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  1. Fairhit

    Had a local club owner tell me this yesterday

    Well, if a plastic bottle disintegrates after thousands of years, that surely would happen to a racquet. As I see it, everything starts degrading as soon as it is produced, some things have better life spans than others, a tire vs a banana, but if the racquet is used without any abuse, i don´t...
  2. Fairhit

    Best Yonex Racket for Arm Issues?

    Interesting indeed, I played that frame for over a year with full bed of synthetic gut and not a single moment I had any discomfort and that is coming from a bad case of TE.
  3. Fairhit

    Styrofoam beads for racket fill

    I'm going to try this, I don't want to stop using my Puere Strikes, I put a synthetic grip, I've been playing with soft synthetic gut strings and it all has been helpful but have not yet given a total fix for some discomfort these frames give me, they feel much better and I have no signs of TE...
  4. Fairhit

    Opelka: Get rid of doubles

    Because of the Kyrgios' school of relevance in tennis, it is better to stay relevant through controversy than by training and being a good tennis player.
  5. Fairhit

    Swiatek just got KOed

    Some people take things to bizarre extremes. Iga is aa awesome player, the best movement on the tour today, variety and power, the best defender, how is she overrated? And talks about that mythical being called "of Barty haven't retired", apparently, she's better player since she retired than...
  6. Fairhit

    Swiatek just got KOed

    I can understand that, it means she cares greatly about winning. What I find obnoxious is the way she doesn't give credit to her opponent and places the loss on some sort of injury, that's what I can't stand about Nadal either. Just give credit to your opponent.
  7. Fairhit

    Try to act "normal", follow what others do...

    I wouldn't do any of that but I can understand different people cope different ways.
  8. Fairhit

    Opelka: Get rid of doubles

    I´m not disputing any reason exposed for lower viewership, I´m just saying that I don´t think keeping the eye on the ball is one of the issues. If you tell me it is an issue the majority of people have, I´ll consider myself lucky from now on.
  9. Fairhit

    Is there a top tennis player who really has no haters?

    I don't hate anyone, I even like Zverev now.
  10. Fairhit

    Any astrology expert here?

    What makes someone an expert? What are those credentials? I'm sincerely curious.
  11. Fairhit

    Any astrology expert here?

    Like two weeks ago someone asked me about my sing and the sign of my wife, first time in 20 years, I didn't remember what we supposed to be.
  12. Fairhit

    Opelka: Get rid of doubles

    I need glasses to watch, I even use them playing tennis. I have trouble keeping track of the puck watching hockey and that's why I don't watch it. What I'm saying is that I don't have the best vision but I have never ever had any trouble watching the ball in any tennis match I have watched on...
  13. Fairhit

    Opelka: Get rid of doubles

    I respect his opinion and i wouldn´t attack him for it but i think he should think before saying those things about fellow tennis players.
  14. Fairhit

    Opelka: Get rid of doubles

    What a salty comment.
  15. Fairhit

    Rune Wawrinka

    I get why he said what he said, it was a way to demonstrate Wawrinka only told him a baby because he lost in Paris, now that he wins, he has nothing to say. The thing is, saying that after a loss has no meaning in itself, it has to be put into context in order to understand what he's trying to do.
  16. Fairhit

    Should Murray switch to an easier racquet?

    Yes for a young player but for a veteran with an aging body there are easier frames to wield and more forgiving when the footwork and speed are not what they used to be.
  17. Fairhit

    Rune Wawrinka

    Cool clapback if you just won, after a loss it´s kind of embarrasing.
  18. Fairhit

    Clay courts should be made illegal.

    Nothing helps the UK´s cause in any sport.
  19. Fairhit

    Question: If Tennis players are "fitter than ever", has the injury rate reduced ? If not, why ?

    A more physical game, faster balls, more power and the fact that when you are fit, it doesn´t mean you bones and cartilages wont suffer from all those excruciating long matches. Add to it that players are taller and they have to bend more, they have to run faster and those muscles add weight...
  20. Fairhit

    Berretweeny sulks off the court

    E una donna bellisima.
  21. Fairhit

    Berretweeny sulks off the court

    Agree, his legs aren't that muscular.
  22. Fairhit

    Berretweeny sulks off the court

    It is hard to have big calves? At least no to have Bambi calves?
  23. Fairhit

    Being betterer at Indian Wells

    I should have made more clear I was refering to ATGs. And yes, there are many players with limited succes on tour but with awesome highlight reels, take for instance Kyrgios.
  24. Fairhit

    Being betterer at Indian Wells

    I like to watch highlight reels from anybody, you see great points from the whole career of many great players and they seem very lacking compared with the highlights of Federer in just one tournament. You can make a video of not so stelar (for Federer) points from Fed and it would beat in...
  25. Fairhit

    Being betterer at Indian Wells

    Nope, he´s as good as tennis gets.
  26. Fairhit

    If Wu Yibing becomes a world number 1 and wins a lot of slams, would tennis become more popular?

    It would make tennis popular in those countries but the popularity in other placer wouldn´t be affected.
  27. Fairhit

    Nakashima switched to EZONE @ BNP

    I love my DR98 but it doesn´t hold a candle to my Pure Strike, much better all around frame.
  28. Fairhit

    Heel pain that won't go away

    In the shoe department, good cushioning, I have issueswith my heel and that's the first thing any shoe has to have for me.
  29. Fairhit

    Serve: low toss or high toss

    For me, high toss when I was serving pin point, low toss for platform.