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    K Factor Bag in Orange!!!

    The orange version is a limited offer here in Japan, which matches with the K tour rackets endorsing Kei Nishikori's rackets. And another Federer limited bag, which has a Swiss flag on it.
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    Anyone Buy Imported CDs?

    I still buy cd's, only my kid goes to iTunes. And got lots cd's to buy :shock:
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    Does Anyone Use Nblade 98?? Issues!

    To each his own I've used the nBlade98 for a year and its one of the best racket for me, then as under contract by Wilson, I must use the newer models likes of KsixOne 95, it feels great too, but the balance just not fit my style. About K blade 98, its a good racket but I prefer the K Blade...
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    Is it a fake?

    100 bucks for that one is good deal. Looks clean in the picture
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    Subaru vs BMW

    Try Subaru's Legacy or their new Forester
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    Tony Trabert C-6

    Its the first graphite racket I saw and my Dad got it soon, But never saw the midsize. My dad gave me the other famous graphite racket, it was Cannon by Aldila
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    Favourite Led Zeppelin songs?

    Well, love lots of LED ZEP songs! But I'll pick some, Whole Lotta Love HeartBreaker The Song Remains The Same D'yer Mak'er No Quarter and Most of the LZ songs!!!!
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    What CD Box Sets Do You Have?

    Yeah, they're still active, and planning again for another tour. The last time I saw them live was 2003 in Osaka, most of them are over 60's but they still rock!!! And heard some rumors that they're recording again for a new album :)
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    What CD Box Sets Do You Have?

    Yeah I love YES very much :)
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    What CD Box Sets Do You Have?

    Chick Corea's Beyond and Forever Yes "In a Word" Yes "Yes Years" Yes "The Word Is Live"
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    So What Other Hobbies Do Y'all Have?

    Well, listening to my fav sounds, likes of Prog rock, Jazz, Jazz-Rock-Fusion (Miles and his disciples) and some 70's Rock Classics
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    Who is the best player never to have won a slam

    How about Vitas Gerulaitis, he's one of the top rank before and never noticed him got some GrandSlam Miloslav Mecir, has one of the great touch shot on court ever.
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    British tennis is done!!!!

    Wow what a Backhand!!! I just wonder how can he do that with force without some followthrough. Okay, maybe to neutralize the shot, or for "in case of emergency" shot. Well, I'm impressed with his credentials :shock:
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    Headphones problem for Phillips pfl9432--why do the sound still come out of speakers?

    Please try to check your TV manuals, maybe they have the anwers to your situations :)
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    Top Causes of Knee Injury and Avoiding

    Over use is one also of the cause. As you mentioned above you're doin' some severe training like hops , jumps etc. I think one of the best way is before you train at least you do some warm ups for your legs, some dynamic stretching. Likes preparation warm ups for hopping and bounding, trying...
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    JAZZ FANS: RTF is going on tour!!!!

    Well, it compose of Chick Corea, Al Dimeola,Stanley Clarke, Lenny White Probably their, Where Have I've known You Before, No Mystery and Romantic Warrior era... I think And your right the early RTF are with Flora Purim, Airto Moreira, Joe Farell And some versions with Bill Connors which later...
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    JAZZ FANS: RTF is going on tour!!!!

    RTF is one of my fav, with Mahavishnu, Weather Report and most of the great prog rock bands. I just hope they can reach here in Japan too, cant wait to see their reunion tour!!! Chick is the man!!
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    How CellPhones and other electronic waves affects us or other living things

    All of those comments or opinions are very interesting!!! Funded by Nokia ,Motorola etc LOL But I've got some experience specially in a Electronic store, sometimes I felt like so weary or sometimes anxious, or I cant understand when I stayed inside for more than an hour. I knew it has...
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    How CellPhones and other electronic waves affects us or other living things

    I think I agree with that it contributes with tensions and stress. And Frankly speaking I cant memorize my cell phone number anymore, well, most of the people these days, but I still remember during my 70's( when I'm 6 yrs of age).first and second home phone number. :shock:
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    How CellPhones and other electronic waves affects us or other living things

    That's cool, I never met anyone like that kind in this let's say DIGITAL days. Actually I'm not against with these MODERN gadgets, but how it affects us or our children bothers me once in a while, special watching those kids in their primary days using cell phones. Ang I've heard it too, that...
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    How CellPhones and other electronic waves affects us or other living things

    Just wondering, while commuting train for work here in Japan, almost everyday, I observed most of the passengers from all ages are texting or doin' somethin with their cellphones. How does it affect our brainwaves with those lots of signals from different individuals usin' their Celll Phones...
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    What Racket do you use?

    K six one 95 Japan version Kgut on mains, Nxt on crosses Planning to use the K Blade Team
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    Ugliest tennis shoes ever?

    I've got those shoes during early 90's , I think its one of Agassi's pairing with denim shorts and a cycling wear underneat
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    adriano panatta??

    Panatta is one of my fav, with Borg, Vilas. I really love his form in every strokes, so smooth. He volleys well too.
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    Asian K90 and USK90 different headsizes!

    Agree with that!!!:)
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    Ksix-two, k surge and k zen

    Yeah,K Zen Team is 103, while the K Zen is 110 :)
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    Ksix-two, k surge and k zen

    K Blade 98 is cool, but its bit heavier compared to Zen, there are two types of Zen, Zen Team, and the Zen is K Surge is not so bad as most thinks. But I tried K Surge strung on 58 with Wilson Reaction strings. Too tight for me. I'm using K zenteam for feeding balls, coz'...
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    Funniest Serve Ever!

    I think its for real :shock:
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    Wilson K Six-Two ETA?

    I think its a lower version of Six-one, and can't replace it. I already tried it. Its just a similar to n six-two By the way, forgive my ignorance, what do you mean by ETA?:cry: