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    Michael Chaho Reviews The Head Flexpoint PRESTIGE Mid Plus

    Richie, Yes, I too ,miss my I-prestiges and couldn't agree more with the flex and power differences - And yes, too with the comparison with the LM... You mentionned in an earlier thread that you had your review ready to go after M. Chaho had his posted. Care to share with me your...
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    Michael Chaho Reviews The Head Flexpoint PRESTIGE Mid Plus

    Played with FXP Prestige MP todayand was very impressed also...very stable, good control, excellent volleys and serves (reminded me of the i-prestige a little for flat serves)...anyway will buy a couple - as they are for sale already here in OZ -
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    O3 Tour users

    I have been playing with 03 the tour for 6 first great spin/touch/ forgiveness/aesthetics etc...but now...well...too powerful, lack of feel, balls sailing long, all that with set up at 62 with BB original and lead at 3 and 9 - Going back to prestiges '93 or ' 98 in a hurry.
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    Is Prince addressing the 03 Tour string breakage problem ?

    I use BB original on my o3 tour and the problem has gone! I was using TF multifeel in the crosses and BB Alu in the main and that was a disaster.... BB original also retains tension much better on the 03 than any other set up. SHould the problem persist, for those who break strings often...
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    The Best Head Prestige?

    Oops scratch that..they're gone again!!!
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    The Best Head Prestige?

    I prestige for me...better than LM. Also check the Head racquets section at TW and you'll find the i-prestiges have made a comeback and are well priced also...
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    Took the O3 Plunge

    I have also switched to the 03 tour a couple of months back...and I am glad I did. Yes, lead at 3 and 9, yes Lux alu.power for longer string life and yes the frame plays great!! I have also added a bab. leather grip in the handle (a suggestion that I read on this board) and the result is...
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    Australia begins clay revolution

    Yes, and James Lemke grew up playing on Grace Park...Matter of fact I saw him play today in state Grade and he was very impressive. But he's not the only one making his mark with a clay (ish) backgroud which is 95% of the courts surface in Melbourne.
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    Hewitt ditching Nike?

    Yep...I can see him in Dunlop volleys, board shorts, singlet and reversed cap...Still...can't change the man...
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    Gaines et al: O3 Tour, ALU Hybrids, durability?

    have had exaclty the same problem with durabiity...would walk out from the pro walk stright back in the same cost to date (3 weeks) - AU$250 - Have tried TR3 and liked it...also full Hurricane 17 lasted a lot longer.
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    All O3 Tour users - List your strings/tensions and feedback

    Got about 4/6 hours play with TF - TR3 and was the best and longer lasting I have used so far with this racquet - strung at 59lbs.
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    03 Tour question to AndrewD

    Thanks Andrew, agree with the lead tape thing and strings, I have strung the O3 demo with TF, spinfire maxipower in the mains and TF TR3 crosses, a delighful combo...
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    03 Tour question to AndrewD

    Thanks Andrew, have spoken to the distributor for Prince in Oz based in Melbourne, this very morning and guess what....03 not available til late July/August!!! Interesting way of marketing their products... Also, the TW OZ version advertises these at $380, when I have been quoted $290 -...
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    03 Tour question to AndrewD

    Hi Andrew, Read in some of your past posts that you played with the O3 Tour recently and that It retails for $300 in Oz. In Melbourne, there isn't one available yet to be bought...Can you shed some light as to what the story is with the launch of this frame here in Australia... Thanks
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    tecnifibre frames...

    The 'best" is once again subjective and since I have only played with the TF325, I can only comment on that one. So yes it is a good racquet to use at the net, very good stability and feel. Try it!
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    tecnifibre frames...

    I have been playing with the TF325 for a few months now and it is a very good frame...Flexible and can produce tons of spin...good control. I can't compare it to your current frame however. It looks good and so do the clothes. But the question is is this going to make you play better...well no...
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    Adidas ClimaCool Feather II Men's

    Just got a pair of Clima FeathersII this week from TW after playing with all the previous models before...and this is by far the best...I agree with Mojo on all counts but would add that the grip on clay is fantastic and better than previous feathers before. So I'll get a couple more pairs...
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    Help: best 27.5" racquets

    TF 325 from Tecnifibre... I went from I prestige to this extended frame and love it (after some getting used to). If you like the buttery feel put some VS or some multi like X-one biphase and you will truly appreciate your tennis.
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    How many of you are "signed" to companies?

    I'm with Tecnifibre, like Head a a lot, but the very French in me is able to dissociate my arm from my "head"...
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    Racquet for Heavy Hitters *help*

    Try the (now) discontinued Iprestige mid (not mid plus) with Tecnifibre TR3 strings@60pds and tell me what you think.
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    Liquid Metal Prestige MP best compromis between Prestige Classic mid and I Radical MP

    Yes I have tried the PC600 briefly just recently from a friend but with a poor stringing job... I would say that the TF feels more flexible and definitely can generate more spin and power...but might not be as manoeuvrable as the PC. As far as touch the PC wins on groundies. Can't comment on...
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    Liquid Metal Prestige MP best compromis between Prestige Classic mid and I Radical MP

    I haven't played with the LMpres. but I can answer your question on the TF325, with which I have been playing for now 2 months changing from an I prestige. Note: I do not work for TF The TF325 did take some getting used to in terms of power and flexibility (considerably more than the I...
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    Head classic

    The only prestige I have played with was the i-prestige...and it was great!!!!but with all the talk re: PC, I must say that I would buy at least 3 without even trying them...that's if they were to become available again.
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    First Impressions Of The Tecnifibre TFight 325

    Hey Kris, Thanks for your input...I have had the same feeling on this racquet (power on groundies at first since switching from my i-pres. mp. But I have tried a few string combination and added more spin to my game and now I can find much more control on my shots spin is very good. I...
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    What's Mantilla swinging these days??

    Saw Felix M. play from a distance of 2 m. during the Aussie Open with that same racquet, it isn't a tour 10 or is all black coloured only with the writing "test" on the side...Definitely looked more like a V1 proto.
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    Any opinions on the technifibre?

    ...A reminder that it is TECNIFIBRE not technifibre...leaving the spelling aside, the TF 325 is an excellent frame and similar to the i prestige BUT not as stiff and with more power. The design and finish are first I believe that these will be here for while and to stay...I now play...
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    Best-looking tennis rackets

    Agree with Kris, Tecnifibre TFight 325 is a splendid looking racquet ,great finish and stylish additions (small rubber logo on the throat)...and the bag that goes with it too, just to complete it nicely...
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    Tecnifibre coming to TW!!!!!

    Hi there, Well, If you're in Melbourne and you want to see these bats , I have 2 brand new ones (TFight 325) in my bag and you can even try one...Maybe... But as far as buying them locally, forget it...not for a while yet!!!
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    Tecnifibre racquets now available for pre-order at TW

    Well, I didn't sell the classics for the Tfight 325 but the "i-prestige" mp's I had been playing with for almost a year. The TFight provides excellent control and stability...but like any other "players" racquet, you must be "on" to achieve best results. After 3 matches with my new TFight (I...
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    Chela Spat At Hewitt

    I truly hope that Chela had a bad cold...Hewitt deserves it from the word go. At the pre-match press conference when asked what he thought of the upcoming match he replied: "it'll be a long match mate, nearly as long as his (Juan Ignacio Chela) name" What a disgrace other "more humble"...