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    Can Djokovic get to 8-10 Wimbledon Titles?

    He is the anathema to all those who like everything prissy and finely coiffured, (as if the Universe is laid out along seamlessly branched contours which everyone has to follow). He didn't follow, and most notably avoided the graphene-oxide problem as well, backing himself instead of following...
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    Rune quest

    Borg was a Rune as well. Then he mentally got in focus and started to dominate.
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    Will Nadal be seeded outside Top8 at RG23?

    Nadal's movement needs to be Top8 or being seeded in or out of the Top8 won't be a factor. To put it another way, staying with the seedings implies moving with the seedings which implies moving the way they do. Not an easy task when you're giving away -12-15 yrs on practically everyone else...
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    Are you ready?

    Yey No......... Yes People can start getting used to 7-5 in the 3rd, 7-6 in the 3rd being the new norm... The tour is shoring up. They all can play, they all can compete. Just as of today, over at the beach (sorry court) In Acapulco:- Ruud 7-6 in the 3rd Shapovalov 7-5 in the 3rd Fritz 6-4...
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    Djokovic News

    Opportunities and Knowing Belong in The Realm of The Victorious...
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    Craig Tiley confirms: Djokovic played with a 3cm torn hamstring

    Djokovic has a Masters Degree (to the incline of +38...)
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    It's insane that Djokovic won 10 AO titles when Fed couldn't make more than 7 finals at a hardcourt slam!

    I understand where you are coming from... In terms of Nadal 14 RG equals Borg/Decugis put together at RG... In terms of Djokovic, if he wins 1 more AUS he equals Federer's entire hardcourt slam tally If Djokovic wins 2 more AUS he equals Emerson/Federer put together at AUS... So yeah, you...
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    Borg, Federer, Djokovic: Simultaneous Dominance At 2 Different Slams

    Borg also managed to win consecutive Masters titles at Madison Square Garden on indoor carpet, Jan 1980 -Jan 1981. That is notable because that surface would have suited his 2 strongest rivals at the time - McEnroe and Connors. Masters '80 Borg v Connors (RR): Borg WON 3/6, 6/3, 7/6 Borg v...
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    Djokovic career slam count - what's your current prediction?

    Djokovic AELTC 22 - Jan 23 can be closely matched with peak McEnroe AELTC 84 - Jan 85. If you take away McEnroe in the Davis Cup and Djokovic in the Laver Cup, their respective records are Won 30 Lost 1. The Gulf is when you realize that during their exactly matched respective periods, Djokovic...
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    Just Another Hypothetical

    The difference between Atp singles player ranked 100 (when the qualifying draw is made) and 105 (& downwards) in the rankings is massive. Players ranked 100 on the atp get automatic entry into the grand slam, so if they maintain that ranking, they get automatic entry to all four grand slams for...
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    The reason why Federer has lost the slam race

    But he WON the slam race (at the then current time):- He reached and then went past where the then current bar was set... He even went on to well over extended the bar, later:- To be fair, I'm not sure even the 40/15 thing would have sent the bar out of reach, it just would have meant the...
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    What is the cutoff age after which winning a slam is artificially inflating your slam record?

    Clearly an 'age limit' doesn't solve this. How would you enforce it (?) without turning sports & society into a dystopian Logan's Run/Soylent Green nightmare ?? Are you saying an independent outside governing body enforcing stronger, stricter and more regular tests above and beyond the...
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    What is the cutoff age after which winning a slam is artificially inflating your slam record? The Mark of The Beast... Maybe Borg/Wilander were right, make a (Logan's) run for it, before your time is up, or before they enforce your time is up.
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    Wimbledon Tennis Royalty

    I'm not rating those guys by Peerage criteria. That stuffs 100% fake going back centuries The guys on (as opposed to in) the court are real and are titled in deed, not as writ.
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    What is the cutoff age after which winning a slam is artificially inflating your slam record?

    Well it depends... If you are Swedish, it's 24-25 If you are Devilish, it's the wrong end of the 30's and beyond
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    Andy Murray will win Wimbledon 2023 (with evidence)

    It's above that. There is zero evidence of a flat earth But plenty of evidence for everything else, when you see around the curve If Murray shows up in the draw, that is a heavier level of statistical evidence for a trophy than that posed for a flat earth
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    Grand Slam Titles/Match Wins Distribution (As things stand).

    Federer's distribution is so strong that at one point he was 1ˢᵗ or equal 1ˢᵗ in 3/4 Grand Slams... For Djokovic to share the same distribution trend as Federer; he needs to win 1 more AELTC and 2 more US Opens, (to be 1ˢᵗ or equal 1ˢᵗ in 3/4 Grand Slams), as Federer was in February, 2018...
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    Which Nadal will return?

    Called it brilliantly, even the Fed part. Kudos to this poster. Will be intriguing to see Claydal level of dominance come MC and over, (if any), this time around. The wheels have to fall off at some point. Even happened with Fed This...exactly the same scenario and concerns with exactly the...
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    Grand Slam Titles/Match Wins Distribution (As things stand).

    Titles (and Matches) Won At Each Grand Slam:- Roger Federer Overall Titles Won - 20 = (Equal 3ʳᵈ All Time) Overall Singles Matches Won - 369 = 1ˢᵗ (Outright All Time) AUS OPEN - SIX Titles = (Equal 2ⁿᵈ All Time) ROLAND GARROS - ONE Title = (Equal 27ᵗʰ All Time) AELTC - EIGHT Titles = 1ˢᵗ...
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    Advance congratulation to Djok

    8 is Greater than 400+ It's a question of Prestige 400+8 is what it will take to become 'The Daddy' and steal the show:-
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    Uncle Toni is confident that his nephew can win Roland Garros

    Normally that is correct, but the problem is, as of now, the other slams are becoming a problem. What with the slam race an all, that is even more pressure at RG than what we have seen before. Nadal was leading the slam race going into RG last year. The real pressure is this year
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    Stefanos didn't exactly wow me with his clutch play in the AO final

    One can always hold out for the other Stefanos:- Bit early to say, atm, as he's just turned 18, although he has beaten World No.129 Zizou Bergs in the United Cup, this year, already.
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    Djokovic is 56-0 at AO-W since Wimbledon 2018

    Assuming he plays one on (court) 1 each year, that comes to at least 41-0 and counting... Another record...(Sampras lost to Krajicek on Centre in '96) By comparison, in the same time period, Djokovic on 1 is something like 6 -2, (needs to stay OFF 1 for further progress)
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    Craig Tiley confirms: Djokovic played with a 3cm torn hamstring

    Impossible We want incredible scenes at the place with incredible scenes
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    When Finnish is NOT Finish

    Could even be the start of something... Leandro Riedi started 2022 with a World ranking of 694... By mid November was still languishing at 277 in the World So you think to yourself, geez, let's take a trip to Finnish this whole thing off... Which is exactly what he did. He entered the...
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    And The New Reigning!!! Defending!!! Undisputed!!! Heavyweight!!! ATP Mens Singles Number One Player Of The World....!!!! - The Movie

    Yeh, No........What? Now is not the time to be stuck at home This is paaarty time
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    Novak schedule in February/March 2023

    It is a Dennis Novak thread
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    Federer congratulates Djokovic

    Having the best seat in the house to watch all the stats go down and he won't want to care, at least on stocktaking the numbers
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    Since start of grass season, Djokovic has caught Sampras, Federer, Nadal, Agassi and Graf

    People are having to pull up the women's stuff in order to create a level playing field with the stats. The main question is:- Is Margaret Court going down to only bronze medal position on the podium, which requires Djokodal to increase the gradient from here on in to +3 each?? That's still a...
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    Will Federer Have More Weeks at #1 than Nadal and Djokovic combined

    It's also very within the realms of possible for 418 (209 + 209) to be reached In other words Nadal doubled up 519 is a bit out there as things stand But the fact the question has been (reversed-asked) is of itself mindblowing