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  1. the green god

    What year of John McEnroe's career do you think his serve looked the most fluid?

    '80 or '81. Then with his OCD and the move to graphite, all his strokes kept getting more and more abbreviated. By 1986, he looked like a completely different player.
  2. the green god

    Why do people sandbag?

    Similar to this?
  3. the green god

    Movie title from 70s or 80s can't find anywhere!
  4. the green god

    Anna Kournikova should be in the HOF

    Maxim HOF, yes. Tennis HOF, no.
  5. the green god

    Things you miss that don't exist anymore?

    My midsection from 15 years ago.
  6. the green god

    Tim Tebow is back

    :(Get ready for Tebow 2028.
  7. the green god

    Who has the greatest overhead smash ever ?

    Uh, remember tennis started in 2003.
  8. the green god

    New Rafa Shorts 2021?

    Looks like the old Fort Wayne Pistons colorway.
  9. the green god

    Down On Mayne Street

    I always wanted to meet that long, lovely dancer in a little club downtown.
  10. the green god

    US Open getting rid of line judges

    Sad day for tennis.
  11. the green god

    Pro rackets break more easily?

    It's all about racquet head speed and technique. They are pros for a reason:)
  12. the green god

    Medvedev out of Monte Carlo with covid

    Wow, that really escalated.
  13. the green god

    A Question for the Elder Statesmen: What did Club Tennis Look Like in the 60's and 70's?

    Short shorts and jock straps, mixed drinks in club bar after, and then hopefully taking a lady home for a nightcap in the 280Z.
  14. the green god

    Federer made a mistake...what am I missing?

    Should have went to the original Pro Staff. 65 inches of flexy goodness.
  15. the green god

    Djokovic already won

    How most of the world views tennis.
  16. the green god

    Djokovic already won

    Newsflash, 98% of people in the "West" could care less about tennis.
  17. the green god

    Federer with ON Tennis shoes Dubai

    Will be a great replacement for my Air Monarch's.