think his overall game has evolved and became a bit more varied over the years. I wouldn't...
  22. Roddick85

    You can only have highlights.....

    It's somewhat surprising but I'd probably pick the USO for Federer. While it's become his weaker slam after 2010, he's had so many great highlight reel moments in his "peak" years which I still watch from time to time. Wimbledon is a close 2nd and then AO, but let's face it, he's had great runs...
  23. Roddick85

    Height of awkwardness : Sampras/Federer and Agassi/Nadal

    As entertaining as that exhibition was, I think that little jab Agassi threw at Sampras was a bit of an unnecessary cheap shot that made things awkward for everyone for a moment. When you look at the Agassi / Sampras relationship, it's always been somewhat of a roller coaster due to them having...
  24. Roddick85

    Favorite pro match commentator(s)?

    Whenever that's possible, I do the same. One of the many reasons I wish slams were also available on TennisTV.
  25. Roddick85

    If Nadal and/or Djokovic break Federer’s GS record does the record become meaningless?

    I don't think it will change anything. It will always be an incredible feat regardless of who ends up with it. These 3 will most likely go down in history as the 3 best players to have played the game, so I'm at peace with any of them having the most slams.
  26. Roddick85

    Nadal/Tsitsipas Abu Dhabi match: as good as it gets

    While I have no doubt that this was a good and entertaining match, let's also remind ourselves that his is an actual exhibition with nothing at stake for either players here. I don't think you can take away much if anything from that match beside the entertaining value it provided. As much as...
  27. Roddick85

    Remarkable performances by your favorite that rarely get mentioned

    Well I do have a few favorites, so here's a few.... Federer def Nadal 6-3,6-0 - World Tour Finals 2011....I've never seen Federer dominate Nadal like that, an absolute masterclass. Federer def Nadal 6-3,6-4 - Indian Wells 2012....Federer really played a great match in that one. Federer def...
  28. Roddick85

    Feds biggest weakness

    I can't believe I'm about to say this about a player with 20 majors and arguably the GOAT, but I always thought he was a bit weak mentally compared to Rafa and Novak. I think it's the reason why his BP conversion is so terrible and why he's been more often than not on the losing end when things...
  29. Roddick85

    The Most frustrating matches of your favourites in 2019

    Federer/Thiem - Indian Wells Final Federer/Djokovic - Wimbledon Final Wawrinka/Medvedev - USO Quarterfinal Federer/Dimitrov - USO Quarterfinal
  30. Roddick85

    Federer 2004 vs 2007

    I'd go with 2004 as well, just better results overall. In my mind, 2004 Federer still had this aura of invincibility as he was wiping the floor with pretty much anyone. 2007 Federer was still great but you felt he was getting more and more vulnerable and nowhere near as dominant and his style...