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    Guys, I need guidance

    I have a ProKennex Black Ace 300 and it's great - my elbow has healed. The Prince Phantom is also good for helping heal tennis elbow. Neither one, unfortunately, plays like a Pure Strike - they are too flexible. Have you considered stringing with natural gut or a multifilament? I've had...
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    bouncing the ball between the legs before serve

    The first professional player who would bounce the ball between his legs before serves was Boris Becker. Everyone else is merely a copycat.
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    Absolute worst racquet ever?

    I had a Prince Precision Response (DB24) with a built-in string dampener. It was great!
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    Jack Sock makes his debut in Professional Pickleball.

    Jack Sock joins Noah Rubin in the pickleball fad.
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    Absolute worst racquet ever?

    The original Prince Vortex used a staggered grommet design like old wood racquets. The story behind the design was that the frame cracked in playtests with conventional straight line drilled grommets. It was a good-looking racquet and Prince initially charged a premium price for it. The...
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    Absolute worst racquet ever?

    As I recall, the reasoning behind the mono design was that it was for players like Jimmy Arias and Jose Luis Clerc whose playing styles relied on the frame twisting in the throat. These topspin players had difficulty adjusting to open throat racquets which were significantly more stable. Arias...
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    Absolute worst racquet ever?

    I have seen the Big Bubba in use by seniors playing competitively in Florida. If you connect with it on the return of serve, watch out! It's good at hitting winners. I think the design of the Big Bubba is better than the Mach 1000. I almost bought a Mach 1000 on Craig's List a year ago until...
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    Tiafoe: fans should be able to come & go & move around & speak during matches. let's start changing things to bring younger fans to the game”

    I disagree with Frances. I like it that tennis audiences are different from other sports. The quiet during points helps the players play better.
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    Absolute worst racquet ever?

    At best it's a very niche monstracity. It was a competitor of the Gamma Big Bubba which has similar specs. That racquet packs a wallop but lacks maneuverability. A mono throat design is less stable than an open throat and the extra long center main strings would give it an uneven response...
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    Absolute worst racquet ever?

    Hello? That's a different sport. You don't hit the shuttlecock after it bounces and there's a lot more spin in tennis. Also, it's more than the headsize, it's the unwieldly length of the Mach 100 - it's 29" long!
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    How on earth did we end up in the weakest era in the history of professional tennis?

    Hello? Jiri Lehecka, Brandon Nakashima, Jack Draper and Jannik Sinner are all 21 years of age and have excellent 2-handed backhands.
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    How on earth did we end up in the weakest era in the history of professional tennis?

    Please. This is not a weak era. I don't even think such a thing exists. The era of the Big 3 (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic) is a fluke. There are many excellent players on tour and coming up from the juniors. I look forward to seeing them all do well.
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    Absolute worst racquet ever?

    Here's another worst racquet candidate: Gamma RZR 98T - It's too stiff, too heavy and has an erratic string bed.
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    Absolute worst racquet ever?

    I had one of those! It was my first tennis racquet. I did okay with it. As I recall, Margaret Court won the Grand Slam with hers! Bud Collins remarked: not only did Margaret win the slam, "she did it without a racquet!" The dense string pattern and head heavy balance of the Chemold would...
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    Absolute worst racquet ever?

    The racquet specs are insane! It might work for players who use 2-hands on the forehand and backhand. Volleys? Forget about it.
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    Absolute worst racquet ever?

    Worst Racquet Ever: Prince Mach 1000 - a 124 sq. inch head and 29" length mono throat racquet - part of its Extender line. Ridiculous!
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    Borg's retirement. Do we know the FULL story?

    Why did Borg retire young? He strung his heavy 68 square inch wooden racquets that had a dense string pattern @ 80 lbs.! His arm must have been falling off. Plus, after winning 6 French Opens and 5 Wimbledons, he again lost in the final of the U.S. Open to a player who was his opposite -...
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    Shouldn't it be "St. Paddy's Day Sale"?

    It's "St. Paddy's Day Sale" not "St. Patty's."
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    Best racket to grow into for casual rec ladies

    Consider the Head Instinct Team L. A friend I took a group lesson with loves hers. I suggest stringing it with a multifilament string like Head Velocity for comfort. The racquet is light overall, has a large sweetspot and is stable.
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    Soft on Elbow, good on blocking one hand returns, 310 grams and under, 100 sq inches, whippy, solid slice, not much need for customization

    I have added leather grips to racquets several times to slightly change the balance. Usually, I wanted to make the racquet more stable in my hand. But, it also made the racquets more headlight when replacing a lighter synthetic grip. In all instances, the added weight of a leather grip made...
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    Tennisnerd: Is everyone going to Yonex?

    Yonex quality is appreciated on the tour. The pros know best and Yonex racquets have never been better. [The exception being Caroline Wozniaki.]
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    Hot takes on players who will never win a singles slam

    Please! No one would believe that Gaston Gaudio would win a slam! Someone only needs 2 good weeks to win one!
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    Help with new racquet please!

    You need a versatile racquet that has control on both flat and topspin shots. Also, it seems that you may be moving from head-heavy and extended length racquets to headlight standard length (27") racquets and that's a big switch. A standard length racquet will give you more control and be...
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    List your top 10 racquets for elbow and shoulder safety !

    ProKennex Black Ace 300 Prince Phantom 100 (original with "O" ports) Head Microgel Radical Oversize Head Microgel Radical Midplus Wilson Clash 108 v1 Head Gravity S (strung with Velocity multifilament string) Prince Phantom Pro (original) Prince Precision Response Oversize Yonex R-22 Wilson [K]...
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    Soft on Elbow, good on blocking one hand returns, 310 grams and under, 100 sq inches, whippy, solid slice, not much need for customization

    Have you considered putting a leather grip on it to make it slightly more headlight?
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    Tommy Paul to Yonex

    For UV protection, wouldn't you wear sleeves on BOTH arms? Or, wear long sleeve shirts? It's amazing that Tommy Paul switched racquets - something pros do not do often - and his game actually improved! Usually, there is an adjustment period to a new racquet especially when it comes to hitting...
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    Donnay Allwood 102

    Here is a TennisNerd video link where he reviews 3 Donnay racquets including the Allwood. (2) Donnay Unibody Racquets Review - Pro One 97, Formula 100 and Allwood 102 - YouTube I play with a ProKennex Black Ace 300 and it's very easy on my bad elbow even strung with a syngut @ 57 lbs. It...
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    Wilson Shift 300 16x20

    Is TW going to post videos with full reviews of the new Shift line of racquets? So far, only first impressions have been posted.
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    Wilson Pro Staff X V14 Thread

    Glad to see that Wilson has finally wised up and introduced a 100 sq. inch Pro Staff! Actually, 2 of them in different weights.
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    What do you all think of Cameron Norrie?

    I am IMPRESSED! He has now made it to 2 clay court finals - his worst surface. Norrie continues to improve. He outlasts opponents in long baseline rallies. His flat backhand is working great including his down-the-line shots. Is he a contender at this year's French Open? I have to say YES!