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    2023 Australian Open SF: [4] Novak Djokovic vs Tommy Paul

    He says he's angry about the towel, but really he's just annoyed how the war's going for his hero Putin
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    Djokovic: "Only my injuries are called into question".."let them doubt I have nothing to prove to anyone. I have the MRI, the ultrasound and the rest

    Given Djokovic is a piece of ****, a liar, an egomaniac and given as someone who watches a lot of football has repeatedly seen. You "do not play through hamstring injuries" and that it's a few weeks off even for the smallest thing. So it makes me think he's lying. Either about what the injury...
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    Medvedev and Zverev officially number 1 and 2 respectively in the ATP rankings

    Nadal being number 1 makes sense which I'm sure he is in the race - thing is he missed 6 months last year. Medvedev has a slam and another final so it's not that aggregious. Seems reasonable to reward playing and winning in other tournaments. There's no perfect way to do rankings but 6 months...
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    Rafa only beat Djo 2x outside of clay since 2011...

    Is that right? Clay is a surface that tennis is played on though. Expect nadal has the majority of the wins off hard too, not that it matters. They are both great players but Nadal has two more grand slams and isn't a pseudoscience worshipping, ethnonationalist anti-vaxxer moron. So that...
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    2022 BOSS Open, Stuttgart (ATP 250)

    So looks like nobody's voted for Andy, could it be another case of the classic tt tennis vote striking again? Surprising nobody threw a vote in after he won that set.
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    Rafael Nadal - Health Update : Rafa suffers stress fracture on 3rd rib, out for 4-6weeks.

    And those anti-vaccers were so excited when they thought it might be a heart problems from the big bad scary vaccine. Sorry folks, wrong again. I really encourage you guys to get off the internet and go outside.
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    Peak Roddick vs Peak Zverev

    At the grand slams Roddick wins every single match. Peak Roddick is a top ten player after all. Outside that Zverev wins a few more
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    Tim Henman believes Novak Djokovic will be able to play at Wimbledon this year even if he remains unvaccinated.

    Tim Henman's an idiot, but it is almost certainly true, here in the UK we are entering the stage of the pandemic where we put our fingers in our ears and say lalalala. Operation pretend COVID doesn't exist. Even before there was never any vaccination requirement to enter sport stadiums apart...
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    Master Stroke by Djokovic to taint the slam race ?

    Well this is an idiotic thread. LIke has been said he's only tainted his own reputation. Previously people didn't like him because he's annoying, now people don't like him because he's also a dangerous misinformation peddling fool who will costs lives and impact the world's ability to prevent...
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    Djokovic to BBC: "I’m not anti-vax but will sacrifice trophies if told to get jab"

    Seen a few comments in this thread and it does remind me, it is incredible these anti-vaxxers who don't want to take an incredibly well researched vaccine because they don't want to put something not tested into their bodies, are also happy to take whatever and whichever unproven treatments Joe...
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    Djokovic to BBC: "I’m not anti-vax but will sacrifice trophies if told to get jab"

    Public figure, loads of followers who hero worshiping him uncritically taking what he says as gospel and true. Actions have consequences, avoid permenant pandemic etc.
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    Djokovic to BBC: "I’m not anti-vax but will sacrifice trophies if told to get jab"

    Sorry Novacl you ARE anti-vax. I personally support people's right to choose but that's because I think persuasian is better - but I got vaccinated because the evidence is overwhelming on their effectiveness. and the lestt people get vaccinated the more chances of us being in a permenant...
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    If Rafa gets 21...

    Sure, probably would be. It's all subjective though so if the pearl clutching Djokovic or Federer fans want to say their guys are the greatest still they could do and make an argument. So don't worry. If he does though he'll probably be at 22 by the time Wimbledon comes around though which...
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    Australian Open 2022 Final: Rafael Nadal vs Daniil Medvedev

    Four threads eh? People are so eager. My pick is tennis in 5 sets.
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    [4]Tsitsipas vs. Medvedev[2] AO SF 2022

    I voted for Tsisipas in 4 but thinking about it I reckon it'll go five thinking about it. Looking forward to it though should be a good match. Hopefully the victor is Tennis.
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    If Rafa wins the AO, I will delete my account, lose $1000 and donate another $1000 to charity.

    Good on you. Hope you choose a good charity, didn't have a strong preference for a winner really but $1000 for a charity is always nice, make sure you pick a good one. An Australian refugee support charity might be a good one.
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    Meddy one slam wonder?

    Very common. You have been warned.
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    2022 Australian Open QF: Félix Auger-Aliassime [9] vs Daniil Medvedev [2]

    Only one vote for Felix in 3. In true TTW predictive fashion that will probably be the result, looking a bit more likely right now too....
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    Realistically is Zverev beating Rafa in a grand slam?

    Rafa's still in the top ten. So it won't happen.
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    Australian Open 2022 winner can’t be taken seriously

    Ah the fountain of knowledge. GOAT, GOAT, hate this player , GOAT GOAT, what if this hypothetical thing happened, GOAT, GOAT, GOAT, weak era, GOAT, GOAT. Should be called a university really not a forum.
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    How Many Sets Will Zverev Drop En Route to the AO Title?

    Whenver he first plays a top 10 player he'll drop 3 sets against them. It's tradition.
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    New court hearing scheduled in 10 minutes, Judge Kelly presiding again!

    I thought they give it to someone who lost in the last round of qualifying the "lucky loser" as they call it?
  23. Slice'n'dice

    New court hearing scheduled in 10 minutes, Judge Kelly presiding again!

    Good preparation for whoever would replace him in the draw, to have to wait till Sunday to find out if they are playing the Australian open or not...
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    "not the judge's decision but the government that capitulated"

    The government and immigration behaved so badly that it put the selfish reckless, super-spreading pseudoscience misinformation peddling world number #1 in a sympathetic light. It's quite the achievement. It's a shame this whole thing is focused on Djokovic and so little light, if any has been...
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    The Australian Open just got it's mightiest warrior back....

    For what it's worth I do think these rules do overreach somewhat, however they are the rules in Australia and that Djokovic is able to **** all over those rules whilst so many Australians are able to come back to their own country is a massive slap in the face and one more example of the one...
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    2021 US Open SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [4] Alexander Zverev

    Zverev needs to somehow pretend this isn't a grand slam. Quite like both players to lose to be honest. But in the interest in lack of tedium of Djokovic winning everything ad infinitum I'll be hoping for Zverev to win then lose the final. Though in truth the opposite will happen.. Even if...
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    UEFA Euro 2020(1)

    And tiresomely predictably the three players who missed penalties for England racially abused after the match. Disgusting. When you tell people it's legitimate to boo a gesture that is nothing else but a stand against discrimination and racism, you embolden these racists. It's an absolute...