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    Close but Agassi edges out Nadal on Grass along with HCs and indoor carpet

    Yeah you're right, Agassi sucks, his 8 Slams were all a fluke, Safin was wrong when he said Agassi should have 20 Slams, Sampras was wrong when he said Agassi was the best he's ever played, Agassi is just a bald useless player who would get crushed into dust by Nadal.
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    Interesting Nadal Fact

    Nadal has always been a bad match-up for Federer which is why many of their matches have been of poor quality. This is not a surprising statistic. It's just a matter of one's strengths fitting into another's weaknesses.
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    Roddick beats amateur with a frying pan (7-4, lol)

    Apparently the guy is an intramural college player.
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    I dont buy this "evolution of tennis" theory saying today's guys are better athletes

    The game was almost as fast it is now - the difference is now it is consistently fast, back then you'd have some slow rallies and some fast ones. I was watching some old matches on TTC, those guys were running and reacting just as fast as they do now. Their strokes looked weird because you have...
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    Maria Sharapova's height?

    Sharapova is definitely taller than Blake, it's just the angle of that picture, and maybe she's purposely slouching so she doesn't look like Big Bird. I think she's even taller than Roddick.
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    Sampras's Serve

    Sampras also had one of the most live arms as well as a shoulder joint that a sports doctor (who worked with baseball pitchers) called the most perfectly formed he'd ever seen (according to PMac). In my estimation serving was the most fun thing for Sampras on the court, so it makes sense that...
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    Blake or Gonzalez forehand?

    Gonzalez' is obviously more stylish - Blake's forehand is really brutish, it's a blue collar forehand. But if I could have one I'd take Blake's. Gonzo needs time to run around and set it up if he wants to get power, and he also seems to put more effort into it. Blake can get power even when...
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    Close but Agassi edges out Nadal on Grass along with HCs and indoor carpet

    This is right on. In their two matches I saw Agassi as clearly the better ball striker and the guy controlling the points, but physically he was no match. Nadal made him look like a grandpa out there. In their primes I give Agassi the edge on everything, slow hard fast hard fast grass slow...
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    did the us open ever hold a formal farewell ceremony for agassi like sampras?

    I'm sure they would have asked him but he didn't want one. I think the way he went out was a celebration enough. Every match he played at the US Open in 2005 and 2006 was a celebration because people thought it might be the last time they would see him there. I remember Chang had a little...
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    Sampras-Agassi 1999 YEC. UNREAL ATTACK. Sampras UNBEATABLE HERE

    Agassi was never really into that match, it was disappointing to watch, especially since in the round robin he had a match point against Federer and let that slip. There were a few times Agassi had too much respect for Federer and changed his game plan too much. Australian Open 2005 comes to...
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    Find out who your perfect tennis match is...

    I got Sharapova...but I listed humility as an important trait. Oh well, I guess I'll have to learn to live with her. When do I get her again? Will she arrive by mail or do I have to pick her up?
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    Sampras-Agassi 1999 YEC. UNREAL ATTACK. Sampras UNBEATABLE HERE

    Nah, I don't think anyone would have a chance against that Sampras. When he caught on fire and started taking his anger out on overheads, you couldn't stop him.
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    Better career so far: Robredo or Blake?

    The only way you could say Blake underachieved is because of that horrible injury and the zoster and all of that that took him out in his prime. Otherwise, he was just mentally never there. Such a high risk game which he COULD pull off, but when things started to go south, he put his head down...
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    Sampras-Agassi 1999 YEC. UNREAL ATTACK. Sampras UNBEATABLE HERE

    Sampras at his best was unstoppable... BTW, Australian Open 2000 was actually playing faster than ever, it was basically like the US Open. I remember PMac in his commentary said that and it certainly looked that way, the ball was flying, AND it was cool weather so everything really favored...
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    Will there be a season 6 of house M.D?

    Of course there will be. It's the best show on TV right now.
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    Andy Murray's Off-Season Training

    Didn't McEnroe say he saw Murray doing 10 pull-ups with a 45 pound weight strapped to him? That's really impressive.
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    Pioline Defeats Sampras

    I've always maintained that baseline tennis could never get any better than Federer vs Agassi. I still drool over some of their matches, like their 5 setter at the US Open. Federer was just vintage back then. He's more fragile and human now but back then he was like a machine, moved like a...
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    Whats happened to Ljubicic?

    He was up top for a while there, then I remember he started having these fits of arrogance after losing matches, and then he was never heard from again.
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    Better career so far: Robredo or Blake?

    Stats are in Robredo's favor but Blake has had moments of greatness out there - that's the thing about being a streaky player. He's taken a lot of big heads and been in some classic matches - well, at least one.
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    Agassi's Former Agent files a lawsuit against Graf

    Perry Rogers??? Wow, Agassi and him were inseparable. He's always on Tennis Channel telling stories about Agassi and laughing. Not anymore, I guess.
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    I dont buy this "evolution of tennis" theory saying today's guys are better athletes

    They're not better athletes today. For every big, strong guy that Johnny Mac raves about, how tall he is, how strong he is, there is a little scrawny guy who can kick his ass. I seriously doubt if you got the 70's players and the 00's players on a track that you'd see much of a difference in...
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    Roddick's New Coach

    Boy, I'm excited now. Stefanki laid it out perfectly, I've never heard such a perfect explanation of Roddick's game. Is it possible that we haven't seen the best of Roddick yet? Just because he knows it doesn't mean he lives by it. That's why he's always pissed off at himself and feeling like...
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    Maria Sharapova's height?

    Freakishly tall girl + average sized parents = HGH Yuri injects it into her bananas.
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    Satriani Sueing ColdPlay

    So THAT's why I actually liked a Coldplay song. Check out this comparison of the two songs: They definitely ripped him off. And this isn't like what happened to George Harrison with "My Sweet Lord" which was only vaguely similar to another song but...
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    Sampras Vs. Mac

    McEnroe is a marvel, that's no surprise. Let's not forget that he briefly returned to the ATP a few years ago, won a doubles tournament in San Jose against some good players, and then retired again. I watched that moment of history live - he was the most impressive player at the net, by far.
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    Shoulder Pain; not the regular type

    Looks more like a pectoral strain to me. Does it hurt when you hit your forehand? Ice + Rest
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    McEnroe after to losing to Pete today: "They wouldnt want to play him."

    Sampras is probably a better version of Karlovic right now. He gives you zero rhythm. I'd like to see Samps v. Nadal.
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    Sampras Vs. Mac

    McEnroe called Sampras' serve "scary" and said Fed and Nadal wouldn't want to play Sampras even today. Sampras said it's a misconception that he likes fast courts. The courts were too fast for him. He said he doesn't need help holding serve, but he needs some help breaking serve, so slower...
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    When did Roddick's forehand change?

    It's not just his forehand, his whole game changed. He used to stand back and run around pretty quickly and pummel forehands, now he stands closer and takes the ball earlier and grinds matches out. Which is better? Who knows. What is clear is that back when he used to stand way back and crush...
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    truth about abs

    It's just diet. Just starve yourself, basically, but in a way that minimizes muscle loss. Drink nothing but water, small frequent meals, weight training/cardio. It sucks.