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    Nico Jarry with H 22 ?

    No! its a Pro Stock Blade
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    Wu's racquet

    Build them to be: (unstrung) 320.00 gm / 30.50 cm / 295 swing
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    Sebastian Korda Racket and String??

    Ya' can make a lot of different "cakes" out of the same cake pan... ingredients (a.k.a. "layup") makes each "cake" look the same yet taste different...
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    Sebastian Korda Racket and String??

    SAME grip mould dimensions I've been doing for him for years... as well as SAME Wilson 'Pro' leather grip - wrapped for a 2-hander. Still doing ALU 1.25 mains and ALU 1.20 crosses... yea, special 18x19 pattern we've been developing since the French Open time - as well as a new layup...
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    Sebastian Korda Racket and String??

    actually "NO"... more so because of Petr and Tom
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    Sebastian Korda Racket and String??

    From “tip” to “grip” there are too many changes we made to list them all… let’s just say it’s “working”
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    Micheal Chang’s string during the 90s

    Babolat Progressive (natural gut) 1.35mm gauge - strung that too many times to count for MC!
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    Is Korda paying for the sins of his father?

    Wow!! Get ready to enjoy your Crow dinners soon ya' doubters ...
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    Sakkara Using the New Ultra Paint Job

    Coming soon (to retail) - we've been seeing plenty of pro players already making the change - AWESOME looking stick and everyone is thumbs up liking!
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    Can Anyone Identify This Stringer?

    Just go to; Tennis Machines Inc. (in St. Louis) for any parts etc - the Henry's (owners) are the #1 place for all your parts, etc. needs for that machine! GREAT people!
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    Calling Michael Stich's Fischer racquet expert!

    He, (MS) was almost always @ 25Kp and with full Babolat 1.25mm gut
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    What do you gain by adding a leather grip ?

    MAX moisture absorbing is #1 reason - leather is skin, skin has pores, etc. take a leather grip & synthetic replacement grip - weigh them both, then put them both in to a bucket of water - let them get saturated.. weigh them again.. you will see that leather absorbs massive amounts of moisture -...
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    Shapovalov using the new ezone (paint job)

    No! As always, poly tour strike (black) 1.25mm only 1.30 on rare occasions in the past - like clay etc
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    Shapovalov using the new ezone (paint job)

    Strung it a bunch of times for him during off season training... its a legit stock construction just with weight to his spec's - it was sent as a 'whim' for testing and he loves it!
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    Karen Khachanov has switched to Blade from H22?

    K Blade with "retail" blade cosmetic - a more than common stick on tour
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    Sebastian Korda Racket and String??

    Yes but ALU 1.25mm in the mains & ALU 1.20mm in the crosses... an awesome setup for any 18x20 pattern!
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    Sebastian Korda Racket and String??

    UnStrung: 323.50 grams / 31.50 cm / 306 swingweight (18x20) grip #4 with Wilson leather - I've plenty of customizing needed to get "there"...
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    Calling Michael Stich's Fischer racquet expert!

    100% legit & was his - I know as I 'tuned' that frame~
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    Best "tool" to cut a Head hairpin?

    If Ya' need to ask... you should NOT attempt it...
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    Anybody watching the daily 'live' Tennis on ESPN3?

    FYI - anyone else watching the lower-ranked ATP Pro's battling it out 'live' on ESPN3? Seems they are at some private/secluded court in Bradenton/Sarasota area... interesting stuff!
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    Dunlop NT Max Plus

    thanks for the feedback!
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    Dunlop NT Max Plus

    so,,,, what's the verdict ? Play well etc.?
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    Trying to remember old string

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    On a flight to JFK

    That's exactly how I learned back in 1976!
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    Post Your Most Recent Stringing Time

    Be 'me' a turtle or a hare... I strung 39-frames today, plus fully customized another 4-frames, (silicone injected, added leather grips, wt./bal./swingweight, etc.) as well as managed all the regular "in & our" customer sales - guessing around 40-50 cash register transactions there... all during...
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    What is/was your Most Favorite String Ever?

    besides the obvious being; VS Team 1.22 'uncoated'... for me it was Wilson 'hammer-tech 17' - loved that string for some reason! Close 2nd would be original tecnifibre 515...
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    What is/was your Most Favorite String Ever?

    VS 1.22mm "un-coated"... sublime!
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    Your greatest WORST string of all time is...

    "Tie" (for me at least..) would be... Prince "Stop Light" and Wilson "SweetSpot"... both with good "philosophies" yet neither did a damn in actuality of performance...
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    Volk holy grail ?

    Google translate - easy to use and costs nothing