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    Had a local club owner tell me this yesterday

    Tennis magazine had an article years ago and they confirmed graphite rackets do lose effectiveness over time. I cannot remember the data but my best memory is it was a year if you play 3 or 4 times per week and are intermediate or above. Of course, we all know players that are still playing a 10...
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    Stan using a bunch of lead tape

    Maybe that's why the old guys win all the grand slams. Imagine what the young guys could do if they used a proper swing weight. Is Alcaraz's swing weight of 316 unstrung? His coach Juan Carlos Ferroro used hefty swing weight and other Spanish players such as Nadal, Ferrer and Moya all used hefty...
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    Stan using a bunch of lead tape

    you're welcome.
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    Ben Shelton Racket Change?

    Are you saying stiffness in the head allows pros to lower SW considerably? I think stiffness in the head of frame can make a very small difference but not enough. A higher SW will add power, comfort, spin and control.
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    Stan using a bunch of lead tape

    You need to tell that to Nadal, Federer, Wawrinka & Djokovic as they have dominated the French Open with high SW rackets around 12 oz or more in static weight. Nadal's racket has a SW over 360 and that's more important than static weight. All 4 of these players have a SW over 350 and I think...
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    Yonex ezone 98 2022

    I have the previous model and added 2 grams at noon under the bumper and 2 grams total at 3/9 o'clock. I have a 2hbh I hit most of the time and a 1 handed slice I hit a fair amount too. It slices a little better with the extra weight at 3/9 o'clock. Try 1.5 at noon and 3 grams at 3/9 o'clock. I...
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    Why are most Teaching Pros so terrible?

    I don't think this will happen. OK, maybe you get a freak of nature who to learns to play pro tennis on their own watching YouTube but it will be extremely rare as in next to impossible. My understanding is pro tennis players now come primarily from academies where players either live or at...
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    Left arm drop on serve

    Agreed, I visualize hitting upward but don't think much about how the front arm comes down. I do consciously work on stopping the front arm with elbow tucked by my side and the hand across my mid-section about sternum high.
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    Higher level forehands

    This is actually a tricky question. Yes, most juniors, college players and pros hit a lot of topspin. Even the pros that are considered "flat" hitter like Agassi and Berdych hit forehand topspin rates approximately around 2,000 RPM give or take a bit. I know one coach who was ranked top 700...
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    Left arm drop on serve

    "The Serve Doctor" coach at IMG has a video called something like climbing the mountain on YouTube. He says the front shoulder goes up at trophy phase and then you climb the mountain as you swing the back shoulder up and around so the back shoulder ends up above the front shoulder. I think other...
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    do you get frustrated when you lose?

    I voted yes, but I don't actually get "mad". I think frustrated or disappointed is the better word. I have played competitively for decades so I don't get angry or throw a tantrum. But, a little disappointment after a loss is healthy. I try to be constructive after a loss and address what did I...
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    Need advice on serve

    Learn a power slice. Added decent video below explaining slice serve but I don't necessary agree with the ball contact on the "inside" of the racket face. I think your toss is not good for 1st serves because it is not in front of you and it is to your L too far. It looks like a kick toss. Try...
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    Been doing forehand wrong the whole time: tennis tips for the obvious

    Isn't there a delay at the farthest point of take back in the video? I see a delay. The swing is 2 parts. Part 1 Prep: turn the shoulders, get the grip set, keep racket head up, keep 2 hands on or near the racket throat and keep the racket head and hands between your shoulders. Part 1 can be...
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    The opening part of this video... ouch

    Yes. Pros do not jump on majority of their shots. Go to YouTube and watch pros hit ground strokes. They aren't getting off the ground on most of their shots. It is far more common to 1. pivot on the back foot or 2. transfer weight from the back to the front foot. On occassion, feet may be off...
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    Do you think about wrist pronation on the serve?

    I agree with comments above that pronation happens if you have a good grip, come up to contact on edge and basically have a good throwing motion. I do think that at times, it is OK and for some players to work on internal shoulder rotation and pronation. Decades ago when I first transitioned to...
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    The opening part of this video... ouch

    Not convinced pros push off the ground. Yes, many times a pro will hit a FH with both feet off the ground but not sure if it is even a majority. In fact, I think the majority of pros hit a substantial majority of forehands without being off the ground. I also think they aren't taught to hit off...
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    The opening part of this video... ouch

    Are you saying tennis is so fact that players don't have time to use their legs to load and drive? If you are, I strongly disagree. Turn on any pro ATP or WTA match and you will see the players loading and unloading the back leg. Belinda Bencic's 2HBH and Federer's FH are prime examples Bencic...
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    The opening part of this video... ouch

    Yes, I have used that as a practice clue. Not saying I do it in matches but if I am hitting on a wall or doing practice drills with a friend, I have used load into the back leg and rotate the back hip as a practice clue for years. It works great. In matches, you want things ingrained and...
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    The opening part of this video... ouch

    His back hip clearly rotated forward on the 1st forehand in the video. Personally, it is a great teaching concept to use the back leg and hip to drive rotation and it has been taught by very good coaches for a long time.
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    Been doing forehand wrong the whole time: tennis tips for the obvious

    I have had good luck with loading my back foot and uncoiling. I am watch Bencic on TV right now and she consistently loads into her L foot and rotates forward when hitting her semi-open stance 2HBH. Federer does it - see FH between 10 and 20 seconds below. Bencic is also consistently loading...
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    Why don't companies sell the actual racquets used by the players?

    Many pros also use stock frames with customization. If the point of this thread is why don't the racket companies produce retail rackets similar to the ones used on court by the pros, I can think of 3 reasons why that wouldn't be a good idea. Cons: 1. Pros play with heavier static weight and...
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    What NTRP/UTR are you and what racquet do you use?

    Old guy NTRP 4.0 on the way down from 4.5 using Ezone 98 2020 with customization to static ~332g weight, 6+ HL and ~327 SW with 2G at noon and 2G total at 3 & 9 o'clock. It's a solid racket with this setup.
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    What is the problem, static weight or SW ?

    I suggest taking the SW down to something around 335 to 340. To do this, you'll obviously have to lower the static weight too. You are a little more than 4 points head light and I would try to stay around the same balance. I like to customize my rackets too but my experience is a SW of 335 to...
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    Stop floating your backhand slice!

    As long as you are getting forward motion with your body, this can work to your advantage. In other words, hitting later must be combined with getting forward movement from body to get some weight behind your shot. A later contact point doesn't require you to be complacent with your legs and not...
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    Sabalenka's serve fixed by biomechanics expert

    Yes, he obviously did a good job and she did a great job in making some adjustments. Her serve prior to the adjustments reminded me a lot of Sharapova's serve in that it was more of a squat, jump and smack it rather than using shoulder tilt and an upward motion through contact.
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    Is there a name for the spin move Rafa does after a slice BH

    the "oh crap I'm in trouble pivot". I advise to not put yourself in this position unless it is required.
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    Sabalenka's serve fixed by biomechanics expert

    Good video but to be fair the concepts have been taught by hundreds of coaches for decades.
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    How to tame Yonex Ezone 100 Power ?

    I just demo-ed the Ezone 100, Vcore 100 & Vcore Pro 100. If you want a more controllable frame, then either the Vcore 100 or Vcore Pro 100 will give you more control than the Ezone 100. But, the lack of control of the Ezone 100 is a bit over stated in my view. There are many ATP and WTA pros...
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    Weight vs Level

    In singles, you might drop .5 if you gain 30 pounds or more. In doubles, it might be over 50 lbs. It might vary depending on the type of player too. If you are a 4.5 because you can retrieve and outlast opponents, you might drop more easily if you gain 30 lbs, but if you are a 4.5 because you...