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  1. Oceansize

    RG 2014 SF : Nadal (1) vs Murray (7)

    I think he's won the last 98 times after going up 2-0, with his only loss coming in his first ever 5 set match on tour, against Nalbandian at Wimbledon in 2005. Anyway, despite this stat, I'd still have my money on Nadal to win even if Murray somehow got up 2 sets to nil, unless of course...
  2. Oceansize

    Roddick slams Monfils during Murray match

    I seem to remember Monfils showboating and generally being a bit over the top when he beat Roddick in straight sets at the French in 2009. At one point Roddick said to him "you aren't good enough, to be that cocky". I guess Roddick's opinion on him hasn't changed much since then.
  3. Oceansize

    RG 2014 QF : Murray (7) vs Monfils (23)

    At the 2007 Aus Open, he was 6-0, 6-0 & 5-0 up on Alberto Martin. He lost the next game so ended up 6-0, 6-0, 6-1. At the time he'd have been the 6th person to complete a triple bagel in the open era.
  4. Oceansize

    Fan of multiple Big 4 Members?

    How on earth as this thread made it this far without the obligatory "it's only a Big 3 - Murray shouldn't be included". Standards are slipping around here.
  5. Oceansize

    Is Murray getting stronger year by year?

    His Slam results have improved every year from 2009 to 2012. If he makes the final at the USO he'll outdo his 2012 Slam results, to keep this trend going.
  6. Oceansize

    2013 Wimbledon F: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Andy Murray

    Well, I think Bartoli made a special point of doing that due to the long history of her Dad actually being her coach up until last year. Although she changed to a different coach this year, she just wanted to let him know he was an important part of the win, I guess. For Murray, it was a bit...
  7. Oceansize

    Hewitt vs Murray now

    I'm not so sure. Out of his last 8 slams not on clay, he's won 2 and lost to Fed/Nadal/Djokovic in the other 6. So I'm pretty sure the guys ranked 5 - 10 aren't as deliriously happy to play him as you might think.
  8. Oceansize

    Last 27 Slams either won by Fed/Nadal or eventual Champ beat at least one of them.

    I was looking at this old thread I made and It still amazes me. The streak eventually went up to 32 Slams by my calculations. With Murray's win at the 2012 USO being the first Slam since Gaudio's 2004 FO, where the winner wasn't Fed/Nadal or had beaten Fed or Nadal on the way to the title...
  9. Oceansize

    Has Murray surpassed Roddick in greatness?

    I'd say Roddick's prime years were 2003 - 2009. During this time there, were 21 slams he had a chance at (leaving out the French Open). Other than his 2003 USO win, he lost to Federer in 7 of these, whilst losing to the likes of Gasquet, Johansson, Schuettler, Baghdatis, Muller, Kohlschreiber...
  10. Oceansize

    Classy stuff from the Djokovic Family

    It's not a joke, it was shown during the BBC's broadcast. Murray and Djokovic first played each other at an under 12s event, so their parents may have known each other for the past 14 years or so. Nice touch from Mrs Djokovic.
  11. Oceansize

    Will the Brits STFU now?

    You seem like a cheery fellow. I wonder if your good mood has anything to do with your prediction that "it will be another joke final with some chump getting owned hard by Djokovic".
  12. Oceansize

    How many slams will Murray win?

    Big question mark for me is his health. He clutches his hip and lower back a lot (admittedly usually only when he's lost an important point), and he continues to often run around too much whilst playing too defensively. I wouldn't be surprised if his career goes like Hewitt's, with injuries...
  13. Oceansize

    Murray Fans, the Final Game

    As soon as I saw he was getting emotional at 40-0 up, I started to worry as it was obvious he was struggling to just stay in the moment, and was thinking of winning the match. As they say the hardest point is the last one. Flashbacks to him blowing the 2 set lead in last years US Open final...
  14. Oceansize

    Comparison between hewitt (2001-2002) and murray (2012-2013)

    Another coincidence is Hewitt didn't drop a set until being taken to 5 sets in the Quarter Final.
  15. Oceansize

    Once again - Murray's tough draw evaporates in 2 days

    At Wimbledon, it's happened a few times in the last 11 years: 2008 - Fed's highest ranked opponent on route to final was #24 2006 - Nadal's highest ranked opponent on route to final was #18 2002 - Nalbandian's highest ranked opponent on route to final was #22 Interestingly, all three...
  16. Oceansize

    Does this remind anybody of US Open 2009?

    To be honest, it reminds me more of French Open 2005, French Open 2006, French Open 2007, French Open 2008, French Open 2010, French Open 2011 and French Open 2012.
  17. Oceansize

    The top ten at the end of 2013

    I agree completely with your 10 picks but perhaps in a slightly different order. Since Cilic's high rank of 9 in Feb 2010 he fell to 32 in July 2011. However, in the last 18 months he's been back up as high as 13(currently 15). Therefore, it seems a good shout for him continuing to creep back...
  18. Oceansize

    Why has Murray's level dropped since the USO?

    Good point! I think a lot of people are guilty of overreacting on this forum (myself included). All in all it was a great year for Andy, and he just needs to keep on trying to improve gradually. In hindsight it is silly to think his Slam victory was going to suddenly turn him into a more...
  19. Oceansize

    Why has Murray's level dropped since the USO?

    I too thought after winning a Slam, he would be able to relax and enjoy his tennis more. However, he still seems uptight and prone to taking the 'try not to lose' mentality on to the court. I'm thinking it's time to accept that Murray will never be able to consistently play attacking...
  20. Oceansize

    2012 ATP World Tour Finals: Roger FEDERER vs. Andy MURRAY

    Well he has been seeing Lendl's sport psychologist - But I guess it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. You get the impression he's been in a bad mood since day one.
  21. Oceansize

    Importance of an aura for Murray?

    I don't ever see Murray having an aura of invincibility like Fed, Nadal and Djokovic have had at various periods. He's still just too mentally up and down to consistently play near his best match after match. But if he can keep saving his best tennis for the Slams, like he's done this year, I...
  22. Oceansize

    Dear Murray fans...

    Nice one Batz. I love how you call it for what it is. Unfortunately I fear your point has gone over people's heads, or perhaps is just being wilfully ignored, lol.
  23. Oceansize

    Will Lendl remain Murray's coach...

    I expect Lendl to stay with Murray for another year at least. There seems to be a genuine friendship and mutual respect between them. I mean it's not exactly a bad gig for him, as he get's to help a talented but underachieving guy reach his potential, whilst also playing lots of rounds of golf...
  24. Oceansize

    We waited 76 years for that celebration?...

    Murray has always been more concerned about not losing rather than being desperate to win. Hence he was relieved to have finally not lost in a slam final, as opposed to being overjoyed to have won. I always thought this was a strange mindset, but in commentary Jim Courier admitted he also...
  25. Oceansize

    [2] Novak Djokovic vs [3] Andy Murray US Open FINAL

    He said "my legs are like jelly!"