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    Boycott Wilson Rackets....

    Sometimes I wonder if Wilson even demoes some of the rackets they release.
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    Boycott Wilson Rackets....

    As much as I love Wilson, it's a shame to see them raise prices like this. I thought the only 250 dollar racket was going to be the federer one, but after the recent clash release with the 250 dollar price tag, it looks like 250 dollars is gonna be the norm for them. Honestly, who do they think...
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    benjamin sigouin racket setup?

    Anyone know what string and racket he uses? He was on the davis cup team with shapovolov and auger-alliasime when they won it, he now plays for UNC and is doing quite well. Looks like he's using a blade.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Hello All! I'm tired of Wilson's BS, I feel like they aren't releasing a new blade this year and I'm down to one last 2013 wilson blade 18x20. I apologize if this has been answered in the thread already, but 351 pages of replies are just too many to sift through. Anyway, what strings do ya'll...
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    Ryan Shane setup

    I've been watching some youtube footage of shane hitting. He hits one of the hardest shots I have ever seen, reminds me of Marat Saffin. Was wondering if anyone knew what string/racket/tension he uses. Looks like he's using a 2015 wilson blade with some orange/gold string in it... maybe 4g. Can...
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    Blade Team 99 vs Steam 99

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    Blade Team 99 vs Steam 99

    also, how are volleys and serves when strung with 4g tennishound?
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    Blade Team 99 vs Steam 99

    would love to hear more from ppl who have hit with this racket, im seriously considering it, is it any good??
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    The Official Wilson Six One 95S Fan Club

    I disagree, you must have had a bad string combo. this racket is an absolute gem with lux alu power in it and has a bigger sweet spot than some 100 inch setups I have played
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    Racquets demo suggestions

    16x19 pure strike is quite good. If you decide to demo I would put in RPM blast at low 50s tension or maybe lux alu power same tension. I don't know about the 16x19 blade but the last two generation of 18x20's are not very good. Demo the blade tho to see if you like it. I would also try your...
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    Sebastian Korda Racket and String??

    what does that mean?
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    Best Rackets!

    What are the best rackets and string setups you all have ever played with? For me it was the first generation Pure Strike 16x19 with RPM blast.
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    Does anyone else absolutely hate the wilson PJ's. ] They are honestly boring as fudge. They were cool for a generation of rackets but I don't think I can sit through the wilson stripe for another two years before they release their next next generation of rackets.
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    Racquets that you wanted to love but hated .

    WILSON BLADE 2015 18x20. It looked so damn cool but it was a trash racket. 2013 blade was so much better for some reason. I thought the 2015 16x19 blade was pretty good but luxilon alu power was the only string that felt good in it.
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    Goffin racket

    If he's using a stock kblade, i dont doubt it. The old blades were amazing rackets, I especially love the k blade and the 2013 blade, and the 2015 16x19 blade is pretty damn good with lux alu power in it. The 2015 wilson blade 18x20 and the new blades are trash and I don't think a pro player...
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    Sebastian Korda Racket and String??

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew what racket and string Sebastian Korda uses. He recently made it to the French Open Semi-Finals (juniors) and recently won the junior australian open. I knew he played with head for a while but it looks like he switched to the wilson blade. Does anyone...
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    What string does Miomir Kecmanovic use?

    This kid is a consistent beast, I love his playing style. I was wondering if anyone knew what string he uses in his Pure Aero? I can't seem to find that info online.