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  1. Jontyg

    Best Match of Each Year - 2000 to 2018

    Wow...that 2005 SF between Fed and Safin...just wow...the foot speed a young fed had was just amazing..also the Verdasco vs Nadal...I mean out of this world athleticism from Nadal..great trip down memory lane...
  2. Jontyg

    The most beautiful picture in Tennis history

    Totally agree..the final set of AO17 is the perfect way to cheer up for us Fedheads.. I know that there is lot of discussion here about who the GOAT is or the most athletic..but one thing is for sure...if there is a trophy for "The most beautiful player to watch"...don't think anyone even comes...
  3. Jontyg

    The most beautiful picture in Tennis history

    :( Half man...half amazing...would be a sad day when he retires..i'll probably lock myself in the room and cry my heart out..
  4. Jontyg

    Thank you Martina Navratilova for a logical, reasoned response

    I was about to post the same. Finally someone with a sane mind.
  5. Jontyg

    Serena Williams

    The writer is not being honest..The reason the ump lost it after the "thief" remark was because she was badgering him throughout even before that remark, asking him to this instance the whole world saw it and heard it.. also I don't believe if he had just warned her she would have...
  6. Jontyg

    Serena Williams

    The disgusting media cheered her after her press conference...pathetic..this was just after someone in the press asked Serena what kind of teachable moment this is for her daughter when she grows up...her response was basically just fight for your rights..nothing about teaching her not to berate...
  7. Jontyg

    Serena Williams

    This is the reason Serena keeps doing this stuff...everyone asks why did she not learn from the 2009 tirade..its because of everyone backing her despite knowing she was in the wrong..that gives her license to continue this kind of behavior..very sad...
  8. Jontyg

    Serena Williams

    Man that Avtar may be better than the jordan meme...rofl.. is that SHS?
  9. Jontyg

    Serena Williams

    I would not include Venus man..venus is the anti-serena..always wins and loses with class..does not throw tantrums like her sis..
  10. Jontyg

    Serena Williams

    Seriously I was in a meeting and just burst out laughing . You can never go wrong with the Crying Jorden meme..ha ha
  11. Jontyg

    Serena Williams

    I would say the same thing if a man does please don’t make it a gender issue...
  12. Jontyg

    Serena Williams

    You are was nauseating to watch the journos cheering her...I mean seriously this is something to cheer about..a 37 yr old 23 GS mature mother basically berating a chair umpire...
  13. Jontyg

    Serena Williams

    I bet everyone is saying that publicly..but privately everyone is tired of her antics...
  14. Jontyg

    Serena Williams

    Bet they will post it on youtube.
  15. Jontyg

    Serena Williams

    Just saw Serena’s press conference. She still thinks she did not do anything wrong. You can’t constantly berate the chair and expect no consequences..
  16. Jontyg

    Wilander doesn't want another Federer in tennis

    I think its because of slowing down the freaking courts..the 90's in that regard were so got the Musters and the Brugera in the clay...Sampras and the big servers in Grass..with their S&V and the baselines like Courier and Agassi in the HC' all you got are grinders who just hit...
  17. Jontyg

    Can Nole match Fed's slam count?

    I think it is very possible...who is going to stop him...if people complain about Fed's weak competition during his early years..what would they say now about the competition now..Fed's not going to challenge him..Nadal is too injury who else...Del po..maybe...
  18. Jontyg

    Nadal showed why he is a greater competitor than Fed.

    So let me get revere a guy for his fighting spirit one who retires during matches and vilify a guy who just mentions that "At some point I am glad the match is over"...oh well...whatever makes you sleep at night...see you VM brigade next clay season..We all know he will lay an egg in...
  19. Jontyg

    2018 US Open SF - Rafael Nadal (1) vs JM Del Potro (3)

    No need..we all know..its one m He should have retired at the AO 14 finals..... I am merely pointing out the fact that..for some reason a guy who retires during matches is revered for his fighting spirit while a guy who just mentiones that.."At some point you just want the match to be over" is...
  20. Jontyg

    2018 US Open SF - Rafael Nadal (1) vs JM Del Potro (3)

    So now this loss for Nadal does not count because he retired and was insjured. The same way as the match against Cilic does not count..the same way as the match against Wa-wa or numerous other players..while Fed's needs to retire because he was trying to avoid Djokovic..ha ha..
  21. Jontyg

    How many more times does Federer have to prove people wrong?

    I actually think this loss was due to his mental issues..but rather physical. He played 2 matched on Friday and then played a tight first set on Saturday...Thats why the GS are better at his age..he needs that extra day in between days he plays..
  22. Jontyg

    Slams if Djoko wasn't injured

    Yeah and if Novak had stayed at 28 years old like benjamin button he would have 30
  23. Jontyg

    New, revised GOAT List

    Rating Novak over Rafa is just ridiculous...
  24. Jontyg

    Please retire Roger....

    Guys need to pipe down..GS you get a day between games..pretty crucial for a 37 year old...
  25. Jontyg

    Del Potro pulls out of Toronto with left wrist injury

    Good bye Delpo..see in 2020 when you make a comeback and tease us again with an emotional SF run in a slam...
  26. Jontyg

    Interesting article on medical care for athletes....

    I don't that is why I said I "guess"..If I had the info..I would have stated the "fact is"...
  27. Jontyg

    Interesting article on medical care for athletes....

    Very interesting article...Didn't Rafa sue some guy and won a case against him for mentioning these TUE's and suggesting that he was chaeting...I think it was a frech reporter.. My guess is these things are pretty common in Tennis where everyone is playing pretty much the entire year...
  28. Jontyg

    Active WTA players with one handed backhands (list)

    Wish Henin would come back and play...just to watch that beautiful one handed BH...that was a thing of beauty...
  29. Jontyg

    Berdych Withdraws from DC, Toronto, Cincy

    Well Cilic and Zevrev are about his height...lot better movers than Berdych. When Cilic came on to scene, his movement was pretty ordinary as well. I think he improved a lot. I know we consider Delpo pretty slow..but I would take his movement over Berdych..
  30. Jontyg

    Ryan Harrison - The Angriest Player the Game has ever seen

    Didn’t know about these instances..but looks like he has the entire gamut of being a ********* covered...wonder how the other players feel about him...