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    what do you drive?

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    Any corporate types here?

    What kind of work politics have you been through and how have you dealt with it?
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    Crazy ducky incident today

    Great deed mucat! I have a similar story to share-at Stanley Park in Vancouver a family of racoons attempted to cross the road. My previous g/f at the time was driving and we stopped on one half of the one-way, while a minivan was encroaching on the other. I thought they weren't going to stop...
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    IS it time to start talking about the world cup in Germany

    Here are my picks: Paraguay Ghana Tunisia with Mexico as an outside chance. Group A is a tough one with powerhouses Poland and Equador. Either could run away with it. Should be good to watch tho.
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    I need your help!

    Hang in there Rickson. It took me a few tries before I finally quit for good. It's been rolling for over two years now... A few tips: Don't tell people you "quit" unless you actually have. When you've lost count how long it's been then you'll know. There are two different types of...
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    how do you choose who serves/sides?

    Turn around and cover the butt with your hand. Face your opponent and ask him to call it. (It doesn't matter if you already know or not) Uncover your hand and reveal the answer. What is so diffiicult about that?
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    Tennis Bets

    That was a clear exception b/c it went to a detective's desk but if somebody calls 911 and reports a vehicle to vehicle hit-and-run or a reckless driver whatever they're not going to waste their time cross-referencing any partial license plate recordings. There may be a mandate against that too.
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    Tennis Bets

    Without a COMPLETE submission of a vehicle tag # no law enforcement agency can do anything to help you.
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    Chuck Norris!!!!!!!!

    You are underestimating him. Chuck would kick Seagal's ass decisively!!!!!!! This man has some serious fighting skills.
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    For POGO

    In case you aren't with the times, Pogo's gone dude. Maybe he ate a bullet in Iraq, who knows...
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    Girls getting kissy feely among themselves

    This only pertains to ugly guys. Girls don't want to tip off to any potential cute guy out there that they may be taken if they're always kissing and hugging below-average looking guys in public. No offense to you Rickson cos I've never seen you-you might be an okay looking guy, but my theory...
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    Smokers haven

    When I taught ESL in Korea it was a smoker's haven there too. Just the pack of a Marlboro Lights @ 2000won (approx. $3 USD) alone was a great incentive to smoke there. I have to admit: there is no better sensation than smoking and sipping a cup of java whilst chatting with friends at a Holly's...
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    Smokers haven

    V, back in my smoking days I made it a clear habit to smoke ONLY outside. If I was going to disintegrate my lungs with all that tar and CO2 then at least I could do it outdoors with assistance of fresh air. The bylaws in Canada have helped that. There is absolutely no smoking permitted inside...
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    leather...does it really matter?

    I really don't think it does unless you have a preference from past exprerience. The sticky above is really irrelevant too b/c you're gonna have to cut off the end anyway and some who have 2HBs (like me) tape further up the throat than others do-so weight is not really an issue. Some leathers...
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    Whose picture would you like to see?

    I'd like to know what Meg looks like.:rolleyes:
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    My little Dunlop M-Fil 200 review

    Here's my review: nearly tore my f---ing arm off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Leather: Are you a fan?

    I just completed 2 hours of stretching and wrapping, unwrapping, stretching and wrapping a leather replacement grip. I now have 2 new blisters and a torn rotator cuff.
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    Which MOD pulled my thread

    No he's probably frequenting all the internet cafes in his area to continue his Lurker ladder.
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    Serve Stance

    I now think that's what I meant. NOT MOVING YOUR FEET at all is a more efficient looking serve. The guys that step up to the baseline kinda know...IMHO...:neutral:
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    Serve Stance

    Now I'm confused.:confused:
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    Anyone lob and charge?

    I def would not recommend this on a regular basis. People usually counter lobs with lobs so as you mentioned you did. I don't see how coming in behind one will benefit you.
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    Welcome Back Dp!!!

    Yeah that was it. DP made a cameo appearance. Maybe we'll get another glimpse of Spiderman again!
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    Serve Stance

    Gaudio's would be platform since he drags his foot forward.
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    Tommy Haas - Dunlop M-Fil 300

    You actually bothered to take all that off? Does the word memorabilia mean anything to you?:confused:
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    Welcome Back Dp!!!

    What? I can't believe this. DP just posted something this morning and the whole thread got deleted???? Unbelievable.
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    What happened to Linkin Park?

    Want to know what happened to Linkin Park you say? Go to and you'll see.
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    Welcome Back Dp!!! Are you here to stay?
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    Beating A Pusher/flat Hitter

    Dug up this great article. Have a good read:
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    Where have the nasty people around here gone?

    I'd qualify your avatar as ONE NASTY AVATAR. Everytime I see I want to deck her out.:eek:
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    M-Fil 300...your thoughts

    Found this a bit late, my set-up is Gosen Polyon Sp 17 mains/Jim Courier OG Sheep Micro 16 crosses at 56lbs. The racquet is just perfect at stock. Which of you use 2HBs and how do you like it with the 300?