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  1. Fusker

    Dreaded 4.5m/3.5w in a mixed 8.0 league

    I would think that the 3.5 woman is a far greater liability than the 4.5 man is a strength. So it surprises me to read that it's a winning combo. Reading between the lines, it seems like there must be some generosity involved here to not attack the 3.5 woman "mercilessly" as noted. But to echo...
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    Most Bogus Racquet Technology?

    Maybe not bogus, but certainly dubious was sticking mercury in the handle: Just be careful not to smash that racquet in anger.
  3. Fusker

    Glass half-full or half-empty?

    I'm an engineer, so I see the glass as twice the volume it needs to be.
  4. Fusker

    Playing tennis in the bubble ??

    I seriously doubt that there's much, if any advantage to service speed indoors. I think it's much more likely that the poor fluorescent lighting screws with your vision and makes things seem faster. I play against a very hard serving guy (for 4.5 level) and indoors I struggle mightily to pick up...
  5. Fusker

    Point play (video) (NTRP?)

    3:10 for the win!
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    Does this annoy you?

    Sounds like you need a new hitting partner. Nobody likes feeling like they're time is being wasted. Most of us are lucky to get a few hours a week away from work/family/life to go play tennis, and it stinks when you feel like you threw away one of those opportunities. There's nothing really...
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    Volley vs half-volley dilemma

    Most folks don't have to ability to see what shot the opponent hits before deciding whether to come into the net. Guessing from the OP's user name, serve-and-volley is a part of his game, and if you S&V, I don't care who you are, you're going to be picking up balls at your shoelaces a fair amount.
  8. Fusker

    Volley vs half-volley dilemma

    I'm assuming for the moment that there isn't an opportunity to move in another step and take the ball high enough in the air to actually do something with it, and that we're talking about a ball that is inevitably just barely above the ground when played. In that case (and being a reformed...
  9. Fusker

    Trying to leave the Pure Drive

    What grip size? I'm about to post a couple Organix 8 315's up in the for sale thread. Like mentioned, it's a good arm friendly alternative.
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    Hi Casey - I came across a thread you posted on while trying to find some info about guys in the...

    Hi Casey - I came across a thread you posted on while trying to find some info about guys in the Pittsburgh area in the 4.5 range. So I thought I'd give this a shot, but I moved to Wexford in December and am struggling to find guys to hit with in the area, so I thought I'd share my info and see...
  11. Fusker

    Playing Smarter, Not Harder - Journey to Volkl Super G 10 325

    After a few years wandering the desert trying to find "the right racquet," I think I finally wised up and took a hard look at my game. For anybody that cares, you can see some of my swing here: For the last couple of years...
  12. Fusker

    Rec League players weakest strokes

    Somewhat related to overhead, but the one that seems to not be practiced much and gets botched way more than it should is the putaway on a sitter. Or for that matter, almost any groundstroke hit from well inside the baseline. Just think about how many balls you hit in any sort of practice format...
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    Gates Tennis Center has a good ladder - winter is the least busy, but the Spring/Summer/Fall ladders are very active.
  14. Fusker

    Anybody else unimpressed with the whole 6.1 line?

    I had the 6.1 line exclusively, starting with the ProStaff 6.1 Classic up to the k6.1, so about 15 years or so. They are serving beasts: - Toss - BOOM - charge the net. - After a set, grab a new 6.1 because the strings popped on the last one. Switched to polys five years ago which upped...
  15. Fusker

    Taylor Dent's giving a clinic at my local club.

    Crap!!! I didn't realize this was happening in Colorado or I would have gladly gone! When I hit with him a couple years ago it was during the CO State Open.
  16. Fusker

    Taylor Dent's giving a clinic at my local club.

    I got to hit with Taylor Dent and Jan-Michael Gambill in a promo thing a few years ago. I found both guys to be warm and friendly, but Taylor especially was great at offering advice and answering questions. Both guys redefined what a "heavy ball" means to me. They cruise in a pretty low gear...
  17. Fusker

    What are the annoyances you get in your tennis??

    You got it. I'd also mention that a few guys I know will prepare for the return exactly as they would if it were a match serve... prep, split step, focus on the ball, get their racquet on it, but make it bounce it straight down to collect it. I think that's perfectly reasonable and a good way to...
  18. Fusker

    What are the annoyances you get in your tennis??

    Assuming three balls to a can - I take three serves focusing on good form and general placement (i.e. NOT going for aces) which you catch/collect. Then you take three serves which I catch/collect. Rinse and repeat once more on the deuce court then move to the ad court to serve a couple rounds...
  19. Fusker

    What are the annoyances you get in your tennis??

    1. Guys that don't just forget to bring a can of balls to a match (most of us have probably been there) - but knowingly bring an opened can that, "are still pretty good." (They're not). 2. Blasting away at my serve during warmups. There are plenty of threads on this. It's still a d!ck move...
  20. Fusker

    Serving: More like a baseball throw or a football throw?

    How most people throw a football and baseball probably has little relevance to a serve, and is probably just good for stretching out. Most people's throwing motions are dreadful. However, look at a good quarterback or middle infielder (ignore outfielders and pitchers - both have way too long a...
  21. Fusker

    Is this a hindrance?

    I'd give a hindrance if he had a play on the ball and stopped right away. That's the key - if I hit a great lob and the guy was doubtful to make a play, I'd think the hindrance was rather dubious. I've also given out a few hindrances/first serves for really loud obnoxious things happening in...
  22. Fusker

    S. Williams vs A.Cornet

    This match is unlistenable. Cornet also showing Williams as one of the most overrated "movers" of all time.
  23. Fusker

    Roddick slams Monfils during Murray match

    Some of these posts crack me up. Whether it's bashing Roddick or somebody else for lacking greatness, I can't help but wonder how good these posters are at their job. Unless they are the world's best accountant/engineer/burger flipper, they have zero ground to stand on. Somebody will always be...
  24. Fusker

    What is the WORST single piece of advice or coaching you ever received?

    High school tennis coach, twenty years or so ago: "You're up 5-2. Just finish him off here. Don't choke!" You can guess what happened.
  25. Fusker

    Definitve Federer Racket Proof

    Mark my words, Gastón Gaudio will win this year's French Open.
  26. Fusker

    Take two?

    As you've probably gathered from the responses, there's a huge gray area in between what the code says are or are not valid reasons for a re-serve. My approach is generally to shoot for equity. In your specific examples, had they gone that way in one of my matches, I wouldn't have been bothered...
  27. Fusker

    Doubles: better if the returner makes the call.

    Or if you're David Ferrer :) I spent about two minutes doing some quick geometric calculations, so my numbers could be off, but I figured that if my eyes are at six feet tall and I was standing three feet behind the baseline to receive serve (so 21 feet away from the service line), I might...
  28. Fusker

    Doubles: better if the returner makes the call.

    Agree. Here's a bit of an exaggeration, but would anybody have difficulty calling this one out? Under a literal interpretation of the concept, you would have to call it in.
  29. Fusker

    Have you ever called a foot fault on yourself?

    I called myself on it once. I've seen myself on video - I don't foot fault. But in this particular case, the toss and timing just got jacked up, and where I would have let it drop 99.9% of the time, I chased this one. The result was an obvious (to me) fault and a far less than optimal serve...
  30. Fusker

    Did I make the right call

    It sounds like your opponents are over-competitive tools. While they may have the code on their side, if something like that happened to me while I was serving, I would apologize for not being able to hang on to my racquet, and graciously thank the opponent for offering me a let when I was...