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    Nadal has lost his legs.

    left out word. first line should read "any possible reason for quick decline..."
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    Nadal has lost his legs.

    Any possible for quick decline other than age? Why would he suddenly lose his legs over the last year or so? Anyone?
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    what is the next important tennis record after CYGS

    Matching Rod Laver's 2 CYGS's!
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    Will Serena Williams win a grand slam by winning all 4 grand slam titles this yearÉ

    Yes, but more a result of thin quality of WTA rather than ability of Serena
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    Got it. Thanks
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    Why is Kevin Anderson labeled RSA (Republic of South Africa)? It is my understanding he is now a United States Citizen. Varvara Lepchenko, a naturalized United States citizen is listed as USA? Anyone know or am I wrong that Anderson is a USC?
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    The PopSocks

    little shaky at the end. Had 3-4 match points on their racket and mishit. Glad to see them pull thru. Always good to see team that enjoys playing win rather than a dour business like team.
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    The Resurrection of Donald Young?

    Pretty sad state of U.S. tennis when DY is hope of entire country to make sure not shut out by 3rd round. I know Sam Querry still left. No U.S. male will make the 2nd week of a grand slam-again. I'm depressed.
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    Has Nadal proved he is the best of his era?

    Although I see Nadal as the best of the last 5 years, i do have several comments 1. Before I crown him GOAT he needs to win at least one grend slam (all 4 in one year). Laver's 2 Grand Slams will probably never be equalled 2. Much as I love his play, I am not sure Nadal's body will hold up...
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    Rank the slams in order of personal enjoyment/satisfaction

    1. Wimby-at one time 3 of 4 GS's on grass. W is the lone remainder 2. USO-night matches add a luster to the year end Grand Slam 3. AO-first GS of the year. While I freeze in U.S., I can watch players suffer in the heat of an Aussie summer 4. French-last but not least. Watch the grinder...
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    American tennis

    No American man made the 4th round of a GS tourney in 2013. Nuff said
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    Will Nadal win another slam

    Obviously the question is whether Nadal will win another slam other than the French Open. As a 7 time FO winner and 3 time defending Champ at FO, i'll go out on a limb and say he has another FO title in the tank. Given his playing style which is very hard on the body, I think the poster who...
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    Agent Sloane has locked the target: Threat neutralized

    At least she did not hide behind her injuries
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    Fed Roddick final

    Not gonna happen, but what a perfect way to exit the stage. I'd be pulling for AROD. For all the grief he has gotten (on this board) he die win one and has 4 additional finals appearances. It would be a nice finish-and guarantee highest TV ratings for USO ever.
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    Who will be the first to win one slam 8 times?

    Rafa with 2 qualifiers. 1. If his body holds up 2. If Donald Young doesn't beat him to it!!!!!!!!
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    Why do Americans think tennis is a team sport

    Now close to 10 years without a GS singles title for Americans. You may have something. The individuality and striving on one's own may be the key missing link. You do it by yourself, there is only one person to blame.
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    volkl C-10 Pro

    C-10 now comes in 98". My history includes the 6.0 prostaff (way too many years ago. That one was 85 sq. inches. A great racket but at this stage of life, the C-10 much easier on the arm.
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    Mardy Fish withdraws from US Open

    My deepest concern and best wishes to Mardy Fish. I have no comments for the trolls.
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    volkl C-10 Pro

    Anyone else out there still playing the C-10. I recently switched back from Wilson hyper 6.1 prostaff. Nearing 60 years old and need a less stiff racket that is easier on the arm. Played twice last week and no stress on the arm. By the way, TW has the 2010 version for $99.00 strung.
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    ESPN2 bites! If you agree contact them

    Yesterday, I am very into very tight match of Sloane Stephens. When Serena match starts, even tho a blowout from the 1st point, ESPN2 cuts to Serena. Live streaming at least lets you follow an interesting match to conclusion.
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    Donald Young's amazing streak

    The start of a new streak!
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    Donald Young's amazing streak

    Bummer. I was pulling for him to set the record. Wonder if Federer is worried about USO now?
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    3/3 in slam predictions in 2012

    And who did he pick for USO?
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    What are the implications of Federer winning the US Open?

    Just to correct the record. Federer is still seeking his FIRST grand slam. He has won the most majors, but has yet to win all 4 in a calendar year-hence no Grand Slam yet. As the only holder of 2 grand slams, Laver remains GOAT by a wide margin.
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    Can the Donald set the ATP Record?

    Donald Young lost his 17th straight ATP match against Jesse Levine in Cincinnati. Can Donald etch his name in ATP infamy and beat Vince Spadea's record of 21 straight or will drop down to the Challengers to win a match and avoid the ignominy of setting the only record he will ever set on the ATP?
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    What is the ONE FINAL THING Fed has to do to be considered GOAT

    To start with, I'd suggest winning his first grand slam. Laver has 2! Win one then we will talk. He may have more majors, but Laver won both an amateur and a pro grand slam.
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    Bryan brothers vs prime McEnroe/Fleming

    Mcenroe/Fleming(or anyone else) in straight sets. Mcenroe and anyone else were the best doubles team at his peak
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    Pat McEnroe and Chris Fowler Caught in A LIE

    A "lie"? Maybe hypocracy, but not a lie.
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    Americans loosing early makes a pleasent viewing experience in TV ?

    If you are watching American TV, understand the producers think they can best sell the commercials if they feature American players. I get annoyed sometimes at their choice of matches, but the alternative (pre-tennis channel) is no tennis until the semis.
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    How many thought Serena's last shot was actually in?

    Looked out to me (live), but I wondered why TV didn't show hawkeye. Perfect situation to show definitive replay. Wondered at the time why a replay was not shown.