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  1. Wuppy

    Will Delpo ever get rid of k-factor

    No wonder I don't see Del Potro smashing his racquets.
  2. Wuppy

    Long Live The 1 Hand Backhand: Tommy Haas

    103 mph backhand from Gassy. Incredible
  3. Wuppy

    Is Tommy Hass basically a Federer who was prone to injury?

    Never really looked much at Hoss until this tournament. He's really playing incredibly good all-court tennis and it's a joy to see because almost everybody is a baseliner these days.
  4. Wuppy

    Way to go Tommy Haas!

    Haas playing the first decent all-court tennis I've seen in a pro play in years.
  5. Wuppy

    New Babolat logo?

    I think the logo is all right but on the strings it looks terrible. The two-stripe stencil was simple and excellent. Now you can barely see it.
  6. Wuppy

    AO 2013 SF: Djokovic [1] vs. Ferrer [4]

    I'm a big Ferrer fan (because he's my size) but this is embarrassing and ridiculous.
  7. Wuppy

    Why is nobody talking about Jack Sock?

    erm, no, you just rarely see two sets go 1-6, 6-1. Imagine a grand slam match going: 6-1, 1-6, 6-1, 1-6, 7-6 That would be pretty weird. Usually if you totally dominate a guy in the first set you don't get totally dominated in the next set.
  8. Wuppy

    Stepanek O___O

    I'm not sure if that was a true hindrance though. Really, the ump can tell you how to stand now? To me a hindrance is a noise or perhaps movement in the face of an opponent when both are at the net or something like that. Lack of movement is now a hindrance? I don't buy it. In other news...
  9. Wuppy

    Congrats to Heather Watson on winning her 1st WTA title!

    Isn't there a New Guernsey on the east coast of the US?
  10. Wuppy

    Doping in Tennis in Everywhere - Noah

    There's rampant doping in ALL professional sports. Always has been, always will be. When there's that much money and fame on the line, you betcha there will be. There are only those who get caught and those who don't.
  11. Wuppy

    Why is nobody talking about Jack Sock?

    Glad to hear it. Kind of an odd score though.
  12. Wuppy

    Rafael Nadal: ´This injury will extend my career ´

    Nope, that's actually how he speaks, even in Spanish.
  13. Wuppy

    Doug Adler, the absolute worst...

    I like him, so there.
  14. Wuppy

    Which loss is worse

    This is my favorite point from the Rosol/Nadal match: Rosol basically said "Watch this, I'm going to destroy your forehand with my backhand." Amazing point, utterly demoralized Nadal. If there was any hope of Nadal coming back by then, that...
  15. Wuppy

    Let's all tattooed number 300!!!

    OP I took your suggestion and got "300" tattooed on my junk! Unfortunately now the ladies think that's how many women I've been with :(
  16. Wuppy

    Wawrinka unprofessional behaviour was disgusting

    Wawrinka was demoralized, deflated and exhausted when he lost the 2nd set in a tie-breaker. I don't think he was "unprofessional," he was just thoroughly beaten. He came out sprinting, knowing he had to win in 2 or he'd lose. He almost did, and expended 100% of his energy on those first two...
  17. Wuppy

    Why do people say that a player is "too short" to win slams?

    Highly unlikely. He'd still be crap. Look at NBA basketball players. They're his height and have incredible movement abilities. They're amazing athletes, and I'm not even a basketball fan. Isner is not an amazing athlete.
  18. Wuppy

    Embarrassingly small crowds in Shanghai

    I understand that tournaments in China don't draw big crowds, but my god even when there are Chinese players playing there's like 3 people in the audience. They have garish music, fog machines, spotlights, etc. to introduce the players... and then when the lights come on all you can see are...
  19. Wuppy

    Why do people say that a player is "too short" to win slams?

    :confused: I don't understand the joke I guess. His serve is literally the only thing Isner has. And his serve is only good because of his height. He can't break Top-40 pros' serves, but they can't break his serve, so a huge percentage of Isner sets go to tiebreakers, which he often manages...
  20. Wuppy

    Why do people say that a player is "too short" to win slams?

    Tennis is a "game of angles," and greater height allows more angles. This, coming from a guy who's 5'8" If Ferrer were Federer's height, he'd probably be #1 or 2. If Isner were Federer's height he wouldn't be Top 500.
  21. Wuppy

    Toni Nadal: "Man coaches are too servile with the players"

    Brilliant quote, I'll have to remember that one.
  22. Wuppy

    Fan Apologizes for Federer Death Threat

    Probably means something awesome in Chinese.
  23. Wuppy

    Lights a problem?

    Lighting at most courts sucks. Unless you happen to be playing at Ashe ;)
  24. Wuppy

    FYB's Singles Playbook

    *There are no plays or "patterns" in rec tennis!* I've said this before and I'll say it again. Just like there's no strategy in pee-wee football other than "hang onto the ball and run that-a-way!" and no strategy in kids' soccer other than "don't touch it with your hands and try not to get...
  25. Wuppy

    What do you do when this happens?

    Tennis tends to bring out the worst in bad people.
  26. Wuppy

    Can Murray do what Federer could not do?

    James Blake will come out of obscurity to stop him.
  27. Wuppy

    Time between points. Observations and Criticism.

    I, too, think it's disgusting that ballboys and ballgirls have to regularly handle towels that are covered in sweat, mucus, and god knows what else.
  28. Wuppy

    Is the US open the worst grand slam?

    I don't know what's worse, being around New Yorkers or French people. At least the British are mostly quiet. Australian women are easy so AO is clearly the best. USO is probably the worst, but FO is a close second.
  29. Wuppy

    At what ranking will Roddick retire?

    Those who voted 21-40 are the winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!