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  1. LiamMiguel

    Grommets for Blade v6 16x19

    Will either the v8 or v7 grommets work on the v6?
  2. LiamMiguel

    Customizing Blade v6 16x19 and Six.One 95L 16x18 to near Blade Pro v8 16x19

    So, my dumb*** cracked one of my Blade Pros in the hoop and two more have hairline cracks in the neck of the racket from I don't even know what. I had my dad ship two of my old Wilson sticks to my college for backup, in the worst-case scenario, I'm gonna have to use them. One racket is my old...
  3. LiamMiguel

    Mal Fils Scents in PR&G!

    Pure Aero 98 or VS???
  4. LiamMiguel

    Gravity pro 2019 vs 2021

    Cosmetic change only
  5. LiamMiguel

    I *also* play D3 Tennis, AMA

    Not sure, someone older that knows the area might know. I know Franklin County isn't dry for a fact, though.
  6. LiamMiguel

    I *also* play D3 Tennis, AMA

    Actually, a good amount of my friends (and I) will go over to that truck stop or like the Sonic after going out. I'm guessing you're talking about the Pilot on the other Monteagle exit off I-24? I unfortunately caught it in the second semester of my senior year of high school in 2021. It was an...
  7. LiamMiguel

    I *also* play D3 Tennis, AMA

    YSR haha! It’s definitely different; I had lived in Dallas most of my life so I was really used to the big city. It was a bit of a transition, to be honest, from Dallas to Sewanee but I love it. I’ve become more of a nature guy and everything is here that any student needs. Just in case, there’s...
  8. LiamMiguel

    Anyone else notice many of the top Yonex men players are actually using previous model shoes in '23 colorway @OzOpen?

    Ruud and Hurkacz had PC Eclipsion 3s on throughout last year as well. Why change the shoes that work for the players???
  9. LiamMiguel

    Nike Zoom GP Turbo official thread.

    Really wish I had the chance to try these shoes out…ended up just stocking on random shoes at this point :(
  10. LiamMiguel

    Nike Vapor 9.5 Tour rerelease

    I was just putting it out there that if we haven’t seen anything regarding the shoe on TW yet, it might be a Nike exclusive. Don’t know obviously though. Sorry to scare you!
  11. LiamMiguel

    I *also* play D3 Tennis, AMA

    Kind of both. Our athletic administration puts out a ton of announcements saying "hey attend this game because it is so-and-so night" and things like that. Either way, athletes usually watch each other's sports anyways. Whenever I work in Men's basketball games (I'm our sole student athletic...
  12. LiamMiguel

    Happy Hour at Tennis Warehouse!

    I believe they do.
  13. LiamMiguel

    Adidas SoleMatch Control

    Anyone with a comment regarding durability yet (I may have missed it)? I got the shoes like a month ago but still need to go through my other shoes.
  14. LiamMiguel

    Sponsorship Changes for 2023

    Which part?
  15. LiamMiguel

    Sponsorship Changes for 2023

    Possibly at the Australian Open…Fed switched at Wimbledon after wearing Nike during the warmup tournaments.
  16. LiamMiguel

    What did you get for Christmas?

    Any recommendations for what epoxy I should buy that’s strong?
  17. LiamMiguel

    What did you get for Christmas?

    Yeah, I know, it’s just temporary for now. I was just getting annoyed when hitting and wanted a quick fix. I’ll go get some epoxy after New Years.
  18. LiamMiguel

    What did you get for Christmas?

    Got some small, low-profile screws to fix the loose buttcap/handle of my Wilson racket haha :/
  19. LiamMiguel

    Nike Vapor 9.5 Tour rerelease

    Slowly getting more and more scared that it could be a Nike SNKRS app release…
  20. LiamMiguel

    Birmingham Southern College potentially closing after Spring 2023

    I was talking to my friend in Birmingham and she told me apparently the school has historically been in debt since their opening to the local government and they have had trouble obtaining anymore money from the local government. She also told me that the general opinion on BSC has gotten worse...
  21. LiamMiguel

    Nike 2023 General Thread

    Wish they’d bring back the NikeCourt elite socks, they were great. Nike socks are expensive anyways, switched to Under Armour. Compared to the everyday Nike crew socks, they’re way better and cheaper.
  22. LiamMiguel

    Nike 2023 General Thread

    RF wore the player edition shoe of whatever Vapor was out at the time (until the ON shoes). For example, he wore the 9.5 chassis from 2014-2016 and the 9.5 Flyknit (and sometimes the 9.5/AJ3) chassis in 2017.
  23. LiamMiguel

    Nike 2023 General Thread

    The 9.5 was only produced until the end of 2017? Doesn’t make sense for them being pandemic leftovers.
  24. LiamMiguel

    NikeCourt Zoom Vapor Pro 2

    Would’ve been just fine if it had been “Zoom Cage 4” but nope. Let’s just combine the two popular lines’ names.
  25. LiamMiguel

    Advice for Changing Rackets

    Like said above, budget will matter. Most guys at D3 have 3-4 rackets. If you want more control and you want to stay loyal to Babolat, I suggest trying out the Pure Strike line. If you want to potentially look at other brands with good playability, maybe look at the Wilson Blade 98 line or the...
  26. LiamMiguel

    Birmingham Southern College potentially closing after Spring 2023

    Exactly what I was thinking; as much as they are our rivals, I would hate to see a decent tennis team like that go. They have a top 5 national baseball team and I think other good programs too so really a horrible situation.
  27. LiamMiguel

    Birmingham Southern College potentially closing after Spring 2023

    They’re very affordable compared to other liberal arts schools too, I guess that could be part of it :(
  28. LiamMiguel

    What strings are used in Babolat prestrung rackets ?

    Used to have an old Babolat with Xcel in them.
  29. LiamMiguel

    Aeropro drive original string choice in 2022

    I say this a lot but Volkl Cyclone.