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  1. Toxicmilk

    (Fun thread) Which one of the big 4...

    Frat boy: Radek Štěpánek. The amount of tail he gets all things considered? Dude has got game.
  2. Toxicmilk

    Who said it? Coolest Quotes of Pros

    I feel like I hear or use it at least once a day.
  3. Toxicmilk

    Chinese Federer hitting backhands?

    Serious business we are.
  4. Toxicmilk

    Murray: "Lendl was like a new girlfriend"

    I'm sure in addition to hard courts, they also practice on surfaces much, much softer. ;]
  5. Toxicmilk

    Rank ATP players by Elo rating system.

    Since when was ELO only for League of legends? kids yo
  6. Toxicmilk

    Novak Djokovic legacy tarnished inflated by multiple Australian Open titles.

    we'll pull on any string to make any crap argument, won't we?
  7. Toxicmilk

    Has Agassi Influenced Modern Tennis More Than Any Other Player?

    I'd argue that Sampras brought another level of athleticism. Also, for his time, he had a rather complete game (much like how federer is considered). People remember his s/v but his ground game was still world class
  8. Toxicmilk

    Nadal is the fastest tennis player ever.

    I remember Blake being pretty fast in his prime. When you know, he made shots over the net/not outside the court.
  9. Toxicmilk

    Bad News For Nadal ,djokovic , Murray

    I for one believe in your grandmother.
  10. Toxicmilk

    Isner's Backhand

    I think it was around the time when Roddick was blowing away people with his own backhand. Made men like Safin cry.
  11. Toxicmilk

    Why is Cincy called "The Real Slam"?

    Lot of you are new here. It's okay. An old bad joke :P no big deal
  12. Toxicmilk

    Tsonga = Sampras

    Wait WHAT LOL. You serious dude?
  13. Toxicmilk

    What is with the nostalgia over Serve and volley?

    I mean. I'm not a die-hard S&V fan. But seriously?
  14. Toxicmilk

    One handers at their best: who comes out on top?

    LOL wait what. I just don't even...idk...wait..what...
  15. Toxicmilk

    Who would win in a Tennis match? Mirka or Toni?

    I hear Uncle Toni triple bagels Rafa in practice. No joke. :DDDD
  16. Toxicmilk

    Roddick retires from the tennis sport

    Pretty sad, he's been my favorite player for the longest time. will miss him
  17. Toxicmilk

    Prime Roddick vs Prime Murray

    Rest of your argument is fine, but that last part is completely ********. "X player beat player Y who beats player Z, so therefore X > Z!" It doesn't work that way
  18. Toxicmilk

    Seems like new players are much better than those of yesterday

    I never really saw the point in comparing errors. I think yeah, sure, the individual player might win against those from before...but skill between eras is such a hard thing to objectively look at. The climates in which the games occur is so different...with factors like racquet tech (as others...
  19. Toxicmilk

    Nadal is the greatest 25 year old of all time

    We all saw the way he went about
  20. Toxicmilk

    Federer TOPSPIN

    Logic fail throughout this thread. "I like this player more, therefore he has more spin than this player." Unless you got actual numbers here...meh.
  21. Toxicmilk

    TW Blog: Meet the Playtesters

    Cool stuff. Which reminds me, being a student in SLO, I sometimes see some of yall on Higuera :P...
  22. Toxicmilk

    Could a 5.0 beat McEnroe?

    Posts question in thread. Proceeds to call everyone bandwagoners. Fun stuff yo.
  23. Toxicmilk

    Could Rod Laver in his prime beat Nadal on clay?

    I know that this is a discussion forum...but I feel like the same questions get asked over and over...and it doesn't produce any discussions. And if I've learned anything from being around for the past few years it's that all threads turn into: 1. Federer vs Nadal vs Djokovic (somehow) 2. Nadal...
  24. Toxicmilk

    Federer Critical of Player Withdrawals

    Now if only Fed's backhand never retired early.. jkjk :] Man has a point though.
  25. Toxicmilk

    Anyone else think Andy Roddick is playing some of the best tennis of his life?

    Typical first week of the tourney tennis from Roddick if you ask me, the way he usually deals with lower ranked players.
  26. Toxicmilk

    How does Feliciano Lopez do it?

    Decent (beautiful) serve and attacking game, not a dumb player either.
  27. Toxicmilk

    Wawrinka, if you can't beat Young, just quit tennis.

    Reading comp fail. Right, compare Young to two of the best in this era.
  28. Toxicmilk

    Hilariously irrelevant Federer article

    Started laughing for a good 10 seconds, not even sure why
  29. Toxicmilk

    Young is doing just fine

    If he can win (and by win I mean quarters) greatest major Cincy his career will be complete
  30. Toxicmilk

    Who is the best drop shoter on the ATP-tour?

    I know my favorite fake drop shot.. It's sorta hard to pin down imo who hits the best droppers, everyone can have such horrible days (notably Djokovic in years past). Prob say Federer.