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  1. darthrafa

    I don't think ....

    it depends on the mental strength of those young players, citybus and sinner who are typical examples of leading but being unable to finish the job.
  2. darthrafa

    Nadal News 2.0

    havent watched games for a while. i hope he is injury free and don't want to overplay and get injured. he knows the indoor conditions do not suit him, let alone playing at his age now. possibly playing is due to atp commitment.
  3. darthrafa

    Earth's Mightiest Warrior and the battle for a record equalling 6th WTF

    u mean that great tournament won by Dimitrov, Tsitsipas and even twice by Zverev? oh it sounds its importance looks almost the fifth gs
  4. darthrafa

    Nadal's Biggest Win against Djokovic at a Slam?

    i am not sure it is the biggest but the 2022 one shall be the most important coz majority think rafa will be blown away and it adds one gs under his belt and not vice versa
  5. darthrafa

    Toni Nadal on Federer’s retirement: “ Federer peak is unrepeatable in Tennis history.”

    rafa finds ways to defeat fed, which does not mean fed cant be GOAT, in terms of his style and putting tennis to another level as a sport though it is not entirely the same, the movie has the most number of audience does not mean it is the best one by the same token, a movie affecting the...
  6. darthrafa

    youR Fan forever

    djoker will be afraid of retirement coz he will find everything is so different from what fed and rafa gets he may think he is the most successful but deep down he knows he will never get what he deserves
  7. darthrafa

    What was Roger's best ever match

    AO17 coz majority would think heis going to lose and it gave him second wind to win another ao in 2018
  8. darthrafa

    What sets RF apart?

    variety of shots and elegancy
  9. darthrafa

    This Tiny Will Not Beat Novak at AO’23

    if he can maintain his serve today, why does he hv a big chance at ao?
  10. darthrafa

    Does a potential Alcaraz USO win put the comparison with Nadal 2005 back on the table?

    carlos draws more attention than rafa in 2005 since the beginning of 2002 but overall speaking, he is far from rafa
  11. darthrafa

    Why Nadal lost

    why nadal lost? coz he cant defeat his opponent of course there are many reasons but it is not his first or last the question does not carry any substance
  12. darthrafa

    Alcaraz playing style is unsustainable unless he wants end up like Murray in a few years

    carlos is overconfident esp after defeating djoker and rafa in the same tournament but he shall realise he is far from what he regards himself
  13. darthrafa

    The bad part of Alcaraz vs. Sinner

    after the wimbledon, no chance sinner will slip away from the lead against players at level like carlos
  14. darthrafa

    Nadal USO 4R Post Match Interview

    the most frustrated people shall be those expecting rafa saying his loss is due to any sort of injury that said, mental stress to these people possibly one kind of injuries
  15. darthrafa

    Historically what is the easiest draw to win a slam ever? Hardest draw to win a slam?

    the easiest must be 2022 wimbledon. of course it is because of the ban and injuries to players but u cannot deny that djoker only had to deal with players coming from nowhere.
  16. darthrafa

    Nadal US Open draw

    ooops i am back tbh in such weak era who has a tough draw at this uso? esp that djoker cant play
  17. darthrafa

    Nadal News 2.0

    i am quite surprised with rafa is wearing past kits when practising
  18. darthrafa

    Congrats Novak Fans :)

    djoker played the most efficient match i have even watched he is so calm that looks it was won in a library i never have any doubt that he is the most successful OAT but it is just too boring till rafa is playing agin i will stay away from ttw and tennis, esp the useless group on young players...
  19. darthrafa

    How Significant is This Match Looking Now in Hindsight?

    no most people would only be concerned with how many djoker would eventually win
  20. darthrafa

    Rafa should have played.

    medical grounds even he wins the sf the injury would only get worse why gv djoker a chance of humiliates himself?
  21. darthrafa

    2022 Wimbledon Final: You will have to decide, guys!

    just hope djoker would have to play hard to win
  22. darthrafa

    Kyrgios pre-final press conference

    he spoke what he wants to, so maybe even himself does not know what he means interview prematch is just money generation machine without any sports insight
  23. darthrafa

    Nole's 2021 AO-FO-W >>> Nadal's 2022 AO-FO-W

    oh yeah djoker is the most boring among the big three GOAT~ who ducking cares?
  24. darthrafa

    Kyrgios’ Biggest Problems on Sunday…

    norrie? a place in sf already an overachievement, let alone one set from djoker
  25. darthrafa

    Kyrgios’ Biggest Problems on Sunday…

    Defeating djoker at wimby final is enough to motivate him playing seriously He knows that He also gets the ability to play on grass The most crucial is whether he can get the first set esp in bo5 His lack of serious playing in the past hamper his endurance
  26. darthrafa

    Why does Djokovic lose so many 1st sets?

    Players have sufficient energy to serve well while djoker efficiently allocated energy while others hope they can defeat him ASAP
  27. darthrafa

    Kyrgios’ Biggest Problems on Sunday…

    the biggest problem shall be it is a bo5 format
  28. darthrafa

    5 pressing questions for Wimbledon 2022

    tbh he is a wild card he can be crushed easily but maybe vice versa
  29. darthrafa

    “The weakest Wimbledon we've seen” - BBC commentator 2022

    no disrespect half of the sf are dead rubber withdrawal and norXXX