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  1. finchy

    New Nike courtballistic 3.3

    oh herro prease.
  2. finchy

    anyone been to the premium outlets in san marcos?

    i used to go to the premium outlets and round rock nike outlets pretty frequently, but towards the end of the summer, they didnt have much besides random sizes of CB 1.2's and 1.3's. not sure about this time of year, but you can call in and ask what tennis shoes they have specifically. i...
  3. finchy

    Why do people root for Federer?

    I've been cheering for Federer since about May 2004 because I thought he was the most complete player on tour and made everything look so easy. I appreciate how beautiful his game is and how consistent he has been over the past 6-7 years now. To me, he is a great ambassador of the sport and...
  4. finchy

    24 consecutive quarterfinals....

    perhaps consecutive butt picks or coaching per point?
  5. finchy

    24 consecutive quarterfinals....

    Go away troll. Grats to Fed. I see him extending this run for a while.
  6. finchy

    You quite literally don't need a drive BH to make top 50

    just won an important point using his backhand 'drive' in part of that rally...
  7. finchy

    ATP 5-set Records (five set)

    why make a thread about it when you can just google them or look them up on the atptennis website? fail to try and start flames.
  8. finchy

    ESPN cuts off end of Isner vs. Mahut?

    espn3 is not a pirate stream website. has a solid stream that is high quality.
  9. finchy

    Feather weight tennis shoes?

    I think basketball shoes' outsoles are not meant to be as durable as tennis shoes' outsoles since bball shoes will usually be played on hardwood, not grainy concrete that tears rubber up.
  10. finchy

    How many tennis shoes have you had?

    Since '04: Air Zoom Breathe Free Air Max Breathe Free II Adidas Barricade III Air Zoom Vapor Speed (THE BEST!) Air Zoom Vapor IV Air Max Breathe Cage I Air Zoom Vapor V Air Max Courtballistec 2.3 x2 Air Zoom Vapor VI x4 Air Max Breathe Cage II
  11. finchy

    Feather weight tennis shoes?

    Nike Lunarlite Vapor Tour weighs under 14 ounces for a size 10.5. I tried them on and they are incredibly light. That is as far as Nike offers, I am unfamiliar with the other brands.
  12. finchy

    A nice article about Roger by Neil Harman.

    desperate for attention much? good article. just makes me love the man that much more.
  13. finchy

    Huge advantage for being a lefty

    excluding his serve (the actual stroke, not the handedness) and how his movement has caused him 'injury' over the past few years, right? FAR from perfect. his uncle made him use his left hand because he knew it would pay dividends and give an advantage over the majority of players that are right...
  14. finchy

    Post on this thread if you want Nike to add Tennis shoes to

    I would certainly love to see tennis shoes on NikeiD. PLEASE DO IT NIKE!
  15. finchy

    Breathe Cage I.. The best ever?

    bought a pair of the top colorway for $45 sometime in 2007. Decent shoe, I had a lot of foot movement inside. The mesh slit near the outside swoosh ripped but I felt the damage was more aesthetic than substantial. Extremely similar shoe to the Breathe Free 2's (which IMO are better), but I cant...
  16. finchy

    Post Pictures of Your Apparel!

    Sponsored player. or his coach is sponsored.
  17. finchy

    New Nike Lunarlon Vapor Tours and CB2.3s

    Just looked up the trademark rights to Lunarlite and Lunarlon and they do both belong to Nike. Regardless of that fact, it is still cost ineffective to change the composition of the cushioning of the shoe at this stage in the products' lives. Anyone with an ounce of economics and manufacturing...
  18. finchy

    Tipsarevic a dangerous 3rd round for Federer?

    That was the season that Federer had mono, isn't it? I trust his ability on grass will take him to a 7th Championship.
  19. finchy

    New Nike Lunarlon Vapor Tours and CB2.3s

    From what I had heard, what you are saying is a load of BS. The name change was supposedly due to copyright claims from another company on the name 'Lunarlite', hence the name change to Lunarlon by Nike. There is no reason why they would change the material in the shoe during the mid-life of the...
  20. finchy

    just got a pair of Reebok Figjams

    heard they were heavy and got hot after a short while. they had those 3 silver mesh slits in the front for show because it was styled after the H2... great styling cue reebok fail.
  21. finchy

    Nike Spring 2011

    The name lunarlon just does not sound good in a shoe name though. Hopefully they revert back to calling the next vapor, just the vapor tour 7 or something around that.
  22. finchy

    Nike Spring 2011

    definitely looks more like the original breathe frees than the cages. I like the direction they are going in. hopefully they are not as bulky as the 2.3's.
  23. finchy

    Post Pictures of Your Tennis Shoes!

    im assuming you meant upper left corner. those are breathe free 3's. from what i can recall, they didnt get as much praise as the breathe free 2's.
  24. finchy

    Where does Federer's serve rank in history?

    way to back up everyone else being better than federer's serve. my argument is the exact same, that he doesnt need to serve through an opponent (ie roddick karlovic) to win. if he had no weapons other than serve, dont you think he would have focused more on it and built upon it more? he hasnt...
  25. finchy

    Nike Spring 2011

    I find it funny how people are complaining about a person who is not obligated to do anything. lol funny haha rofl lmao
  26. finchy

    new shoe strings for B2.3s

    the color matches very well but i think blue would look better. that and i hate flat laces
  27. finchy

    Wimbledon 2010

    i heard he's wearing white
  28. finchy

    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    Picked up a pair of white/black Breathe Cage II's for $30 at Round Rock outlets. They have many sizes and many pairs. I also got the warranty card too. They look so clean, I might get another pair.
  29. finchy

    Air courtballistecs 2. Blue/Black

    The mesh on my black/grey is cracking where it flexes for your toes. It isn't anything that will affect function, but it is aesthetically disturbing. It isn't very noticeable unless you pick at it and peel it off.