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  1. Milehigh5280

    Best match…….

    Alcaraz/Sinner Us Open 22. Seeing Alcaraz mentioned so much in this thread makes me miss him. I can’t wait until he’s back
  2. Milehigh5280

    Where do you think 24 YO Tsitsipas would have been ranked during the 2008-2012 era?

    Top 10. I think he would be a consistent slam quarter finalist
  3. Milehigh5280

    Do you think that Djokovic will win RG?

    Way too soon to tell. Right now I would not bet on it. Clay is his weakest surface. And depending on Nadal’s level/health, Roland Garros might be the most competitive slam at the moment
  4. Milehigh5280

    Fed to play Basel 2022?

    His body won’t let him
  5. Milehigh5280

    Don't be fooled...

    Medvedev hit some of the dumbest and poorly executed drop shots I've seen. Particularly in the 4th set I believe
  6. Milehigh5280

    POLL: Your level of confidence in a Rafa victory when he was up 40-0 on his serve in the last game ?

    I felt it was still anyone's match going into the 5th. The outcome didn't feel inevitable like when the 2022 RG final went to the 5th set. I thought we were going to see a super tiebreak after Med broke back, but when Nadal broke Med for the 2nd time I knew it was over
  7. Milehigh5280

    You don't know what it's like

    "What would Novak do?" Novak would've found a way to thrive off of the crowds negativity and won
  8. Milehigh5280

    Do you think Djokovic would struggle with Nadal at AO 22?

    It was a well-fought victory by Nadal, but I wasn't impressed by his form. He was awful the first two sets then just good enough the last three sets. Med had so many opportunities to end the match, that a player of Novak's caliber and experience would've capitalized on. It really is an...
  9. Milehigh5280

    The one common big hole in all of NextGen 's game

    Like others have said: lack of variety, tactics and net game are missing in next gen. I would add they seem to lack weapons outside of a big first serve. Watching last night's final, it seemed like Med had to out rally or ace Nadal to win a point. While Nadal had more ways he could win points
  10. Milehigh5280

    Still in a state of shock....

    Congrats to Rafa and his fans. This was definitely his greatest slam victory after Wimbledon 2008. I had a similar feeling after last year's RG final. Every tennis fan should savor these big 3 victories because we don't know how many more of these moments we'll witness. Hopefully we can see...
  11. Milehigh5280


    I'm feeling neutral. If I had to pick a side I'd go with Med. I think he wins in 4
  12. Milehigh5280

    Happy Five Year Anniversary!

    I'm feeling a little nostalgic ahead of this year's final and have been revisiting the 2017 AO final. An absolute classic. The drama and tension during the 5th set is off the charts. Really, what a magical run by Fed, his best slam run imo when you consider his age and the context. And Nadal's...
  13. Milehigh5280

    What was wrong with Tsitisi's handshake at the net today after the match?

    People will complain either way. If he was friendly with Med after the match there would be people that would say he's not competitive etc.
  14. Milehigh5280

    Matteo Berrettini over the past year.

    Seems like Berrettini has reached his ceiling as a player. To his credit, he's made the most out of his limited game
  15. Milehigh5280

    "Actually I don't know if people gonna like it..."

    Med would make a good wrestling heel
  16. Milehigh5280

    The "D" Word

    Agreed and one of the reasons I love tennis is because the deserving player always wins. In other sports you can argue there are lucky fluke outcomes, but excluding injuries, I really don't think there are any in tennis.
  17. Milehigh5280

    Only for those who'll miss Novak at AO

    It's definitely not the same. Like Fed not playing Wimbledon or Nadal not playing Roland Garros. Novak should've been vaccinated and he should face repercussions in Serbia for his behavior after testing positive, but this decision to deport seems to be more about politics than health. There's...
  18. Milehigh5280

    Dear Australia...

    It would come off as very spiteful if they cancel his visa now
  19. Milehigh5280

    Nick Kyrgios doesn't condone Novak's treatment?

    Nick's take is pretty much the same as mine. I don't think it's a contradiction to be vaccinated and for vaccination but also disapprove how the Australian government have handle the situation. Life is full of nuances and gray areas
  20. Milehigh5280

    Earth's Citizens...

    Glad he's playing, but I hate the circumstances. I'm vaccinated and I think everyone without a medical exemption should be too, but I also think some of the lockdown measures have gone too far. It I was Australian I would be pissed about this
  21. Milehigh5280

    Can Taylor Fritz win an M1000 in 2022?

    Why not? Just glance at the Masters winners the last couple of years and you'll notice some random names
  22. Milehigh5280

    "LSD fixed my tennis serve"

    Dock Ellis threw a no-hitter while tripping. Maybe there's some merit in this
  23. Milehigh5280

    Zverev and Medvedev match not visually aesthetic

    Medvedev is like the tennis version of Nikola Jokic. Tall, awkward, gangly and seemingly unathletic, yet, one of the best in the world at their respective sport
  24. Milehigh5280

    Is AZverev the best player in Open era without a Slam title?

    Him or Rios. I'd give Rios the edge because he was #1. Actual accomplishments are more important than talent/peak level
  25. Milehigh5280

    Roger Federer confirms he’ll miss the 2022 Australian Open. Says 2022 Wimbledon is also in doubt

    If he comes back at all, it will likely be for one tournament. Probably Basel
  26. Milehigh5280

    Djokovic's late career serve improvement

    The great ones are never satisfied and are always looking to improve
  27. Milehigh5280

    The magic within Novak

    I will never understand how anyone can watch him play and come to the conclusion he's boring
  28. Milehigh5280

    NBA 2021-2022 Thread

    Jokic retaliates after taking an elbow to the ribs from Markieff Morris. Here's my take: Jokic deserves to be suspended for obvious reasons, but so does Morris. This is the result of the NBA letting players get away dirty play for years. If you pulled the same move that Morris did in a pick up...