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    is anyone getting tired of federer killing everyone?

    Federer is killing everyone except for speedy Rafael Nadal. Is it getting boring? No. Rogi is such a fun to watch with a repertoire easily a pro's envy. How can anyone be bored watching him? I wonder.
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    The TT Cup — Player Nominations (SUI, AUS, FRA, SCG)

    SUI: Roger Federer, Martina Hingis Australia: Hewitt, Molik France: Gasquet, Amelie Serbia: Djokovic, Ivanovic
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    The TT Cup — Player Nominations (ESP, ARG, RUS, USA)

    Spain: Juan Carlos Ferrero, pascal Russia: Marat Safin, Dementiava USA: Andre Agassi, Davenport Argentina: Coria, dulko
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    Which male tennis star attracts all the gay fans?

    Safin is hot but suprisingly, not lots have mentioned anything about Juan Carlos Ferrero. Nadal is getting hotter as he gets older. Roddick is too over-rated in my opinion, so no offence to all A-Rod's fans.
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    Juan carlos ferrero ever to be top ten again?

    I seriously hope that he'll crack into the top 10 again. Hopefully, he'll start playing well during the clay-court season. Always supporting you, Juan carlos!
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    read this tennis blog

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    I'm calling a possible upset....Shiavone def. Clijsters

    Doesn't matter who wins that match because martina will have a tough time with either player provided she wins her fourth round match today. Maybe it's slightly better to play against Shiavone as she may not be a big-time player like Clijsters who has the necessary experience to win all the...
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    Gracious Andy

    I've also thought that Andy is very gracious in his defeat. Though I really think he needs to improve on several aspects of his game, I must say that his banter is hirlarious and i honestly would like him to do well. Sort of kinda nice bloke to me!
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    What's going on with Ferrero

    Lack of confidence and the change of racquet doesn't help his cause at all. Very upset that he lost today. Sigh!
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    MJ Fernandez : Roger Federer looks up to Hingis

    Sorry... was a typo error on my part. It's deft.
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    MJ Fernandez : Roger Federer looks up to Hingis

    I can understand why Roger looks up to Hingis when he was making a mark in the circuit while Hingis was clearly the No 1 player. Probably inspired by her all-court game and daft touches at the net.
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    Your Dream Date on the ATP/WTA tour

    It has to be Ferrero!
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    of theFor those interested, Sexiest man men's tour?

    It has to Safin followed by Ferrero
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    how's ferrero looking?

    Spelling was wrong, i'm sorry. Ferrero will great....
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    how's ferrero looking?

    He's playing better. Should expect to clear the second round and my guess is that he's wonderful run will end in the fourth round. I hope not though. He's looking gorgous now with the hair.
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    How many more can Hingis win?

    Hingis has to win her second round match. Don't look too far yet again. More talk can be discussed after both players win their matches.
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    Okay.... I'm big supporter...One match at a time!
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    Don't look too far... One match at a time. Good for him.
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    AO Live Feed here!!! second day start ihhaaa...

    suddenly, *********.org is working again!
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    Predict the score 2 Hingis v Pierce

    they're only playing in the third round. There's still the second round to play. Thinking too far ahead.
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    Players you miss playing at the Australian Open

    Without a doubt, the legendary Monica Seles. I really do miss her
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    AO Live Feed here!!! second day start ihhaaa...

    are you guys using windows media player to watch the live feed?
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    AO Live Feed here!!! second day start ihhaaa...

    Couldn't open in my windows media player. not sure why?
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    AO Live Feed here!!! second day start ihhaaa...

    Didn't work for me. I give up. Thanks! i'm so upset.
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    Martina Hingis' match coming up *spoiler*

    I can't get the live feed. I'm so upset.... really wanna to watch her play.
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    AO Live Feed here!!! second day start ihhaaa...

    Do you if there's another web site i can go too? both doesn't work for me.
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    sania's match today

    I'm Asian but i don't particularly feel for her. No major impact on me.
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    Serena's next to go--probably soon

    Serena needs to up another gear in the next round if she's not going to following her sister's early dismissal. Sensibly, I know she'll make some adjustments at the practice courts tomorrow.
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    Better forehand-Roddick or Federer?

    I remember Hewitt commented Roger's forehand in the line of ' Federer's forehand is tough to read and the pace and versatility comes with it makes it even harder for me to put the deep, let alone be aggressive with the return of his forehand shot.' He was saying along that line and it does...