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  1. shsman2091

    Game Improvement....(Head Prestige Content)

    I have the Head LM Prestige MP, and with some soft strings (preferably nat gut) I think you will get outstanding feel, great pop on your serve, and you will definitely be able to hit more freely and have a hard time hitting out. I have nat gut at 64 lbs, and for an all court player like myself...
  2. shsman2091


    Thanks for the help guys, especially Chris and Mike. Chris, I definitely agree with you on everything in your last post, and the truth is that I just do not really have a hook, a specialty, rather I'm just one of the thousands kids that have awesome grades, lots of clubs, and are well-rounded...
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    If you look elsewhere on this forum, I have heard great praise for the academy. So to oppose such praise, I think a bit more than just swearing at the academy would be necessary.
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    Hmm, interesting, I find it quite sad and very discouraging that one of our nation's top 5 universities had a reviewer that considers a hook to be "a really rich and giving daddy." Because according to everyone that I know, talked to, and read about that have either been to Ivies, or are...
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    Understood, but it will improve chances slightly, because it is an extra activity outside of academics, and a pretty costly rare one if I may add. Grades are not enough, for if they were, I think my 105.4 GPA (weighted) and #2 class rank out of 312 students would be enough. Haven't taken the...
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    I'm going to Newk's summer camp for four weeks this summer, from July 1-29. I'm so excited. I'm not really a great tennis player, around 3.5-4.0, but I'm primarily doing this so that it looks good on my transcript for college. I'm only a sophomore and ranked 2nd singles on our varsity team...
  7. shsman2091

    federer wikipedia outrage

    I don't see anything about the paintjob issue on Wiki.
  8. shsman2091

    Tennis Channel and TIVO

    Thanks for the feedback JRStriker.
  9. shsman2091

    DA VINCI Code

    Probably so it can appeal to all age groups, definitely understandable.
  10. shsman2091

    DA VINCI Code

    It is definitely a great book, up there with "The Cat's Cradle" in my top ten list, and while we are on the topic of books, if you really like to read any type of book, you should read "American Theocracy," great new book for those who have any interest in politics or history. But it is totally...
  11. shsman2091

    Tennis Channel and TIVO

    How would you rate the Tennis Channel on a scale from 1-10 and why? I'm curious because I'm considering getting it.
  12. shsman2091

    What CD Should I Get??

    True, just get the best songs from each CD using something like Limewire, that's what I do. But beware though, even though I have not experienced this first hand, a lot of crackdowns have been occuring by the federal authorities due to these activities, so download at your own risk. LOL. I...
  13. shsman2091

    What CD Should I Get??

    Alicia Keys, but I'm not really the opinion of the majority. Plus I haven't listened to the Norah Jones CD yet.
  14. shsman2091

    Best forehand, backhand, serve, etc...ever? (Open Era)

    Running Forehand: Sampras Lob: Hewitt --Just didn't see these two yet.
  15. shsman2091

    read your mind

    It swaps the symbols for every number that adds up to nine everytime you reload the page.
  16. shsman2091

    read your mind

    Haha, my teacher taught us something a little different, that many of you probably already know: 1. Think of a number from 1 to 10 2. Multiply that number by 9 3. If the number is a 2-digit number, add the digits together 4. Now subtract 5 5. Determine which letter in...
  17. shsman2091

    polo shirts or crew shirts?

    I wear polos just because after seeing Safin making them work, I've realised they don't have to be too dressy and rich country clubbish, it could actually look kind of cool, as long as you don't have any more than one button done. Otherwise, you look like a tennis nerd.
  18. shsman2091

    Safin as a role model

    Probably not just because of the tennis, but what happens after the tennis ;) .
  19. shsman2091

    need a new racquet

    In my opinion, higher swing weight offers more control since there is more stability and you can use the weight of the racquet more to help muscle through the ball. Which is why a majority of players' frames are heavier and have a greater swing weight as compared to tweeners and beginner frames.
  20. shsman2091

    Lost weight, but still fat?

    Ok, so since June of 2005, I have lost 52 lbs, from 226 lbs to 174 lbs. I am 6 foot by the way. I decreased my calorie consumption to about 1300-1600 a day. And I don't just diet, but also go to the gym 3 days a week and lift weights along with run on the treadmill and go on the elliptical...
  21. shsman2091

    Pace on Slow Balls?

    Thanks for the help guys, it all makes sense. I'll definitely work with these suggestions when I play those kind of players. Thanks again as always.
  22. shsman2091

    Pace on Slow Balls?

    I am usually a very aggressive serve returner. Yesterday however, I was playing against a solid player, but he had a very crappy serve. The first serve if it was in (5 % of the time) would be very fast, and usually I could return it with some good pace. The second serve was so slow however...
  23. shsman2091

    Tennis Shoes For Running?

    Does anyone here use tennis shoes for running? I am just curious because my varsity tennis team tryouts are coming, and everyday, especially during the tryouts, before we play we have to run 1-2 miles depending on the coach's mood. And I'm also looking for some tennis shoes, and so I am...
  24. shsman2091

    Best control oriented racquet?

    How about the LM Prestige MP?
  25. shsman2091

    Head Transparent Shock Aborber

    I have not experience this yet. What string pattern do you use it with? Maybe thats a factor. I use it with 18x20 pattern, which is pretty tight.
  26. shsman2091

    ESPN Guest Commentators

    Carillo's the worst, her voice is just awful, and she says some really stupid things sometimes.
  27. shsman2091

    Nick Bollettieri-Open Letter to Serena

    At the age of 14? Anyhow, when he does play his best, nobody, not Sampras nor Federer can stop him. And so who are you to say he will never fulfill his potential? Who are you to say that once his knee will be 100% that he may even reach top 5? Anyhow, with Safin not reaching his true...
  28. shsman2091

    Nick Bollettieri-Open Letter to Serena

    Yeah, but Kournikova never won a grandslam, and there won't be many people saying they want to go to Bolletieri's academy because the academy made a great player out of her. Safin on the other hand, he is probably one of the most popular and entertaining men's player, yet at the same time he is...
  29. shsman2091

    Nick Bollettieri-Open Letter to Serena

    When Safin was 14 years old, his father and him went to Bollettieri's, and he was rejected by Nick himself. And in a more recent interview (in 2005 at least), he said Bollettieri knows crap about tennis, rather that he is just a businessman.