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    Criticize my forehand

    Thank you guys for all your input. I really appreciate that! If you come to think about anything else, please let me know. I will try the palm trick to see if that works as well as the other suggestions you gave me :)
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    Criticize my forehand

    Please help me figure out what I am doing wrong in my backswing with my wrist and/or elbow? Seems like my racket comes down differently compared to a normal forehand. Heard some suggestions about showing you string bed to the...
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    Joachim Johansson is selling his gear online.

    Joachim Johansson is selling his gear online. Check it out.
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    Replacement for Wilson Ncode 9.1 95

    Thanks everyone for your input :)
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    Replacement for Wilson Ncode 9.1 95

    Thank you guys for the suggestions! However, I didn't at first write it out but it’s necessary for me to play with 18/20 frames (Guess I am Europeanized) and Volkl didn't offer that. 95 square inch is also preferable. How is Prince Exo3 Rebel, Head prestige 630, Babolat Pure Storm and Dunlop...
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    Replacement for Wilson Ncode 9.1 95

    Hey guys! I am looking for a replacement to the Wilson Ncode 6.1, 95 (not team) 18 x 20. K-factor and BLX are way too stiff and kill my wrist. Thanx / Sweden
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    Polyester / Synt gut. What gauge in order for them to last equally long?

    Hi! I am using a 15 gauge synthetic gut string. For the clay court season I will order a string reel of ordinary polyester to use on the main strings and I will then use synt gut on the crosses. Now I am wondering what gauge I should buy? I would like them to last equally long so I don’t...
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    Videos of level 6.5+ players

    Maybe these players are not playing on the ATP-circuit because of all of their frustration on the court.
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    Videos of level 6.5+ players

    Ryderstedt beat Feliciano Lopez in Stockholm 2005
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    Switching from eastern to semi-western..

    Change something else, not the grip! It will take ages to be as good with a new grip as you were with the old grip.
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    630 bumper guard, Head Dunlop

    Thank you for your replies guys!
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    630 bumper guard, Head Dunlop

    Hi! I just wonder if anyone knows if Head 630 bumper guard (to “i prestige”) suits my Dunlop Hotmelt 200g 95? Thanks for your time and help!
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    im unable to play tennis anymore

    I would also suggest you to not think at all about how you do the swings, just try to think about where to put the ball on the other side of the net, then the old technique that is in you muscle memory will come back. The same goes for all of your sports. Good luck!
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    flexible racquets - not good for 2hbh?

    I agree, flex is terrible for two handers but on the slice you don't even feel the flex.
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    Best Tennis Ball

    Wilson balls are long lasting. Can't compare them to Penn or Head that is for sure!
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    what are some pros that play or used to play with the PS85?

    Federer wasn't a Sampras wannabe. He used PS 6.0 because his idol Edberg used it!
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    what pros other than sampras use the 'o' dampener

    O-ring dampeners come with luxilon strings, they are purple!
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    Doubts over pros using FXP Prestige...

    Why can't they do this on all of their rackets, the rectangualar grip on the new head models sucks, I hate it. You get heavy toppspin grip on a 2hb which is awful! It was less rectangular before on e.g. prestige classic and that was much better.
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    Confused! My coach does not want me to hit with top-spin.

    Haha, I like this messege and totally agree!!! Get a new coach. Seriously, you NEED to know how to hit with topspin. There are limits to how hard you can hit a ball flat. If you want to hit harder, you'll need the topspin to keep it in the court. Ask your coach how you're going to hit a...
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    Why don't they break?

    Make sure you have an extra ball in your pocket and bring it up when you are angry and hit it hard to the ground. Then you won't hurt your frame. Side fence might be an option indoors!
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    does anyone have any good vids on two handers?
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    Video of 2hbh TOPSPIN

    I think it is okay to play 2hbs flat, most of the professionals actually do. What you should try to do is instead to work on the margin over the net, should be around a meter above if you are behind the baseline yourself.. Find a video or clip of Sergi Bruguera. That was a reliable 2hb with...
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    pro grip color

    Because they use tourna grip!
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    my forehand video

    Jim Courier is back ;) That forehand is Courierish!!! Backhand swing is nice, I would suggest more loopy backswing on forehand. Just before your takeback it seems as if you are going for the loopy one but then changes and pull you racket down to your hip.
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    Bjorkman's Shoes?

    Maybe Adidas response or response torsion something. Maybe a european version.
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    Mats Wilander doubles quote - discuss!

    There are a lot of typically baseline players who do very well in doubles as well playing serve and volley e.g. Hrbaty and J Johansson. I cannot remember last time I saw any player stand back after serve in a doubles match, must have been on clay a couple of years ago in some first round match...
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    Video of me hitting some groundstrokes

    Did you find the ball that went over ;) ? Nice technique for 13 month only. Keep working on your footwork, you should find some good drills on this forum by making a search...
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    Ti Radical Midplus Users Unite!

    I put it under the grip. Ti Radical is even balanced and lead under the grip makes it more head light which is perfect for me and most other players. IMO Ti radical is a pretty stiff racket and lead makes it even stiffer. I didn't like it at 3 and 9, that's where I tried it at first.
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    Alabama Men's Tennis

    I can watch the video online, but can I download the file? If, then how?
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    Ti Radical Midplus Users Unite!

    Together with some lead = Great racket! Couldn't get my hands on any more of them so I switched to Dunlop HM 200. Feels the same but more demanding ;)