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  1. tomas9848

    Youzhny back with Adidas

    yeah he is back i assume
  2. tomas9848

    Wimbledon 2010 stringing

    Thanks for your help
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    Keeping the 90 or go to something Bigger?

    I currently use Fed's Old Stick the K Factor. Strung with Big Banger in Mains and Syn. Gut in Crosses at 55 lbs. I used a Head Radical Mid Plus and loved it. Should I look at a new size at Wilson or look at another company. I also like the Dunlop 4D 200. I can get both Player Packages for Head...
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    Wimbledon 2010 stringing

    Do you have anything String tension/string on Josselin Ouanna? Thanks
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    What is the Better Bag?

    i got the eco tour. im getting it monday. so pumped. thanks everybody :)
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    Best ball for clay court?

    The Dunlop Clay Court Grand Prix balls are really good
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    What is the Better Bag?

    But then what is the better bag? The BLX bag looks the best. What is a better value?
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    Shoe Choices

    ight man thanks appreciate it
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    What is the Better Bag?

    Thanks Man your right. Money kind of is an issue. So yeah i am.
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    What is the Better Bag?

    No one has any feedback???
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    Shoe Choices

    anymore suggestions????
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    Shoe Choices

    Well I have the 1.3s still so just use the 2k10s as a match shoes? Thanks for your help.
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    What is the Better Bag?

    I want a new bag and I used Feds old K Factor racquet and want a better bag. Should I get the old super six or the new blx one? Or should I get the smaller BLX bag?
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    ATP 2000 -French Open (Roland Garros)

    Ouanna played great. Allez Josselin
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    Roddick vs Nieminen, R1

    I think Roddick in 4
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    Shoe Choices

    I have really big matches coming up and I want new shoes. Should I get the feathers ,Nike Zoom Breathe 2K10 Wh/Black Men's Shoes, or the 2.3 Ballestics? Feed back much appreciated.
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    Thomaz Bellucci, RG's Dark Horse

    im actually thinking a french player. Maybe Ouanna Or that Beniot Parite guy. Maybe Witten.
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    Rafa v Gianni Mina(Q)

    Rafa might dominate. Mina might win a set.
  19. tomas9848

    Miami-Sony Ericsson Open-ATP1000

    does anyone have qualies draw?
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    Free Promotions to Win Stuff

    Are there any tennis promotions of big companies where you can send them a letter and win stuff?
  21. tomas9848

    Luxilon Adrenaline

    I won the contest and they sent it to me free :)
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    Michael Berrer Racquet?

    Its Pacific. Which is a natural Gut string company and they make poly.
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    Ultimate Sponsorship Thread

    so can mantis take place of my babolat super fine play as a syn gut string?
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    Open 13, Marseille (ATP 250)

    dang ouanna lost.
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    ATP 250- Memphis

    whats the deal with Bobby Reynolds?
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    Open 13, Marseille (ATP 250)

    Ouanna plays Tsonga. Could be an upset!!!
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    Ultimate Sponsorship Thread

    I wish i could get luxilon. lol:)
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    TW Europe Already Selling Adidas Roland Garros Gear

    i want all of it lol