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  1. Nate7-5

    Jack sock yonex?

    Orange Rev
  2. Nate7-5

    Greatest Canadian player ever

    Lol - what a rough life
  3. Nate7-5

    Alcaraz has the GIFT

    Yes, but he's Spanish so he MUST be a monster on clay!
  4. Nate7-5

    2023 Indian Wells F: Alcaraz vs Medvedev

    Carlos is box office
  5. Nate7-5

    Rybakina - Coaching too much

    I hope teams start having someone listen to the coaches of the other players and relay all of the info to them via txt
  6. Nate7-5

    IW unfair to Stan the Man??

    I have to be realistic - there are a few guys that need to be on their B or C game for Stan to have a chance. Still really enjoy watching him play.
  7. Nate7-5

    Medvedev vs Fokina

    My god - Fok did not have to hit that 0-30 shot that hard
  8. Nate7-5

    WTA weeks of 03/08 - 03/19: Indian Wells (1000)

    This Kvitova/Pegula deciding tiebreak is something else!
  9. Nate7-5

    2023 Yonex VCores

    You cannot get accurate sw measurements with a placard still in because the air resistance makes the racquet feel more head heavy. Those are all way too high for unstrung sw anyway.
  10. Nate7-5

    The gut/poly thread

    I don't know if it will saw faster, but I had really bad notching with Rev crosses. It could have been the type of gut I was using - would certainly try it again.
  11. Nate7-5

    The Rune vs Wawrinka grudges at the net

    Yes, with a sample size of 2 matches.
  12. Nate7-5

    Jack Sock

    Is Jack using orange PolyTour Rev also??
  13. Nate7-5

    ATP Week 02/27 - 01/05 Dubai (500), Acapulco (500), Santiago (250)

    I hope these guys don't go 5 sets at a major :laughing:
  14. Nate7-5

    Which Is The Best OverGrip?

    I look forward to summer heat just so I can use Dry Grap again :D
  15. Nate7-5

    Osaka with Agassi

    Added bonus!
  16. Nate7-5

    Sinner and FAA are a combined 0-11 against The Medieval Era

    I wanted Nick to win but you never know what could have happened had Medvedev one the 1st tiebreak. Didnt Nick save a set point or 2?
  17. Nate7-5

    who at Nike allowed this garish collection to be released?

    Nike and adidas apparel these days survive on brand recognition - much prefer the smaller brands like ellesse, diadora and yonex.
  18. Nate7-5

    2023 Yonex VCores

    My on sale '21 VC95 came in at 281sw unstrung - a bit under my 1st one at 285sw. Strung with 1.25 gut/poly + damp/og I was at ~312sw. Took it out for the first time to practice serves and was serving terrible. Put .6g test tungsten on the tip and it immediately felt better. Don't mind putting a...
  19. Nate7-5

    If you’re not an Andy Murray fan…

    I just watched the Murray/Sonego highlights. He seems to be getting flak from people about accepting wildcards. Even if Andy and Stan aren't at the absolute top level right now, you know that the love of the game is a major reason they are still playing. And they are still great players.
  20. Nate7-5

    Jack sock yonex?

    That was a pretty close match
  21. Nate7-5

    2023 Yonex VCores

    Already did almost the same thing last winter with PTF 1.20 at 55/52 - just thought the gut needed a tiny bit more tension so Im pretty sure it's going to be money.
  22. Nate7-5

    2023 Yonex VCores

    When I first demo'd the v6 VC95, they had PolyTour Air Im guessing at 53lbs. I could feel the promise of the racquet but the sweet spot almost disappears at that tension. I just picked up another sale 95 and put in Klip uncoated gut 1.25 @56lbs X PolyTour Fire 1.25 @51lbs. This one is 281...
  23. Nate7-5

    Now we know how good peak Stan, Murray and Nadal were

    There is no such thing as a "weak slam."
  24. Nate7-5

    2023 Australian Open Women's Final: [5] A. Sabalenka vs. [22] E. Rybakina

    Did anyone think Sabalenka wasnt going to have serving yips in her first major final? :D
  25. Nate7-5

    2023 Australian Open Women's Final: [5] A. Sabalenka vs. [22] E. Rybakina

    My pick was Rybakina WLW but I might be sweating the 2nd set :oops:
  26. Nate7-5

    2023 Australian Open SF: [4] Novak Djokovic vs Tommy Paul

    Just here for all the Djoko fans couching his chances
  27. Nate7-5

    2023 Yonex VCores

    She is such a badass...WOW