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  1. psamp14

    Sampras to face Safin in exhibition in San Jose

    i just want to see sampras put on a show monday night!!!!!!!!!! :)
  2. psamp14

    Sampras to face Safin in exhibition in San Jose

    thats good to know, i'm so excited at just the thought of going to see sampras play...:) :) i wish your dream matchups would come true! how unbelievable would that be, to see sampras play either federer or agassi, right here close to home, which i would never miss!!!!!!!!
  3. psamp14

    Sampras to face Safin in exhibition in San Jose

    who would you have liked to see sampras play? after hearing about safin withdrawing, i had a dream match up between sampras and agassi, that would so exciting...then breakpoint put out the remote possibility that federer might play, and even though that sounded totally crazy to me, i would have...
  4. psamp14

    Sampras to face Safin in exhibition in San Jose

    thats great BP...about haas, i saw the scores and losing to hartfield was a total upset, since the guy never won a single atp match in his life...but i'm super excited about going to watch sampras seats are in lower reserve row 17 or something....are those pretty good seats?
  5. psamp14

    Sampras to face Safin in exhibition in San Jose

    I feel the same way BP...but I'm very excited about seeing sampras play haas...I'm going to the match...are you going, to the match or tournament? :)
  6. psamp14

    Safin injured, out of Davis Cup. San Jose in doubt.

    whats the latest update on this?
  7. psamp14

    Safin injured, out of Davis Cup. San Jose in doubt.

    you better be right BP! do it roger! play sampras in that exhibition! i am just about on my way to buying tickets!!!!! :)
  8. psamp14

    Does anyone else hope federer only ties sampras' record?

    i 100% agree with you on this phil...i am just grateful that i was able to watch both sampras and federer and its just a matter of time now before federer passes 14 slams...
  9. psamp14

    Djokovic vs Federer: Repeat of 2005 semi finals?

    i dont think it happens...i see a federer-nadal final....unless tsonga is going on a baghdatis-like run and beats nadal...
  10. psamp14

    Hewitt's Sister

    to the OP: you were looking at hewitt's box and thought his sister was hot????? how could you miss his gorgeous hot wife, like two seats next to her??? bec cartwright is off the planet hot!
  11. psamp14

    Fed vs Tipsarevic "live"

    lol at the title with tipsy....i kept telling my friend in the middle of the match that tipsarevic was on drugs or something....he was playing out of his mind, with nothing to lose, unfazed that it was roger federer across from him....federer got a few lucky turns his way and started playing...
  12. psamp14

    Hewitt vs. Baghdatis- the clash of two former finalists

    thats always debateable but in recent times, this surely tops them all! i've been up all night watching and i couldnt even think about sleeping!!!!!!!!!
  13. psamp14

    After Tipsy Finishes Off His Abuse of Federer Will it Be the Biggest Upset in Sports?

    it would have been one of the biggest upsets in tennis history, but too bad it didnt happen! go fedex! :)
  14. psamp14

    Australian Open has the best tennis.

    i would say about 3....the past 24 hours has just been completely thrilling tennis....especially that federer-tipsarevic match, oh my goodness....
  15. psamp14

    Fed vs Tipsarevic "live"

    FEDERERERERERERERERERERERER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a match!!!!!! that was probably one of the top 5 or 10 matches i have ever seen live, definitely the best i've seen in the past few months!
  16. psamp14

    does having high quality apparel make you play better?

    i dont think having high quality apparel necessarily makes you play better...but i think good fitting apparel can provide a significant confidence boost because you could think you look and feel good on the court
  17. psamp14

    Federer's feeling hundred per cent! Will he win the Aussie Open again?

    federer, 100% or not, is better than most of the tour...if he says he is feeling 100%, i would bet (what?!?!) on him winning the australian open this year....#3 in a row, #4 overall
  18. psamp14 Aus Open online streaming, multiple courts.

    if navigating to takes you to a page where it asks for your zip code or something, its likely that, unfortunately, you cant get espn360 instantly, free, your ISP isnt linked with it with at&t internet service i go to and it instantly opens up a new window with the live...
  19. psamp14

    Anyone else done with Espn tv coverage?

    i dont receive espn on my tv so i am loving user gets to choose from 5-6 live matches, and no commentary is better than bad commentary! :)
  20. psamp14

    Tsonga vs Murray

    tsonga was a tough 1st rd opponent for murray but i thought he would pull through in 4 sets...oh well, we'll see how he progresses in 2008...
  21. psamp14

    Live Streaming Australian Open 2008

    ESPN360 rocks! its got like 6 different courts to choose coverage from! :)
  22. psamp14

    Tsonga vs Murray

    i just checked scores and for all the people touting andy murray, he sure is in trouble right now!...down 7-5 6-4...
  23. psamp14

    TW EXCLUSIVE!!: Roger Federer "RF" Hat

    lol...BP giving the tutorial...:)
  24. psamp14

    Henin switched to SUPER oversize...PRINCE!!!

    but drak, i thought you pointed out that all future GOATs will make the switch to the supersize mid-plus racquets? LOL ;)
  25. psamp14

    Again Special shoes 4 federer

    lol...great caption :) btw federer's sporting some black shoes as well...i suppose he could sport all-black attire for his night matches, like he did at the us open last year
  26. psamp14

    Seven reasons why Roger won't win in Melbourne

    one thing forgotten.....this is roger federer, and he's distinguishing himself from even the greatest players in the history of this sport he's done and is doing things that no one had ever done before
  27. psamp14

    Roddick's chances at the AO 08'.

    if roddick keeps his focus, i think he will make it to the quarterfinals for sure, where he very well could beat nadal and make it to the final...nadal bowed out to youzhny at the 2006 us open in the qtrs, an on-fire gonzo at the 2007 AO in the qtrs, to david ferrer in the USO quarters later...
  28. psamp14

    Guccione Fever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wasnt guccione's game pretty hot last year around this time as well? he seems to play well in australia, but it would be nice if he could continue that for the remainder of the season.....besides, guccione's got a cool name....GUCCIOOOOOWNNNNN! :)
  29. psamp14

    TW EXCLUSIVE!!: Roger Federer "RF" Hat

    we ordinary tennis enthusiasts will just never get the real roger federer gear, even if its just a hat...
  30. psamp14

    Top 20 Australian Open Contenders

    you forgot to make your darkhorse and sleeper picks...i'll do it for you: roger federer, and roger federer :)