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  1. bdon

    Rafael Nadal vs. Andy Murray Wimbledon Semifinals

    i hate murray as well and he always grabs his leg which everyone knows is just bs. nadal simply has horrible sportsmanship. i guarantee if he somehow starts losing this set nadal will start time wasting
  2. bdon

    Rafael Nadal vs. Andy Murray Wimbledon Semifinals

    or he's a little girl who likes to make excsuses for himself incase he loses. oh no my my ankle hurts I do not think I am a favorite at all! then he comes out and runs around the court like nothing ever happens
  3. bdon

    Rafael Nadal vs. Andy Murray Wimbledon Semifinals

    it's funny how nadal claimed to not be 100% earlier in the tournament. so much for his "injury". such a faker lmao
  4. bdon

    Roland Garros 2011 Final: Rafael Nadal (1) vs Roger Federer (3)

    is this butt picking queer serious? he took like 5 mins between those last points what the hell
  5. bdon

    ATP 2000 -French Open (Roland Garros)

    i love how gulbis loses and set and all of a sudden he sucks. fed lost a set to JOSE ACASUSO last year...and did he win the tournament?!
  6. bdon

    ATP 500: Barcelona Open (April 19-25)

    gulbis should move back up to his career high after this tourny. Looks like hes got potential to break into the top 30 this year
  7. bdon

    What do pros have that make them naturally good at tennis

    i think height is the number 1 advantage any pro could have
  8. bdon

    [Prediction] Monfils will be top 5 next year

    thats right folks, the most exciting player on tour will break into the top 5. He's going to start working harder in the offseason like he said and next year, injuries allowing, is going to make up most of the points he couldnt get from being injured and will make at least a grand slam...
  9. bdon

    Verdasco should bring back the faux hawk

    it's the only plausible explanation for why he hasn't been doing as well. bring back the faux hawk for AO10!
  10. bdon

    Just Can't Find A Way To Like Monfils

    who cares if monfils doesn't use his full talent. As long as he is enjoying himself on court, why should he change anything? He's also making millions of dollars so i dont think he s going to be changing anything anytime soon.
  11. bdon

    best looking male pro

    where's Robredo? no h0m0
  12. bdon

    Would Sam Querry have made top 15 if he wasn't injured?

    So, what do you guys think, Do you think Querry could have made top 15 by the end of the year? I definitely think he could have. He was in great form up until the freak injury happened.
  13. bdon

    2009 BNP Paribas Masters Final - (3) Novak Djokovic (SRB) vs (15) Gael Monfils (FRA)

    i wonder how many new monfils fans there will be if he wins this
  14. bdon

    Who deserves another major/ a major

    hewitt! 10char
  15. bdon

    Best forehand in men's tennis today?

    monfils. he distributes so much cream when he wants to
  16. bdon

    I name the score and you name the match!

    63 60 60 is federer beating del potro
  17. bdon

    Masters Events Trump Majors Im Sorry But Its True

    it d be better actually if matches were just one pro set. that way there would be so much intensity packed into one set. and then make tournys only 16 man draw. smaller field means more competition!!
  18. bdon

    Your favourite pro shot

    definitely when monfils is 10 ft behind the baseline and slides and hits a miraculous winner. especially on hardcourts.
  19. bdon

    Monfils is the most exciting player to watch on tour

    nadal vs monfils 1st set at the us open was probably the most exciting tennis i've watched all year. IMO
  20. bdon

    Monfils is the most exciting player to watch on tour he always seems to come up with a phenomenal shot or be apart of a sick rally in all of his matches. plus his showboating is awesome ALL...
  21. bdon

    Best matches of the decade

    great match
  22. bdon

    Who is your favorite player to watch?

    definitely monfils. he comes up with some spectacular shots and always makes it exciting for the crowd and viewer
  23. bdon

    Roger Fined

    more like Nadal_Boy amirite
  24. bdon

    will federer retire next year`

    troll thread is troll?
  25. bdon

    Video of Safin breaking racquets- 8 minutes

    paintjob 10 char
  26. bdon

    Del Pony got lucky

    congrats you beat a guy who barely served 50% for the whole match. Definitely the worst i've seen fed play all year. Any day fed is at least 75% of his best del po goes down in 3. took him 5 sets too. sad that is all
  27. bdon

    USOpen Championship 2009: Federer vs. Del Potro

    fed really needs to convert those BPS
  28. bdon

    USOpen Championship 2009: Federer vs. Del Potro

    HAHA CHOKE. come on fed